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The Wind-The Gate #poem #poetry #TheArts


He opens gates
He sees now
The wind; oh live now
This grace of now

This wind of here
The wind, this day
This wind of here
The wind of love see

See now love-day
This wind of God
The wind of Heaven
This love of Heaven

The wind, the day
This wind of Heaven
The wind of Heaven
The wind of love

This worship, this grace
This word, this grace
This living Heaven sign
This hosting of Heaven

The wind, the gate
Open door now
The word, the word does
This watch of Heaven

Given by Papa God, February 3, 2013

This Living Wind– #Poem #Poetry #TheArts


Live in, this nation
Live in the wind
This wind, oh my wind
This wind is open

This wind, oh live in
This wind; oh live now
This love lives, lives, lives
This word is love

This word is He
This wind is He
This wind of Heaven
Wind, see and be

This wind, this living Heaven
This wind He is
This wind He is
This word is

Open the winds of love
This wind lives now
This wind of His grace
This wind of the wind

This wind, living love
This love of Heaven see
This wind, opening Heaven day
The wind, oh this Heaven

Shaking angel, wind now
This wind is urgent…be
The wind, the wind, wind days
This living wind

Given by Papa God, January 31, 2013

This See( A Poem)


Here love, open now
This holy day love see
This, a burning one see
See He, He

This here, this now see
This see and know
Open door, holy now
Open now, open hard

Heaven does hold up love
This wonders of God; the wonders, love
Watch Love and see Love
It’s Heaven day, see?

A burning one entering Heaven’s day
This day, this God see
This one, this Love see
This Love see

This Word, this God see
This Word, this Love know
This day, know Love be
Say, see, know now

Say, know, say Love
Sing love, turn day
Turn, turn, day know
Hosting and knowing, holy day

This you’re to say, Love say
A burning one say Love
A burning one say Heaven
This Word, this one to know

Given by Papa God, October 8, 2012

The Wonders of Heaven See–A Poem


There’s a sending, there’s a word, there’s a Heaven
The wonders of Heaven see
This gate of grace see
The Word, the day to be

Urgent day know, see
The wonders of Heaven be
The hosting of the Father’s hosting
This gate know now

This word, this Heaven, time be
This Heaven, to know secrets
The gate of grace; now time, now see
The wonders of light be!

Heaven day see
The watch of God see
God love, God be
See secrets of holy, holy, holy time

The wonders, the vision, the gate
This holy Heaven, God, light, love
It’s Heaven, it’s holy time
The wonders, the day know, see

It’s a wonder, it’s God
Turn time, see
This Heaven see more of
The wonder He is see

The waters, the word, the holy here
See and know and see
The word, the Heaven know, see
The wonders of Heaven know

Given by papa God, September 5, 2012

This House of Heaven See–A Poem


Show and know, the gate of God
This nation is entering gates
Oh see the gates of God now
This house of Heaven see

Open door, light see
Sing, love, the gate of God
Open Heaven, sing deep in God
Love is the Father’s Heaven

Holy Heaven, sign of God
Holy house, deep Heaven
Abide and blessings now know
Open day sign of God

The watches of God know
Abide in Him know
Open door to see the gate
The deep of God know, see

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

Sing Now!–A poem


Sing and love and sing
This nation sing
It’s gates of God you’re to see
This day sing

The word, the day, the house
Holy day, God love
Open door, sing in Heaven
Holy is Heaven’s day

This house, gate of God
Open door today
This house of God see
This Heaven, deep Heaven know

This day, love deep
Holy day of God love
This day Heaven know
Holy day see

Given by Papa God, June 26, 2012

Heaven Is Going In Now–A poem


Heaven is going in now
Here, there, yes, yes
See God say, light see
To say, to see, to say, to know

Turn, see hope live now
Holy, holy time yes
Yes, see tears, love-tears
Open door, see now

Say, turn, say, say
Stay, see, say, day
Holy day, holy say
Turn, turn, say, see

Send, send, turn now
It’s Heaven turning in nation
Shaking nation, turning house
Open door, holy day

This nation is Heaven’s nation
See now, see yea
Abundant day you see
Abide, say, say

Open door to see
Open Heaven to say
Open door say
Open door holy

Given by Papa God, June 19, 2012

This is Heaven–A Poem


This is Heaven
This is light
Holy is Heaven
Word and Heaven

Say and know and know
Say now, see house
Say time, say Heaven
It’s Heaven now see

The watch of God
It’s urgent, it’s Heaven, it’s light
It’s light and love
The Father loves you

Commotion…the word

Given by Papa God, June 16, 2012

Abide! A Poem


See and see
See and know, see
See, send, now
Sing and know

This enter, this see
Holy deep light see
Open door, light be
Send love, see love

See, send, Heaven
Abide, love be
Open door, light deep
Upper light see

Abide and love
Open house Heaven
Abide and know love
Sendings and shakings

Send love, see
Abide, love see
Abide, love see
Abide, love know

Shut, shut, sake
Abide, love tent
Send love, see know
A burn, love show

Send love, know
A burn of God is love
Shake now, nation
Love be, love sigh

Abide and love
Abide love
Holy day live
Abide, love see

Secret day, deep light
See deep in love
Abide and love
Open Heaven love

Secret love
Open door know
Abide and do
Abide and love

Secret, it’s Heaven
Open door, listen love
Abide in Heaven’s light
Abide, live, time

Abide, destined to Heaven
Abide, love and live
Abide, love and know
Abide, love see

Abide, see
Abide in Heaven’s Heaven
It’s God, open Heaven
Open now this house

God’s Heaven see
Open door…
Open Heaven know
Abide and love

This light is Heaven
It’s Heaven, it’s God
Open door, love day
Abide in Heaven

Abide in His house
Yes, you see love deep
Abide, love, set
Say and do Heaven

Shaking nation, shake up
Open door of Heaven
Open Heaven, love-day
Abundant Heaven

Upper day, love say
Turn time; yes, yes
Love, love turns light
Open, love-turn

A burn of God, love is
Abide, love and know
Abide, love see
Abide and know the Father

Given by Papa God, June 12, 2012

It’s Heaven Day–A poem

It’s Heaven day

It’s Heaven day
Holy is Heaven
Abide and blessings enter
Abide, do see

See and know and know
Abide and be- abide
Open door, abide and know
Open door, love day

Mystery of God, Heaven
Abide and see
Holy is Heaven
Open Heaven

Given by Papa God, June 6,2012