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A Dream: Dead Presidents And Honesty

A Dream—May 27, 2018

Dead Presidents and Honesty


I was at a shopping mall and was about to go down an escalator, when on its edge I found money folded inside a deposit slip.  Knowing that a bank was nearby, I turned around and headed there.  After entering the bank, I tried to get the attention of several young people who worked behind the desks, but to no avail. They were a group of casually dressed, ‘twenty-somethings’ engaged in different conversations which distracted them from their work.

Finally, I got the attention of a young man to whom I entrusted the deposit slip and money (or as we say here, ‘Dead Presidents’).  He was very surprised and asked me, “Why would you do this?”  I then responded by quoting an old and familiar saying, “Honesty is the best policy”, and then proceeded to leave.


Walking out of the bank, I noticed a sudden meeting among the managers who wore dark suits, talking about the deed I accomplished. I overheard one of them say, “Honesty is the best policy – James Madison said that!”   As I walked away, I knew that was not right, it wasn’t James Madison; but the dream ended.


James Madison (1751-1836) was the fourth President of the United States and considered one of our Founding Fathers, who was a major influence in the formation of the United States’ Constitution, which bears his signature.  But the saying “honesty is the best policy’ was not coined by him originally.


In waking up from this dream and thinking about the quote, I remembered being taught in school that Benjamin Franklin was known for this saying.  Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), another Founding Father of the United States, was a polymath, one whose knowledge spanned a wide range of subjects.  Among his many talents include: inventor, author, artist, scientist, printer, ambassador, educator, and the only signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States’ Constitution.  Benjamin Franklin’s portrait is seen on our $100 bill of currency.


Surprisingly during research, I discovered Benjamin Franklin was not the first to coin the phrase, “honesty is the best policy”.  That honor may have gone to Sir Edwin Sandys (died 1629), a prominent British politician who was one of the founding members of the Virginia Company of London, which helped establish the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, VA (1606).

“Our gross conceipts, who think honestie the best policie”


This Old English quote from Sandys, dates to 1599, quite a while before either Ben Franklin or James Madison came upon the scene of history.


Honesty is what keeps a culture alive and thriving for generations.  It is the currency of exchange between citizens.  It is the leader of this nation placing his hand upon a Bible swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign or domestic,” and believing that the position he holds is not just for him alone, but for the land God has allowed him to lead.  Honesty is realizing that one plays an important part in the plan of God…be he a president, bank teller, husband, or preacher.   It is the act of giving credit where it is rightfully due.  When the truth of God does not align with what you have been taught, embrace God’s truth and discover a gift called freedom; thereby, obtaining the ability to also forgive prior generations of leaders for embracing half-truths, legends and stereotypes.


Honesty is what we practice with a God who is truth.  It is the fruit of our communion with one who loves us so much, that He pulls no punches when it comes to His promises and what our hearts need.  We can practice honesty with a being who knows everything about us, in spite of ourselves.  We then take this communion into our homes, communities and places of work.  We are to exchange honesty between one another.  You see, honesty is the currency that was about to go down the escalator in the dream.


Our culture is in a time where honesty must be retaught and we become people of integrity once more.  Even though it seems our society is going down, we will have a marvelous opportunity to see God for who He really is and for us to repent and be changed.  Repentance is not a bad word. Repentance is an invitation to become what we are really meant to be, if we would humbly turn towards the God who created us for Himself.  While in this season of little integrity, we will continue to be saddened and shocked over the revelations of dishonesty in our country. But at the other end of this season awaits a morning full of new beginnings where God and His ways will be experienced again for the first time. And as we engage in His truth He’ll release true freedom, joy and the realization that honesty really is the best policy.


“The Scent of Roadkill”

” The Scent of Roadkill”–A thought #process #choices #influence

Recently, I was driving through a narrow, wooded road, when my vehicle encountered the remains of a skunk. The roadkill was still recognizable with its black fur with white stripe along its’ tail. As the day went along, I had to use that same road a few times going back and forth, and I would witness the aftermath of cars, trucks, and other wheeled vehicles upon what became the increasingly unrecognizable carcass of this skunk.

As you can imagine, the smell of skunk is quite distinct both in life, and in death. In an act of defiance the dead animal’s scent and stench not only met those vehicles which crushed it, but the surrounding landscape for several blocks as well.

While my driving by the skunk’s remains were for a few moments, It made me think of the impressions we leave with both our God and those around us on a daily basis in doing this thing called life. We each carry our personal bodily smell. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you or I “stink”; it can be a sign of our individuality from God himself. We cover those up out of respect with soap, colognes, perfumes,etc.

There is also, however, the scent of attitudes towards God and others during those times life is being done to us in the good, and bad. There is a scent coming from each of us spiritually in different seasons of life as God is conforming us into His image.

There are moments where we are being crushed by the weight of destiny and calling in God. We mistake process for punishment and we can smell of unforgiveness, judgment, lack of mercy, impatience. But God is looking for the scents of love, justice, forgiveness and Heaven from His kids. It’s not so much the crushing we meet as it is the scent which meets God, saint and sinner which matters both now and into the aspect of legacy.

