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See, Live, Love–A Poem


See, live, love
So holy, see
So holy deep
So deep, you see

Holy deep, it’s love
So love, so live
So holy love
Holy is the Father

So turn to love
Holy deep love
Sow time, time, love
So love this

See the light and love
So love, so live
The loving love of God
The Word, the Love

Descend into love
Holy deep love
The love, the light of Heaven
Love, yes see

The will, the love, the word
So holy love
So love and be
So holy God

Given by Papa God, January 16, 2012

So Holy–A Poem


Hear love, hear
See love, be
Love is Heaven’s holy
It’s Heaven’s holy deep

See love time
Love time, love
Holy time, love
Holy day, love

So holy, so love
So holy, it’s love
So love in love
So love the love of Heaven

See me in thee
Holy day, holy day
So abiding love
So holy day

Turn day, turn deep
So holy deep
So love holy
See His holy time

The secret is Heaven
This love is
The love of God
So holy love

Shut in to love
This word of Heaven
So love lives in thee
Yes, it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God January 14, 2012

Holy nation, do now–A Poem

Holy nation, do now

Time of Heaven
Love, love now
Love hears The Father
Love is now

Holy nation, do now
Holy nation, God see
Love, love day
Oh love day

So do and so holy
Love them now
Love is the gate of light
See deep now

Holy nation deep
Holy nation now
God abiding nation
God in now

See, do, deep
See love now
Oh see God now
See God in now

Secret, correcting angel
Door of love open now
Open door, do for love
So do for God

So abide in him
Holy entering of God
Love abides in the house
Holy nation is now

Given by Papa God, November 17,2011

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“So”–A prophetic poem


Tears burn, bless
See, be here
See the Father’s love
Holy day, see

Love hears God
So blend in God
So bless and see
So do, so know

So door, so holy
So God, so love
So live in Him
So hear this word

Turn, receive the Father
Holy day be in
Soak, soak, receive
See love in this

So love now
Holy day of
Holy day of God
Holy time is

So do and love
Holy day of God
Holy time of God
God of light

See, be and do
So enter the Father
Holy time of God
Love is God

See God now
Oh see His light in thee
So abide in God
Sow vision, sow the vision of love

So now in Him
And say and say
And say the Father’s light
And say, be, love

Sow mission, sow
Here the Father’s light
Holy day, love is
Soaking in love

Given by Papa God, November 12, 2011