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Why One Hates

One hates because one hurts; but unless that hurt is healed, the hate will eventually turn on, and destroy the one who gives it sanctuary. Each of us were made for so much more than the temporary enticements of power which hate provides. And none of us will come to the fullness of what we are meant to be unless we submit to and become empowered by a love which is otherworldly. God is love. #hope

“The Scent of Roadkill”

” The Scent of Roadkill”–A thought #process #choices #influence

Recently, I was driving through a narrow, wooded road, when my vehicle encountered the remains of a skunk. The roadkill was still recognizable with its black fur with white stripe along its’ tail. As the day went along, I had to use that same road a few times going back and forth, and I would witness the aftermath of cars, trucks, and other wheeled vehicles upon what became the increasingly unrecognizable carcass of this skunk.

As you can imagine, the smell of skunk is quite distinct both in life, and in death. In an act of defiance the dead animal’s scent and stench not only met those vehicles which crushed it, but the surrounding landscape for several blocks as well.

While my driving by the skunk’s remains were for a few moments, It made me think of the impressions we leave with both our God and those around us on a daily basis in doing this thing called life. We each carry our personal bodily smell. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you or I “stink”; it can be a sign of our individuality from God himself. We cover those up out of respect with soap, colognes, perfumes,etc.

There is also, however, the scent of attitudes towards God and others during those times life is being done to us in the good, and bad. There is a scent coming from each of us spiritually in different seasons of life as God is conforming us into His image.

There are moments where we are being crushed by the weight of destiny and calling in God. We mistake process for punishment and we can smell of unforgiveness, judgment, lack of mercy, impatience. But God is looking for the scents of love, justice, forgiveness and Heaven from His kids. It’s not so much the crushing we meet as it is the scent which meets God, saint and sinner which matters both now and into the aspect of legacy.

At such times of crushing, God wants to reveal the sweet smells of Heaven, which will not only keep you in his love but cause the witnesses of your life to become the motivation for others to pursue the God you and I claim to follow

Heaven is not looking for roadkill. It is looking for living sacrifices who will release the fragrance of Christ again and again–Romans 12:1

Seers Season–A Poem





And God is listening

And listening and listening

The listening is now

It’s listening time


Seer, seer, listen be

Seer, seers, listen me

Seers, listen, seers see

A secret, a cleansing, a deep wind


The listening, the listening is now

Seers now know

The new, the news, the new

The new day, the new wind


Watch the nation shake with love

Seer, seer, see the nation see

Oh see, now be, see

Oh see, see, oh see


A seer, a sign, a deep wind

A seer, a sign of time be

Oh seer, see; see, see, nee

The secrets of grace


Answers in the deep

In the deep, in the wind

Oh the wind of God

The wind of Heaven


Swoosh, swoosh, yes the wind

Seers in the deep

In the deep, in the seer deep

Oh the seers are deep


Seers season

The season of vision, dream, dream

The deep, the deep, the deep

Oh the season of deep, deep, deep


The wind, the wind, the wind

Seasons of change

Abide in the deep

Oh be in deep


The wind is shaking the nation

Answers in the wind

It’s a shaking wind now

Seasons in the change


Seasons of change

In the wind of God

The seer is in this nation

And the seers know now


Given by papa God, February 24, 2017

In Love, In Hope, In Grace–#poetry

In Love, In Hope, In Grace

You in Love
And you in hope
And you in grace
Grace is…

In grace is hope
In grace is love
Oh grace and love
Oh bless and say

Oh live in hope
Oh grace oh hope
In love in hope

In hope is He
It’s hope in grace
In grace in hope
In hope

It’s go now
Oh blessing grace
In hope in grace

Given by Papa God, December 31,2014

Oh The Secret, Oh the door–#poetry

Oh The secret, Oh The Door

Shaking nation
It’s hope, it’s now
Oh say, oh show
Oh know the secret

Oh the secret
Oh the door
The secret, the door
The door, the secret

It’s turning the door
The secret is you
The secret is yes
Oh the secret is you

Hosting the day
The day of light
The secret is you
This name, this day

The sign, the wind
The wind, the day
It’s love, it’s hope
The wind is yes

The wind, oh the sign
The sign, the love, the deep
Yes, you’re sowing hope
The wind, the sea, the deep

The secret, the secret, the day
The day, the dew, the day
The secret, the day
The day, oh yes

The door, the day, the door
The day, oh the door
Oh the day of here, there
Oh the day is you

Opening the door
The door is open
This love this day
The door, the door the day

The door to be
Oh the door to see
This is Heaven
The door this day

It’s open, it’s enter
It’s now, it’s you
The Love, the door
Oh the door

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

It’s The Father and The Word
This word this love
This word this you
This word is you

This secret, enter
This nation is showing
This name this time
Oh the door

The door and the secret
Oh sign, sign now
It’s open, it’s yes
The sign, the sign, the wonder

