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#Poetry: Oh Sign

Oh Sign

Sign, sign, sign

A sign a day

A word a day

Oh sign

Oh sign

Angels, healing, sign

Oh sign

A sign, a sign, a sign

Sign day

Oh sign now

Oh sign yes


Sign now

Sign you

It’s sign you

Oh sign

Given by Papa God, February 8, 2015

Oh Day–#poem #poetry #words

Oh Day

Oh living word

A word, a day

A wind, a word

A wind, a day

A day, a wind

A day, a time

A day of hope

Oh day

Oh yet

Oh yes

It’s yes

In yes

It’s yes

Oh be

Here now

Oh yet

Holy yet

In yet

It’s yes


See, see and be now

Oh be, oh see

It’s wind and word

Oh word

In love in hope

In hope in grace

Here now

In hope

It’s working

Holy word

Oh love word

Oh love

Here, there, yes

In grace in hope

Oh resting in hope

In grace


Holy wind

Holy day

Heaven’s day

Given by Papa God, December 24, 2014

Certain Love–A poem




Certain, certain love

Holy love hears this

Loving love hears this

Open heavens hear this


The love, the love, the love

So holy this love

So do love

So live in this


Certain, certain love

So holy this love

The love is here

Holy love is


So live in the light of this

So holy, this love

Holy love be



God, love, love

Hostings of Father’s love

Holy light, love, love

This love, you are


The love, the burn of God

Light is light in love

So love the love of God

Love time surge


Direct love-burn

Holy day of love

Holy day of Heaven’s love

Holy day, is day


Given by Papa God, January 10, 2012

A Holy Secret–A Poem




Hear this secret

Open door, holy, holy

See the word holy

Love, love time


See love deep

Holy angel see

So holy see

Dine, love in thee


So holy is Heaven

Love is holy

So deep is love

Holy love now


Open door of Heaven

Holy day of Heaven

See love in thee in this

Love, hear this


So hold, so love

Love, direct you

So direct love

So love now


Surge, surging, love day

So open deep

So open love

Abide in love


Given by Papa God, January 10, 2012