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Be the love —#Apoem #writers #writing

Be the love

Show and know love
Oh love, oh God
Oh love be
Love be

Oh love is Love
Love be love
Oh be The Father’s grace
Oh be the love

Miracles are in love
Oh love oh live
It’s love an love
Oh love be

Release and know He is
It’s love in God
Oh burn with love and know
Love, mercy and love

Oh love oh know
Release, know, be
It’s love and grace
Oh love is now

given by Papa God, June 6, 2013

This Wind–A Poem


Wind, grace, hope, now
This wind this word this day
This wind this word this day
This wind, now time

The word now, the watch is
The watch, the wind now
This wind, this nation
This wind this day

This host, this wind of Love
It’s word, it’s love
This Heaven, this nation
The watch is now

This wind, this watch: now day
This wind of His love
This wind opens the nation
This wind opens now

This wind, this wind; this now
This wind now
This wind of grace
This love see

This urgent nation
This wind opens day
This wind hosts nation
This host is Heaven

This enter, this now
This nation shutting in love
This watch, this day
The wind see

Given by Papa God, January 8, 2013

This Day See–A Poem


A burn, a burn with love turn
See, do, know God
The word, the sea of love
The wonders of God see

Heaven is open this day
The word day see
The shaking angel, now time see
This day see, nation

A gate of Heaven, now time be
Counsel and love and do for Heaven
The Father, the burn, live time
The wonders, He is
Cycle, light be

Given by Papa God, September 5, 2012

Holy is Heaven–A poem

Holy is Heaven

Send and know The Father
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven
Sing and know The Father’s Heaven
Send and know love

Open door of Heaven
Abide and know Heaven
Abide, know The Father
Open door now

Sow and know the love
Holy day, deep love
It’s Heaven’s dew, Heaven’s dew
Send and send the vision of God

So know, know love
Holy time, time know
It’s live, it’s Heaven, it’s yes
Holy is Heaven

Given by Papa God, May 28,2012

Watching–A Poem


Live and know hope
Open door deep and do
It’s Heaven in this nation
Abide and have light

Sing and say, Heaven’s Heaven
Open the house, love
Holy day, deep Heaven
Watching and Heaven

Gate and sign and God
Water of God; live, live, see
Watching holy day
Watch and love

Given by Papa God, May 16, 2012

It’s God doings–A poem


Who is who in this?
Oh God is, day love
God know, God new
New now, new day

Yes, it’s Heaven now in this day
Hoy time of Heaven’s now
Watch and love and see
Waters of God turns houses

Enter and love and circuit the love
It’s Heaven-time now
Holy day, love now see
Abide and blendings of God

It’s God doings, know it more
See and know His word in this nation
Abide and know its love
Know it’s me in thee in you

Given by Papa God, May 11, 2012

Open Door is Now–A poem


Heaven go know
It’s Heaven in thee
Hands of love time
Yes, love and Heaven

Direct-love, love and love
Open Heaven, open heaven deep
Love be love
Love be God

Love is God and Heaven
Words of Heaven love
Open door of God now
Open door is now

Open Heaven, love and love
Abundant love, door and door
Open Heaven, day of Heaven
Open door, God’s love

Deep burn of Heaven
Holy angel of God
Words of love, love of Heaven
Abundant love of God

Will God see you? Will you see?
See and know love’s love
It’s love burning in love
Love is God in love

Given by Papa God, April 20, 2012

Hear, See And Do Love–A poem


Hear, know and know love
God know, God do
God do, know Love
It’s God of love, know

Love is love now
Love is…know it
Do and do and see
Do see deep love

God love, God day
Watching God love you
Do see His love
It’s Heaven dew in Heaven

See, do, love
Open Heaven do
Love is now in Heaven
Love do see

Abide, blending in Heaven
Love words, love here
Say this time love
Abide love time

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

Burn Holy–A Poem


It’s live, live time
Here now, see now
Abundant love opens Heaven
Holy is love

Holy, holy, holy, holy
Healing love, yes
Holy day, holy angel
It’s love in Heaven

Love hears, love sees
Holy-time see
Burn, love, time
Holy angel, Heaven

You say you live
Burn with love’s living
See, be holy
See, live, be, say love

Given by Papa God April 9, 2012

Words of Love, our first book, is a volume of Inspirational poems

Holy circuit–A poem

Holy circuit

Circuits, circuits
Circuits, healings, day
Secrets of love

Holy God
So live, love
Holy day, deep
So enter the deep

Circuit do
This day do

Circuit now
Circuit new
This do
This do

Circuit do
Deep love time
Circuit do
Circuit now

Deep in love
Circuit do
Sending time deep
Circuit deep

Circuit do
Oh love now
Circuit shaking
Circuit loving

Given by Papa God, March 17,2012