It’s the sign and the wonder
The wind, the word
This word is you
Oh the word

The wind is you
This wind is you
The word, the door is yes
It’s holy time

Given by Papa God, February 1,2014

Hope In The Wind–#poem #writing


In the wind
It’s love and the wind
It’s wind and healing wind
It’s open Heaven

It’s open Heaven
Open, open Heaven
It’s open and abiding Heaven
Oh the Heaven

This open Heaven
Open now
It’s open in yes
Oh yes

Yes, oh be
Oh yes, see
It’s love, it’s hope
It’s grace, it’s hope

This open
Oh the secret of hope
This increase and hope
Oh hope

Oh hope and hope
It’s hope and grace
Oh hope is now
Oh hope now

This time, burn, live
It’s hope in hope you in
It’s hope in now
This is now

This time in love
This showing of hope
This holy connection
This now

Oh the sign of hope
It’s yes, it’s you
This love this day
This hope

This hope does
Oh hope does
Oh time turn time
This hope, yes

Each hope
Oh yes to hope
Oh this love is yes
This sign, this sign is yes

This shaking is yes
Open the Heaven
It’s open Heaven
Open door

The door is open
It’s open, open, opening
It’s yes, it’s holy, it’s yes
Oh yes

This sign of hope
It’s sign and wonder
Open and do
Oh sign, wonder, hope

Given by Papa God, January 4, 2014

Oh Love, Oh Yet, Oh Now–#poem #poetry


Yet…yet…open now
Oh yet, oh yet, oh know
Oh yet, oh know
Yet, yet be

Oh love oh know
Oh be light
Yet, oh be
Oh be open

Be, now be
Oh be and see
You direction is love
It’s love oh be

Light and light
It’s light be
This wind of God
It’s light for thee

This know, this know
This key is yet
The dew of Heaven
It’s hope, it’s grace

The nation shakes
The day is light
It’s hosting the Heaven
Open the door

This is God
It’s hope and God
Key, keys, hope, God, yes
Yes, yes, keys

The day of God
Open the Heaven
This day, this day
Oh yet it’s now

The know of God
He loves to know
Loving, turning, change
There’s a change, oh be

Oh love, oh yet
Oh love, oh show
God yes, love
Listening, change open

This season
A season of vision
A wind of grace
A wind now

This see
It’s grace in you
It’s hope you be
Oh know now

The love, the dew
It’s opening Heaven
The dew is yet
It’s yet now

The wind change
It’s love and grace
It’s hope for you
Love you

It’s you and grace
It’s hope and love
It’s love in you
Yes, it’s God

This wind change
It’s change of nation
It’s change of light
The love, the dew

Oh love, oh yes

Given by Papa God, December 31, 2013

Opening Day–#Poetry #CreativeWriting


Opening day
This day oh be
This wind is now
Opening the door

It’s now, now
It’s now you
Oh watch and know
This time be

This time, be
It’s you and Him
This new wind
This wind, oh now

This wind, oh be
The word of love
This wind oh know
The wind

Receive now
This love, oh know
The word is wind
This word, this day

The wind of these
The wind is now
The priests be

This wind
The wind oh be
Yet, this wind
This loving Heaven

Kings and king
This king is holy
The wind of these kings
The wind of the king

Humble now
Do and know
This wind, change
Oh now, oh know

Given by Papa God, December 30, 2013

It’s the day–#poem #writing

It’s the day

It is the day
It’s Love and this day
Open Heaven, open new
Open Heaven, it’s the day

A be and a see
A wind of Love
A wind of hope
Abundant grace is new

It’s living and being
Oh be and know
Open the new
Open new

Open now
It’s love open
A burn, a wind
Open the wind

It’s Love open
Listen, listen, mercy
Urgent grace, open Heaven
Hosting and being

The wind and the door
The wind and grace
Keep open, love
This wind is Love

This light
Oh be open
Open and do
Oh be and know

This open Heaven
Open Heaven be
Open door of grace
Open Heaven

This time
Carry hope
Yes, hope and grace
Open the keys and open the door

Given by Papa God, December 3, 2013

The door is released–#poem #poetry

The door is released

Turn and turn and know
The door is open
A burn of love
Holy is, holy key

The door is released
The Heaven is abiding
Open the Heaven
And grow in hope

The door is released
The door is open
Open and release and know
The Heaven is released

This nation is opening tears
This nation does know
This growing hope
Open the Heaven

Host and do host
The new day
It’s going in hope
Things, open door

The dew, the name, the Heaven
The name is hope
It’s love and hope
This dew is love

This holy time
Open Heaven know
It’s going in hope
This hosting …

Rain, rain, open Heaven
The Father loves to know
Love and grace
Hosting God

Given by Papa God, November 26, 2013