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Ten Grace–Prophetic Poetry


Ten, ten, grace
Holy ten
The land, the land of love
Hear this now, see the Father

Will go, will see
Dear love see
Holy nation now be
Holler, holler, holler love

See this now, see this day
And see God turn nation
Hosting, turning, shaking
Grace, rise ten, now

Wind of love, God’s word
Wind of God, shaking nation
Hope and blessing, enter your heart
Holy miracles turn, news

See mission, gate, news
More love be
See love be
Honor love, do turn

Releasing opens love
Open door, holy time
So love the nation gate
So holy time

Sell, sell they say
Enter the gate and rise and see
Honor love, be, see
So turn to love now

Cycle, cycle, time see
Miracle, miracles, living vision
Holy cycle releasing shaking
Holy cycle – love healing

Holy turn, news
Purpose, shudders of grace
See love, see love
Sign, sign, turning love

Releasing missions and times
Water, water, great angel see
Enter the gate, turn and see
So love turn so

To release, to see, to see
Hear now, light be
God now turns this
Enter grace now

Given by Papa God, August 31, 2011