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Heaven Is Going In Now–A poem


Heaven is going in now
Here, there, yes, yes
See God say, light see
To say, to see, to say, to know

Turn, see hope live now
Holy, holy time yes
Yes, see tears, love-tears
Open door, see now

Say, turn, say, say
Stay, see, say, day
Holy day, holy say
Turn, turn, say, see

Send, send, turn now
It’s Heaven turning in nation
Shaking nation, turning house
Open door, holy day

This nation is Heaven’s nation
See now, see yea
Abundant day you see
Abide, say, say

Open door to see
Open Heaven to say
Open door say
Open door holy

Given by Papa God, June 19, 2012

So See! –A Prophetic poem


Intensive wells, love is
Senses, grace be
See, see deep in love
And see love, tears, love

See, see, be and see
See God turn this
See, release grace
Priests, blessings, love

So love, so see
So love see
See God be now
See grace burn – be

See, do, be
And see light see
See light see
And see, great nation

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2011

Holy-Time Mission–Prophetic poetry


Tears, new cycle see
Holy time, mission
See, send grace
See great time

Holy nation now
Holy cycle now
See light, time
And see love now

Holy time see
See, great nation
Holy time mission
See light time

Sign, sign, time, time
Sign time now
Sign, love, time
Sign, time, mission

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2011