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Words of Love is a collection of Poems on the Heart of a Loving God for many, including you. It is a journey of several episodes. These were given to me by God’s Holy Spirit in 2008 and the hope is many will be introduced to his love for the first time. If you want to preview Words of Love or make purchase, visit

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The Wonder–A poem


The wonder, the door – love
This is light and light see
It’s wonders and direction and grace
Love and live and know the Father’s love

This word of God is love be
This open Heaven see
This open Heaven be
This day live, see

This mercy of God lives now
This day is light see
This open door now see
This open day, living day

A burn, a gate of Heaven
Here, there see hope
This word: love, live, love
The watch, the gate, live now

Given by Papa God, August 15, 2012

Words of Love–A volume of poetry

Over the span of several months between 2007-2008, The Holy Spirit downloaded to me several poems regarding the Love of Papa God. Words of Love is a book based on this journey. It’s them is love, it’s variations are many and it’s intent is for blessing those who read it. You can order Words of Love by visiting

This abiding–A Poem


Turn, live and say
The will, the love, He is
The will, the love of God
This will is Heaven

This abiding love
This abiding Heaven
This abiding Heaven
This God is…

Enter this Heaven
This holy thing of God
He is The Father
The will, the God, He is

Given by Papa God, February 2, 2012

Words of Love–A volume of prophetic poetry

This abiding Heaven–A Poem

This abiding Heaven

Time burn in love
Loving God and them
This abundant love you see
This holy abiding Heaven

This abiding Heaven
This abiding Heaven
This abiding God
This abiding; holy, holy abiding

The will of God opens now
This Heaven of Heaven
This deep love of God
It’s Heaven and God

Receive and live and sow
This open Heaven
This abiding Heaven
This abiding Heaven

Given by Papa God, January 28,2012

Words of Love-A volume of inspirational poems can be purchased by visiting

Soak–A prophetic poem


Hear God in things
See, be God’s light
So live, so connect
So live in Him

So enter the secret
So enter the gate
Enter the secret of God
Live soaking, soaking

It’s soaking and rising
Soaking in God
Soaking in love
Soak, soak, soak

Soak in living light
Live, soak, receive
Soak, rise and soak
Soak, love, soak

Soak, soak, love-time
Soak, live in God
It’s love-soak, love
Soak in God’s love

Soak, live in light
Soak in mission time
Enter the gate…soak
Soak and live now

Given by Papa God, November 12, 2011

Words of Love–A volume of prophetic poems, can be previewed/purchased by visiting

Holy Gate of Love–A poem

Holy gate of love

Gate is love
It’s God-deep
Surging love, door, love
So, so do

So live, see and do
See, do now
Oh live in love
See door, live

Holy day-live
Send, seer, send
Holy day –live

Given by Papa God, November 13, 2011

Words of Love is a volume of poems from a Heavenly perspective

See the door–A poem

See the door

Door of Heaven
See the light
See God deep
Holy time…

It’s love day
Gate open– see?
Sending God deep
See, see, nation

Surging love
It’s Heaven now
It’s God in God
Deep dance, deep dance

See God, see
See in, see
Holy nation turn
It’s love in love

Holy time now
Open door see
Light, love light
Love, gate, love

Given by Papa God, November 13,2011

Words of Love, a volume of prophetic poetry,can be purchased by visiting

A time to see–A poem

A time to see

See, turn, turn
See gates, love
See God! Live!
Turn, do, be

Time, see God
See his light
See his word
Open, see now

Holy time be
So, so see
Soak, see, see
Live in, live!

See, live, time
See, see, see
Holy nation see
Holy nation see

Sons live, sons’ grace
See God, see
Holy day see
See, see now

God is God
So, so see
Hold, live, be
Hold, hold, love

Given by Papa God, November 13, 2011

Words of Love–A volume of prophetic poems, can be previewed and purchased by visiting:

Holy Day–A Poem


Send this word
The word is love-nation
Holy nation

This well, this love
See and live in love
See the Father’s light

Secret light, secret time
Door of vision, love
Door of love see
Holy see…

Holy time see
Surges of love be
Holy day see
See the love of love

Holy day be
Be blessed in love
Receive and love
See the love of love

The will is love to see
See, be, go
See – hear this
Holy time see

See, live and see
Holy day be
Holy time see
Be, live, see

See God in this
Enter the vision of love
Holy day see
Turn, be

Given by Papa God, October 26, 2011

Words of Love can be previewed/purchased at