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Say, See, Live–A Poem


Amish, Amish, God’s love
God knew, God is
See, do see
Holy, God’s light

Say love, say God
Say love, say God
Holy day, holy day
Abide, love and stay

Enter and do and times see
Receive and do and know
Holy day, holy time
Day and time

Sending, sending, sending
Sending time
Holy time
Say, send, time

Deep love, deep God
Send time, send love
Holy day, holy nation
Holy time, love

Send, time, live
God time, yes
Say, say, say
Live, see, see

Say, see, live
Holy day, holy nations
Abide, love and love
Holy time

Say, say, live
Holy time, time
Living time
Say time, time be

Burn, live; blessings enter
Live, be, love
Holy day, yes
Live, live day

Holy time, holy nation
God-abundant day
Sendings and love
Holy love you see

Given by Papa God, March 14, 2012

A Holy commotion–a poem


Sell up, selling up, shaking nation
Upper Heaven, leaders shaking
Sending, sending season
It’s love time, see?

Commotion, commotion time
See, see counsels now
Say time, say you
Holy time see

Holy day, abundant love
Sow in Him now
So live, sow time
Live, do see

Say new, say time
Live time be
Circles of live, live in love
Holy time, live

Abundant love…
Holy day…
See dear love
Live in this nation love

Holy is His love
Live out this day
Turn things, turn things
Holy now time

Given by Papa God March 14, 2012

Wholly Know–A Poem


See new, see
So live, so live
So abide and love
So love, so know

Wholly know, wholly sow
So live, so know
Holy time…
So know, so love

Abundant, love abundant
Love does see, yes
Love is living in love
Say, live, see

Say and see and know
Say, know, know
So know, you see
Wholly know

Given by Papa God, March 14, 2012

Holy Time, Holy Day–A Poem

Holy time, Holy day

Shut in, love and be
Say, live, time
Holy day, new now
Holy time do see

Sow and know and see
Rise, time to live
Holy day, holy time
Time, time, be light

Sow love, sow light
Holy time, holy day
Door of Heaven, time of love
Holy time see

Say, live, say
Say, live, time
Turn this time
Love and love and see

Holy day of love
Holy time, He is
So live in him
Holy is

Sow in love and live
Holy time to live
Releasing time
Holy day

Given by Papa God, March 10,2012

You Fit–A short blog

A source of the rejection many carry is due to being told by a cold world that they do ‘not fit’. We as humans are indeed as keys in search for doors which are custom fit to us and in turn will open some door to life’s boundless possibilities. Because of rejection, however, multitudes sorrow in despair and hopelessness. Some turn to a culture of self-loathing to numb their pain, while others turn to drugs, violence and even suicide. Yet rejection can be a sign from Heaven that we are significant keys in the hand of a God who before the world’s foundation desired for us to be conformed into the image of His son. We were not meant by Papa God to fit everywhere, and the rejection we suffer must not be the final verdict in our hearts as to our place in a world he made for us. You, I, and the billions who populate this planet are as keys which, if we faint not can open Christ to the doors of family, community, and culture. You do fit. Continue your search knowing Heaven has already prepared for you a door.

You See And Do


Turn and time
Open door
Yes light, love, Heaven
Send love, send

Send time
Oh love time
Send days and time
Send days and time

Love time be
Love day see
What you are is He
Whole, whole love, live

It’s live, it’s love, it’s He
Yes, you see and know
Open door of Heaven
You say and know love

Yes, do this now
Live and love and live
Holy living in Him

You see and do
Open door do
Gate and love and time
Open door of love

You see, you know in love
Oh love holy
You see this nation do
You see love do

Seek, see in love
You see and do His love
Yes and love and say
You see, it’s He in love

Given by Papa God, March 5, 2012

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This is Here, This is God–A Poem


This is here, this is God
Receive and know
Thomas, Thomas: time now to see
This God is…

Oh love, oh hand
God does time
Gate and day and love show
Sending and new day

God does here
God of love-day
Secret day, God’s Heaven
God in Heaven

This deep door of love
This deep here, now
This deep of Heaven
He’s timing days and days

Given by Papa God, March 5, 2012

God Does Live In Love–A Poem


Hear and hear and do
Correcting-love, love
Sending secret, secret, secret
Holy, holy, holy

Turn to love
Soaking-love, love
Holy holding of Heaven
Send, send it: love

Enter and love
Holy time, it’s now
It’s love in thee to send
God’s love is now for thee

Turn, turn in His love for thee
Open Heaven, open Heaven; deep light be
Say and see it now
Holy is love, new day

They say it’s not, but love says, yeah!
Say loving, say live in love
Say and do and new
Send, send, sending

God does live in love
Turn time, times, now
This nation is now to live in love
This live, this know

Given by Papa God, March 3, 2012

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The Mystery of Heaven is..A Poem


Say and see and know
God’s time, yes
Sending love, sending Heaven
Yes, there are doors of God

The seer does see
Correcting things in love
The mystery of Heaven is
Shaking, shaking, shaking

Open Heaven, open Heaven
It’s love in Heaven
It’s Heaven in Heaven
You see, you know of Heaven

So live in Heaven

Love is God
Say and say and know love
The love, the love, the love
You see, you know it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God, March 1, 2012

See This deep Love–A Poem

See this deep love

See , live, time
Yes, deep is his heart
See this deep love now
You see? Do live

Commit to live
The will, the love he is
This love he is
Show and love and live

This nation is love
This live, this do
This love of living in love
This deep door do

Say, do and see
Deep live, deep say
Enter his love, and live and live
This dew is Heaven

This live, this say
Yes, say and live
See and live in this
Say, do say

The will is now
Shut, say light be!
You say, you see, you say
This see, yes

Descender, descending, it’s love
Miracle love-time
This light of Heaven
Say this, say

Time, say, light
The dew, the love of God
The mystery of God
The mystery of love in thee

The love, the love it is
This love is now
This dew of Heaven
Proceed to love

Given by Papa God, February 29,2012

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