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Holy circuit–A poem

Holy circuit

Circuits, circuits
Circuits, healings, day
Secrets of love

Holy God
So live, love
Holy day, deep
So enter the deep

Circuit do
This day do

Circuit now
Circuit new
This do
This do

Circuit do
Deep love time
Circuit do
Circuit now

Deep in love
Circuit do
Sending time deep
Circuit deep

Circuit do
Oh love now
Circuit shaking
Circuit loving

Given by Papa God, March 17,2012

So Abide in This–A poem


Now see it
Oh see the nation
You see, you see
So abide in this now

So abide in Heaven’s light
Holy enterings of love
Holy secrets of light
Holy nation deep

Live, be holy
So enter the will
So abide in love
Holy living is

So see, live in
Holy secret live
So turn and turn
Holy time see

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2011

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See The Secret..A Poem

See the secret

See the secret
See the turning of a thing
Secret doors of God
So see this now

The secrets of Heaven
So see it now
The Father abides in the secret
The Father is seeing this

So, so see it
The door, The God
The word, the word you see
The seeing of God

Oh see things in the now
Soaking gates of light
So enter the secret
So, so, so see

So abide and see
So abide today
So abide in God
The God of gods

So turn to God
Turn, turn, do
Turn, turn now
See, see, see

Given by Papa God, November 13,2011

Words of Love–A volume of poems from a Heavenly perspective

A Secret to see–Prophetic poetry


Say and burn in love
Secret, secret, change
Hold and love, hand love

Great time, great sign
See new, see
Enter God, sign
See now sign

See now, see light
Higher love see
Hold love, see
Hard love be

See mission see
See, my, see
See more God
See more love

See, go be
Hand, go do
Hold love’s love
Gird, gird, go

See, go love
Answer love, and be
It’s love, open God
See, rise, do

See, burn, go
And love mercy
And love cycle
Holy cycle you are

Given by Papa God, September 21, 2011

To See–A poem

To See

Secret purpose…
See the secret of God
Go do and bless the nation
Enter the gate, grace is

Holy and loved and you
Holy angel turns today
Holy cycle see now
Open house, turn, live

So here, there, live
Hear and do for God
Holy sign of God
So love the nation

So love, so turn
Grace turn new, now
Turn, turn, so super
It’s love opening new doors

See, see things light
Open heavens enter now
Rend, light, rend, see
Holy time see…

Holy, see holy, see
Holy charge now see
See the mission, shake
Open door, open grace see

Given by Papa God, September 3, 2011