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Searching–A Poem



Listen and be

Oh the wind is in thee

Wishes, healing and wind

Opening the wind


Searching, searching, yes the searching

In this day, the wind

Searching is in the wind

It’s in the wind


Opening this nation

Opening the wind

Oh this day, it’s the wind

Opening this nation


Oh this day

Wish in the wind

It’s in the wind

It’s in this nation


Entering this house

Hosting this nation

In searching is the deep

In this day is deep


It’s the wish of Love

In this day is my wish

It’s in the day of time

Oh this time


In time

Oh this day

Answers in the wind

Hosting this nation


It’s restoration time

It’s wonders and signs

In this nation, time

Oh this time


Wishes answered, the wishes answered

In this time of time

Entering this time

Oh listen now


It’s wish, it’s wishing time

Oh this wishing time

In this time of day

Oh this day


Wishing in the deep

Hosting this nation

In this day, this day

Oh this day


Given by papa God, March 6, 2017


“Grace Is Grace”–#poem,#poetry


Grace is grace
And grace is light
It’s grace for grace
And grace, oh love

Hosting the secret
Holy grace
Open Heaven
And grace

Open Heaven
Open gate
Open Heaven
Abundant grace

Open Heaven
Opening the Heaven
Oh resting in love
Holy is His love

Grace, oh grace
In grace is grace
Hosting love
Holy grace

Kings open in grace
Hosting His grace
It’s grace, healing grace
Oh great days

Entering the door
Hosting love
Open Heaven
Resting, connections

Given by Papa God, November 2, 2014

Oh The Key–Part 2 —#poem




The key and the key

Oh the key in the door

It’s the door and the door

It’s the door


The door and the door

It’s the door to love

It’s the door to love

It’s the door to grace


It’s the wind in the word

It’s the wind in the word

The wind and the word

It’s love, it’s the wind


King, king and kings

It is the King of kings

It is the King of kings

Oh it is the King


This light is Heaven

It’s love, it’s holy

Love oh live

Yes, key


It’s the key, oh key

The key, oh the key

It’s the wind and the door

Oh the key


It’s the key and the keys

Oh the key and the door

Oh the door, oh the keys

The keys to love


It’s open now

It’s open now

It’s holy now

Oh love now


This wind is now

The wind and now

Oh love oh yet

Oh yet, oh say


The love, the door, the key

The key and the key

Oh the key and the door

Oh the key of days


The key is yes

Oh the key is yes

It’s wind, oh love

Oh wind and love


Heaven is now

It’s Heaven now

It’s word, it’s wind

It’s wind


Given by Papa God, August 21, 2014

“Yet Deep”–#poem, #poetry

Yet deep

Yet deep
It’s deep in there yet
It’s in the deep
Yet it is in Him

It is a deep of God
Oh watching yet being
Oh the wind and the deep
Watching the deep

It is time, it is deep
Oh wind and deep
Resting, turning, tears
Watching time…

This wind….time
It’s wind of time
Time turns time
Opening time

Resting time
Open Heaven
Open time
Entering time

Given by Papa God, August 6,2014

The Showing #Poem #Poetry


The showing
Oh the show of Heaven
Oh the wind
The sign and the word

Oh the word
Oh the sign
The sign, the word
The sign of hope

The sign, the wonder
The wonder, the sign
The wind, the sign
Oh word!