At such times of crushing, God wants to reveal the sweet smells of Heaven, which will not only keep you in his love but cause the witnesses of your life to become the motivation for others to pursue the God you and I claim to follow

Heaven is not looking for roadkill. It is looking for living sacrifices who will release the fragrance of Christ again and again–Romans 12:1

This Day, This Love, This House–A poem


Grace, Heaven’s gate
Watch and love and know
The watch, the Father see
The watch, the deep

The watch, the gate
The watch, the Heaven
The word, the Father
This Heaven, this house

This word, this love
This word, this God
This word, this watch
This day

This day, this house
This love, this God
This day He is
This word, thing

This day, day, day
This love, this house
Wind, gate, hope
Hope day

Given by Papa God, January 2, 2013

The Father Is Hosting–(poem)


This is holy, is holy, is open
It’s hope, it’s love, it’s Heaven
It’s love, it’s God…holy
This love, this God is holy

It’s love, it’s open Heaven
Burn, worship and love
This love, this hope, it’s Heaven
This love, this Heaven now

A burn, a direct word
Hosting an open door
This hosting is open now
The love, the gate, the God

This God, this open Heaven
This open door of Heaven
The Father, the Heaven, the love
This God, this love, this house

The wonders, the days of Heaven
This host, this God
The wonder, the sign He is
This Heaven: it’s Heaven now

This watching, this Heaven
Things open now
The Father hosts now
This love, this love, it’s God

The Father’s hosting
This love, this love time
The Father, the gate He is
Upper Heaven, it’s Heaven hosting

Given by papa God, December 3, 2012

This! Part 3 (poem)


Love lives, love does
This great love does
This love, this day, this house
This nation this day

This day, this time, this
This day, this day, this nation
This time, this day, this
This day, this day, this

Exit, the say; God says love
This love, this love this love
This love, this day this nation
This day, this time this nation

Open Heaven, it’s time for this
The wonders, the day is
This nation this time is
This day, this day know

The wonder, the sign know
The wonder, the Father do
This wonder, this day see
This love this day know

This grow, this love
This love, this know
Open the door to Heaven do
This love, this do know

This grow, this know
Open door this do
This do, this know, this hope
Open the Heaven and open, know

It’s open, it’s open now
This love, this do, this be
This do, this be
This do, this know

This open door know
This open Heaven open day
This God, this Father sees
This open Heaven: knee, knee

It’s opening, it’s now
This host, this God
This God of Heaven know
Oh, you are to see

The Father is holy
The Father is holy
Open the Heaven and know that He is
Open the gate to see

The wonder this hope is
The Father, the Heaven opens you see
Get in the season of grace
It’s great, it’s love, it’s hope

The Father, the door to see
This love to see, see
This love, this Heaven see
This host, this God of hope

Given by Papa God, November 14, 2012

This Day This God(poem)


Here…there…holy God
This hosting is holy now
This day…this holy day
Holy day…open God

So holy He is
This holy Heaven is
This love, this God this day
This love this day He is

It’s love, it’s love, it’s God
It’s God, it’s love, it’s light
This love, this God this day
Now God’s time this day

This love, this day
This God this day
This holy day is love
Holy is holy love

This holy, holy God
So holy, God is love
This Word, the Father, the gate
This love, this God; this love

It’s God, it’s God, it’s God!
This love, this God, this now
This God this day this day
This God this day

This love, this word, this day
This word this day
This God is go
This God now is

Given by Papa God, November 1, 2012

So Love Heaven, So Love God (poem)


Holy is holy God
So love this now, love this
So love Heaven, so love God
This Heaven, so holy now

Yes holy, yes love
Turn now turn, love
Yes, holy day, yes love-day
Enter the hope of love

Holy love abide now
Turn things now see
So abide and know the Father
This Heaven opens now

The Father, a burning one
This holy day of Heaven see
Heaven, a burning one see

The Father’s turning now
The Father a burning now
This Heaven, this Heaven holy day
A burning house, a burning love

Given by Papa God, October 9, 2012

Heaven’s Light See–A poem


Love…love…know it
A gate, a light, a Heaven
This Heaven is Heaven to know
This light is Heaven: is Heaven, is light

This Heaven is light is light
See light and secrets of love
The wonders, the signs of God
Yes, you’re to live and live and do

Counseling and living and saying
See, know, see, do
Holy is God and light
Send and see this time know, know

Wonder do see and know
Secrets and time see
This gate is love, see
The Word, the door, see

Given by Papa God, September 18, 2012

The Wonders of Heaven See–A Poem


There’s a sending, there’s a word, there’s a Heaven
The wonders of Heaven see
This gate of grace see
The Word, the day to be

Urgent day know, see
The wonders of Heaven be
The hosting of the Father’s hosting
This gate know now

This word, this Heaven, time be
This Heaven, to know secrets
The gate of grace; now time, now see
The wonders of light be!

Heaven day see
The watch of God see
God love, God be
See secrets of holy, holy, holy time

The wonders, the vision, the gate
This holy Heaven, God, light, love
It’s Heaven, it’s holy time
The wonders, the day know, see

It’s a wonder, it’s God
Turn time, see
This Heaven see more of
The wonder He is see

The waters, the word, the holy here
See and know and see
The word, the Heaven know, see
The wonders of Heaven know

Given by papa God, September 5, 2012

Enter The Gate of Heaven–A poem

Enter the gate of Heaven

Sign, holy day
Enter the gate of Heaven
The Word, the door of God
This abiding Heaven now time

This Heaven, this Heaven, now sign
This day, this love, this God
The wonder, the God of Heaven
Heaven is open, yes now

The word, the Heaven , now open
This God now opens time
This open gate is now holy
The word of God The Father

God does host, host light
The Father, the gate to enter
His holy day, cycles of God
Receive love, live time

The wonder, the wonder, the gate
The word, the door of God
Receive God and live
This Heaven, this house

Receive and love and live and see
This a burning house
The wonders of God; the gate of God
The word, the gate now know

Given by Papa God, September 5, 2012