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Oh yet – yet, yet
Opening Heaven is opening abiding
The wind, the wind
The word of grace

This day, oh be
Oh be, oh know
This day oh know
Love oh know

It’s the word of the hope
The word of God
It’s love, it’s God
It’s hope and Love

The wind, oh it’s God
Its hope and love
The wind yet it is
This open day

The wind, oh it’s the wind
The wind, oh the wind
Yet host, it’s going to do
The wind burning, it’s opening

This is He
The Word, the door
The wind He is
The wind

Given by Papa God, November 13, 2013

It’s you and God–#Poem

It’s you and God

Know it and know grace
It’s you in God
It’s you and Him
You, Him, grace

It’s you, it’s Love
It’s you and Love
It’s you and you
And it’s you now

It’s you? Oh yes
It’s you and these and these
You, you, yes, yes
Yes, Heaven, you and yes

Yes to God
It’s yes to Love
Yes to Heaven
Oh yes, yes

Holy is God
It’s He you in
Yes he you in
You are, you be

You are and you be
You be, are
You are in wind
Of God-love

Yes wind, it’s now
Love, oh wind
Wind, be now
You be and see

Holy wind
Yet wind be
Yet be wind
Oh be, be

It’s the wind of God
The wind He is
The wind of Love
The wind of God

The wind, the wind, the day
The wind be
Yet it’s wind
Yet it’s God

Given by Papa God, July 30, 2013

Sing With God–A Poem


God, oh love
God is love
Oh love God, love this
Release them and bless

Oh love oh know
Oh love know
Oh sing with love
Love live now

Sing, know the Father
And sing and sing and sing
And sing of grace
Love does sing

Sing of His grace
And sing of His great day
Sing of His day
And love now

Given by Papa God, July 10, 2013

Love God and know love–#Poem #poetry

Love God and know love

God and love and God
Oh love God and know love
See…know…see it
It’s love, oh love

The Father is abiding
Oh father is holy
He abides, He loves
Oh father, oh love

See, see, see love
Love holy, love open
Oh love, oh love
Oh be and love

Given by Papa God, June 15,2013



God is urgent and great
Receive the name of love
Release love and grace
Release miracles

Release miracles in grace
Release miracles in grace
Release days of love
Release the light

It’s light, it’s grace
Say and say the love of God
To say is to say
Say now be love

Oh say and love and say
Say and love say
Oh say grace
Say love

Release love and light
Sing and live in grace
Sing in love’s grace
It’s love in grace

Oh grace, grace now
Releasing angels now
Oh releasing miracle love
Releasing grace

Oh love oh know
Oh love be in
Oh be, be in
Release love in love

So know the mercy of love
So know the love
So love in Him
Love in

Love be in
Release and be in
Release grace and be love
Receive love, receive more

Given by Papa God, April 27, 2013

Any Male–A Thought

Any male can hold a grudge against a society which he feels doesn’t respect him. Any male can find a gun or explosives which are easily given him by a money mad salesperson and wreck havoc upon a world he feels is unjust. And any male can blame different groups of people for his lack of success in this present culture and poison himself with hate. Yet any and every male has the power to choose either his own way, or the way of Life Heaven has planned for him. In choosing the path of God, the male starts a journey into becoming a man. While the process towards manhood won’t come quickly or easily, the male in the hands of God will become a man eventually. 2 Corinthians 5:17-20

This God is Open #Poem #Blog #Art


God is open now
This secret, this deep God
This love, this God is open
This live, this dew now

Oh no? Now, now, now
Oh yes…day now
This day, this time, this nation
This day of love

Oh say, say now
Oh say and say
Oh see and know His great day
Oh see, do know

This deep of Heaven
Oh see it now
Oh see, know now
Know that God sees now

It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s now
This wind, oh see this wind
This wind, oh know
Sow this, sow grace

This loving Heaven holy
This loving Heaven know
So abide and know
Oh know now

Oh see and know
This new wind is now
This wind is in this day
This wind is now

This wind is new
This new of love
New wind, new day
This wind…oh no? Yes

Yes to this
This love is naming, yes
Oh yea, oh yea!
This is opening day

This day, this day of Love
This watch, new watch
This love of God, oh love
This God, this God this house

This secret, this new
Immerse in the wind
This leader, this nation, this grace
This dew, this new—-

This new of Heaven
This dew of God
Whine, whiner…no, love
This day is now

Given by Papa God, February 13, 2013