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Know It’s Heaven–A Poem


Things opening up
See leaders live love
See His love; see love
Oh leaders know, it’s Heaven

Send leaders now
Holy time, light
Burdens of love, burdens of God
Living God, living Heaven

Secret, light and Heaven
God does, God love
Holy time, do, do
Secret, day, time

This time, deep love
Circuit, deep love
Holy is this deep
Circuit, time, live love

Circuit, circuit, seals of love
Holy times, direction and love
Circuit of heavens, circuit now
Circuit now abide

Given by Papa God March 28, 2012

Receive This Love Word–A Poem


Receive love
This living love of God
This holy love of Heaven
This word is Heaven

The word of God
This love of God
This holy love
The word, the Father

This word of God is love
Sendings and mysteries is His word
This word of God is Heaven
This word is Heaven

The word of God
This loving Heaven
This abiding Heaven
This abiding God

Direct love, here
This holy burn of God
This love of God
Love of Heaven

This living God
This abiding Heaven
This gate of Heaven
This holy Heaven

This secret is God
This open door
So abide in love
Open door, so love

It’s Heaven’s open door
This living Heaven, love
So open, door holy
Yes, God’s Heaven

This love, this living love
So abide and love and live
This word of Heaven’s holy deep
Deep is it

Given by Papa God, January 28, 2012

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