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See The Secret..A Poem

See the secret

See the secret
See the turning of a thing
Secret doors of God
So see this now

The secrets of Heaven
So see it now
The Father abides in the secret
The Father is seeing this

So, so see it
The door, The God
The word, the word you see
The seeing of God

Oh see things in the now
Soaking gates of light
So enter the secret
So, so, so see

So abide and see
So abide today
So abide in God
The God of gods

So turn to God
Turn, turn, do
Turn, turn now
See, see, see

Given by Papa God, November 13,2011

Words of Love–A volume of poems from a Heavenly perspective

So Abide–A prophetic poem


Send, God-send
It’s love, visions of love
Secret, secret, directions of love
The secret is God

Love-secret do
Holy secret see
Secret door of love
His word, his grace be

The Father does love
So abide and be
So abide and be
Be, be and see

The word you’re to be
So abide and be
So abide to be
And be grace today

Given by Papa God, October 8, 2011