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This love is Heaven–A poem

This love is Heaven

Work and do
Love lives here
God-burn, God-love
Loving in God

Loving, loving Heaven
Holy is God
Holy, holy love
Holy is God

Oil of God; holy love
Holy love-time
Holy, holy, abiding love
Turning up, it’s Heaven

This will, this God
This will is love
This word…love
This love is Heaven

Holy is God
The word of God
So open Heaven
This love is Heaven

God does do
Intensive, deep love
Love, live, live
So holy deep

Gate of love, God’s here
Holy deep, God’s love
The will, the word, the father
Secret of God, he loves

This love is God
Loving God does here
Blessings, love and love
The love, the God-love

Descend, descend, descend
Love and love descend
The word, the burn, the father
So holy, God’s love

So abide and do
Holy,holy seasons of God
Holy, holy, holy love
The love of God

Given by Papa God, January 19,2012