See, know, connect
It’s hope and hope
Open and do
Yet now

Oh the sign
Sign, sign, sign
Oh sign, wonder
The Word

The sign
The word of hope
It’s word, it’s hope
Yes, it’s hope

The word, the sign
Oh the word, sign
Commission and abundance
The Word

God is showing
Oh the Word
It’s open Heaven
It’s open Heaven

The wind
It’s love and hope
Oh love and hope
Oh love

God is open
Oh God’s hope
Yet, oh yet
Oh sow and know

The sign, the wonder
Oh the wonder
Oh His love
Oh wonder

Given by Papa God, January 22, 2014

Yet Now #Poem #poetry


Yet now
Love oh be
Oh love now
Oh yes

Oh be
Oh see
Oh, oh yes
Oh yes

Connect, love, connect
Oh yet it’s hope
Love turns yet
Oh yet, oh be

It’s time, it’s now
It’s hope, it’s light
It’s love, it’s hope
Oh hope

This time is you
It’s you, it’s yes
Open day
Oh yet, oh yes

Open day
It’s holy time
Open day
It’s holy time

Open this day
It’s hope and hope
Open day…
Open day…

This is the day
It’s hope, it’s yes
The day of love
Oh the day of Heaven

A day, a day, a day
Open day oh be
Oh be, oh know
Oh know and be

This time is yes
Yes, oh now
Oh yes, now
Oh yes, it’s now

This day oh know
It’s open day
This time this day
This time is yes

This time, yes
It’s yes and God
This God is yes
Oh yes, oh He

This time of love
Oh love oh yes
It’s hope, it’s Heaven
Open door, yes

Open door yes
Open door see
Deep love in yes
Open door, yes

This holy yes
Yes, oh yes
Yes, oh God
Yes, days of light

This shaking change of God
Open door of love
It’s love, oh love
Door of love open

This wind, the love
The wind and the Father
It’s open Heaven
It’s open door

It’s the love, it’s the hope
It’s hope and love
It’s hope and hope
It’s hope, oh yes

It’s the Father, it’s the Word, it’s the wind
It’s the wind of hope
It’s going in hope
It’s hope…

The wind, The wind, yes
It’s wind and God
It’s open door
Oh love, oh you

It’s God, oh yes
Oh God in yes
It’s open Heaven
Oh be in Him

Given by Papa God, January 2, 2014

Opening Day–#Poetry #CreativeWriting


Opening day
This day oh be
This wind is now
Opening the door

It’s now, now
It’s now you
Oh watch and know
This time be

This time, be
It’s you and Him
This new wind
This wind, oh now

This wind, oh be
The word of love
This wind oh know
The wind

Receive now
This love, oh know
The word is wind
This word, this day

The wind of these
The wind is now
The priests be

This wind
The wind oh be
Yet, this wind
This loving Heaven

Kings and king
This king is holy
The wind of these kings
The wind of the king

Humble now
Do and know
This wind, change
Oh now, oh know

Given by Papa God, December 30, 2013

This Is The Loving God #Poem #poetry #writing


This is the loving God
The Father, the Father, the gate
The wind, the door
The wind, the door

He’s holy
The love of light
This God, open Heaven
This burn-time

This time
He is connecting you
The gate, the door, the God
He’s holy

This time
His day open now
His love be in, yes
It’s oh be

The wind be
It’s be open
His holy be
The be of hope

The wind
The wind-day
Humble and turn, love
Oh be, oh know

The wind of His love
The wind of His day
This gate opens
This holy it

The wind
Humble and be
The wind, be and be
Be mercy

This key, host this
The door of grace
The wind of God
Oh be, oh time

It’s time, it’s now
The door of hope
The door of light
His love is, be

This secret
The door of love
His love is you
Oh light is

This is a key
It’s love in thee
It’s love in you
This burn of light

The mist of love
The door of love
It’s love oh be
Humble be

This is a wind
The wind and the Father
The wind of hope
The wind of hope

This day, this time
This God is light
Holy? Yes
It’s He? Yes

The wind
The wind oh be
The door to these
It’s yes, it’s yet living

Given by Papa God, December 21, 2013

This Time, Shaking Time #poem #words


Shaking kings
Holy shaking
It’s love, it’s God
Kings shake

This time, shaking kings
Kings are shaking
This God is shaking
Holy shaking

This time, yes
Holy time
This time, shaking time
The vision, the stirring

This time, kings are shaking
This time, the shaking
This time, a shaking
This day, a shaking

Yes, this time
It’s time for this
It’s love shaking time
Love, shaking day

Given by Papa God, September 12, 2013

New house of Love #Poem #CreativeWriting

New house of Love

New house of Love
The mantle of blessing
The blessing of grace
Yes, grace

Love turns names
Oh Love turns houses
Yes, it’s time for blessing
A door of Heaven

A door to abundance
A word of grace
It’s the more of Heaven
The door to Heaven

It’s Heaven-time
The wind of grace
God lives, Love-time
The time is

The wind of deep grace
Showing and knowing and mysteries of Love
The Word, the wind, The Father
Abundant love is abundant love

Given by Papa God, August 14, 2013