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Before God Heals the land–A Vlog

Grace is Rising– Poem


Correct grace, correct light
The light of hope
See the Heaven in grace
Grace opens God

Grace is rising
It’s grace released now
Great days, open door
It’s day now

Great time, day now
Day of love time
Oh day, love be open
See it in grace

The living grace
The grace is open
Love opens Him
Oh love is open

Oh love is abiding
Oh love is here
Here now is He
He is a burning love

This Heaven This Day Is (Poem)


There’s an open door
There’s an open Heaven
Holy day see, nation
This Heaven, this Heaven, this God

It’s Heaven, yes, holy day
This love, this God, this day
This Heaven, this day, this love
This hope is He, yes

The Father is holy, see
This Heaven, this love this hope
This love, this day, this Heaven
Open door is day

It’s Heaven day
The Father, the house, He is
The Father, the house is
This hope now see, yes

This hope now know
Enter time, time, day
It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s Heaven
This Heaven, this Heaven, this God

It’s Heaven day see
This see, see now
The word, the gate, the word
This Heaven, this day is

Given by Papa God, October 15, 2012

So Love Heaven, So Love God (poem)


Holy is holy God
So love this now, love this
So love Heaven, so love God
This Heaven, so holy now

Yes holy, yes love
Turn now turn, love
Yes, holy day, yes love-day
Enter the hope of love

Holy love abide now
Turn things now see
So abide and know the Father
This Heaven opens now

The Father, a burning one
This holy day of Heaven see
Heaven, a burning one see

The Father’s turning now
The Father a burning now
This Heaven, this Heaven holy day
A burning house, a burning love

Given by Papa God, October 9, 2012

Open Heaven God does send(a poem)


Yes, yes, yes and yes, oh holy
A holy day, a holy nation
Holy open Heaven know

A burning one, a burning love
Warriors, warriors, warriors of love be
Heaven’s day open now and see
The house, the holy day now abide in

Entering a gate of love today
Heaven, Heaven, the Heaven hosting – yes
The wonders, the directing, the dew
Endings and nation and directing and turning

A burn, a burn, turn now
Hosting the nation of Heaven
A word, a love, a turn, a host
Open, door, holy is the Father

Entering the gate of God
The wonders of Heaven, the wonders of God
Sending watches and sending abundant love
It’s holy time, God says

Open Heaven God does send
Entering the gate and see holy
Open Heaven, holy is – holy is God
It’s holy and Heaven

Yes, yes, holy yes
It’s love, it’s love, holy love
Opening up the Father’s hope
It’s love, upper Heaven time

Given by Papa God, September 29, 2012

It’s Heaven! –A poem


This is watching and knowing
This word, this love is…
This word is Heaven’s house
This open door see

It’s watching and doing
This holy house, know it’s Heaven
It’s holy day, yes
This holy is, yes

It’s working love in you
Working in love in you
This holy, holy, open Heaven
This word, this Heaven

This word, this word, things of love
This word, this word, time is
This open door is Heaven
It’s word, it’s holy, it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God July 24, 2012

It’s God to See


Counsel love and love
Holy abide of Heaven
Holy day, open door
Door of love see

Holy is love
Much love, yes
Turn, turn now
So know His light

Send, send, now see
Abide and do and see
It’s love, it’s God to see
Do know love now

Turn, do see
Abide and be
Love does turn you now
Send and know, Heaven’s Heaven

Much! And love and do
Holy day live in now
Open Heaven now
Sing and know the Father

Open Heaven deep, angels
Open Heaven of Heaven
Tears and Heaven
Open door now

Open door Heaven
Abide and love in love
Love does Heaven’s Heaven
Doors of Heaven, of Heaven

Given by Papa God, May 20, 2012

Papa God’s love call–A Poem


Shaking, end of this
God, in God, end
Men are open to me more
God, open Heaven

So abide in words of God
More abide and know the word of God
God loves, God knows
Words, love, Heaven

Holy is word of God
Hold and love and see
So abide in love and know
Abide in love, in Him

The end of this is now
Love, visions of love now
See the Father and love the house
Love live now

So abide and know the Father
God does abide now
Marinate, see, know and know
Love time now

Given by Papa God May 13, 2012

Open Heaven Know–A Prophetic Poem


Love God, know love
Holy is Heaven
Heal and live and love
Open Heaven love

Say, live, know
Open Heaven know
Open Heaven now
Holy is God

Time, now time
It’s God-time, love
Oh love, love now
Show love now

Abide and be
Abide to see
Holy time love
Know now love

Time know now
Open door to love
Holy time of Heaven
Abide in Him

Turn now, love
Mission and Heaven
Love time see
Mission, new day

Turn now do
Abide in His word
So abide and love
Abide, love

Open Heaven know
So love know
So know His word
See, know new

It’s know, it’s know, it’s know
Love, His loving love
See love now – live
Live now in Him

See, know and live in love
It’s loving-time
God does know, love
See and know

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012