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This! Part 3 (poem)


Love lives, love does
This great love does
This love, this day, this house
This nation this day

This day, this time, this
This day, this day, this nation
This time, this day, this
This day, this day, this

Exit, the say; God says love
This love, this love this love
This love, this day this nation
This day, this time this nation

Open Heaven, it’s time for this
The wonders, the day is
This nation this time is
This day, this day know

The wonder, the sign know
The wonder, the Father do
This wonder, this day see
This love this day know

This grow, this love
This love, this know
Open the door to Heaven do
This love, this do know

This grow, this know
Open door this do
This do, this know, this hope
Open the Heaven and open, know

It’s open, it’s open now
This love, this do, this be
This do, this be
This do, this know

This open door know
This open Heaven open day
This God, this Father sees
This open Heaven: knee, knee

It’s opening, it’s now
This host, this God
This God of Heaven know
Oh, you are to see

The Father is holy
The Father is holy
Open the Heaven and know that He is
Open the gate to see

The wonder this hope is
The Father, the Heaven opens you see
Get in the season of grace
It’s great, it’s love, it’s hope

The Father, the door to see
This love to see, see
This love, this Heaven see
This host, this God of hope

Given by Papa God, November 14, 2012

Holy is Holy Love(Poem)


The watches, the word, the God
Sendings of God on the house
Sendings of God, open door
The Word, the love…holy

This love time now know
This love, this nation, time see
Secrets, love here now know
This love, this God, love

Shaking houses nation
Sendings of love now know
Sendings of God know
Open door, open now

Heaven is open now
This love abides now
Upper Heaven, living in the Heaven
This nation: turning time

This nation, time now see
This nation, opening house
This holy, opening Heaven
Yes, open door – open love

Holy open Heaven
The wonders of Heaven know
Holy is holy love

It’s holy love
This holy love is love
This love, this love holy nation
Holy love nation

So holy is love
Holy day of love
This love, holy is holy
This holy love holy

Given by Papa God, October 10, 2012

This Day See–A Poem


A burn, a burn with love turn
See, do, know God
The word, the sea of love
The wonders of God see

Heaven is open this day
The word day see
The shaking angel, now time see
This day see, nation

A gate of Heaven, now time be
Counsel and love and do for Heaven
The Father, the burn, live time
The wonders, He is
Cycle, light be

Given by Papa God, September 5, 2012

The Watch, The Word, The God–A Poem


Here. There. Light. Love
The word, the door, love
The word, the word, holy light
This word, this word, sign in Heaven

The watch, the word, the God
This abide of Heaven
The word of God love, see
The Father, the gate He is

The watch, the heavens open
The nation opens – abide
The word, the gate, the deep abide
The word, the gate He is

The word, the day of Heaven
The house, the gate, the love
The watch of God you are
The word is: watch and know

Given by Papa God, July 16, 2012

Circuit of Heaven–A poem

Circuit of Heaven

It’s here, it’s love
See, see, live, do
Oh see his love, see
Holy, holy nation

Turn time
Circuit of Heaven
Open Heaven time
Love is holy

Holy open door
See, do see
Holy angel, Heaven’s house
Holy time, love

Circuit of love
Abundant time
Circuit of Heaven
Holy time

See deep in love
It’s healing angel
See Heaven time
It’s Heaven in Heaven

It’s Heaven, open door
Season of Heaven
Door of love it’s Heaven
Love opens Heaven

Holy is Heaven
Abundant time is Heaven
Go see new
Abundant time, love

Given by Papa God, April 6, 2012

It’s a holy time–A Poem

It’s a holy time

Love lives in love
Say, live, say
Holy day, love
Holy time, day

Love is Heaven
Holy time you see
Holy time of God
Abundant time

The love, the light of love
Holy time of love
Holy day, loving love
Open Heaven, door of Heaven

Open Heaven, Heaven’s love
Holy time, holy nation
Holy day, deep love
Sow in love

Sow and know his know
Holy time, tears, love
Holy time, healing news
Sow and know

Sow and sow and see
Holy time, holy nation
Holy nation you see
So know love

Holy time
Sow in love time
So hear, love’s nation
Hoy nation, holy day

Love in days
See love day
Live, love, see
Live time, say

Say, send, live
Live, time turn
Holy day, holy nation
Abundant time of love

Holy is, yes
Say, do , know
Abundant daytime
Abundant days

Given by Papa God, March 14, 2012

A Holy commotion–a poem


Sell up, selling up, shaking nation
Upper Heaven, leaders shaking
Sending, sending season
It’s love time, see?

Commotion, commotion time
See, see counsels now
Say time, say you
Holy time see

Holy day, abundant love
Sow in Him now
So live, sow time
Live, do see

Say new, say time
Live time be
Circles of live, live in love
Holy time, live

Abundant love…
Holy day…
See dear love
Live in this nation love

Holy is His love
Live out this day
Turn things, turn things
Holy now time

Given by Papa God March 14, 2012

Wholly Know–A Poem


See new, see
So live, so live
So abide and love
So love, so know

Wholly know, wholly sow
So live, so know
Holy time…
So know, so love

Abundant, love abundant
Love does see, yes
Love is living in love
Say, live, see

Say and see and know
Say, know, know
So know, you see
Wholly know

Given by Papa God, March 14, 2012

Holy Time, Holy Day–A Poem

Holy time, Holy day

Shut in, love and be
Say, live, time
Holy day, new now
Holy time do see

Sow and know and see
Rise, time to live
Holy day, holy time
Time, time, be light

Sow love, sow light
Holy time, holy day
Door of Heaven, time of love
Holy time see

Say, live, say
Say, live, time
Turn this time
Love and love and see

Holy day of love
Holy time, He is
So live in him
Holy is

Sow in love and live
Holy time to live
Releasing time
Holy day

Given by Papa God, March 10,2012

Time Turns Time–A Poem

Time turns time

Live time
See this time
Time turns time
Time turns days
It’s now time

Time turns time now
Say time, say light
Time, days, love, love
Live this day

Live in days of love
Live in time
It’s now time for this day
It’s love in this day

God’s timing is now
Holy day of God
Holy time-love God
God does days

Given by Papa God, March 7,2012