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Watching–A Poem


Live and know hope
Open door deep and do
It’s Heaven in this nation
Abide and have light

Sing and say, Heaven’s Heaven
Open the house, love
Holy day, deep Heaven
Watching and Heaven

Gate and sign and God
Water of God; live, live, see
Watching holy day
Watch and love

Given by Papa God, May 16, 2012

So Abide and Know–A poem

So abide and know

Time does know
God know, God know
Holy day, deep now
Shut ins, love and know

Open Heaven, deep Heaven
Deep God, deep Heaven
Holy day so abide
Marinate, love and know

Enter the Father
So abide and know
Abide, know, Abide see
Abide and know His Heaven

Tent, tents of God
See and know the love is in
Abide and see His words and see
Open Heaven, dear love

So know the love of God
Open Heavens now do
Open door to love to see
Open Heaven see

Mystery, deep in love
Open door of doors
Enter the house and see
See, do, stay in

See me in this house
Holy day, deep now
Wonders, signs of Heaven
Open Heaven…

Given by Papa God, May 16, 2012

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