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Open Day, Heaven Day–#poetry

Open Day, Heaven Day

God, oh God
Open the Heaven
Holy gate
Open the gate

Holy gate
Holy day
Heaven day
Open day

It’s you in Love
Hosting Love
Open day
Open day

Heaven day
Heaven time
Heaven day
Yet day

It’s season, season, cycle
Open the day of grace
It’s grace, days of days
Holy day

Given by Papa God, July 5, 2015

Great is the Cycle of Heaven–Prophetic poetry


Great is the cycle of Heaven
Great is the cycle of love
The cycle of now

Enter direct and do
See, lead mission
Higher love see
See God mission

Herald God now
Cycles, grace, love
Send, be, new day
Honor him in light

Tears, grace, turn now
Mission sign, live
Higher, blessed higher
Preach grace now

Given by Papa God, September 17, 2011