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“Sealed In”–A Thought

“Sealed in”

There are moments in our walk with God where he allows us to be taken from what was familiar and be ‘sealed in’ to himself. It is a space in time where we are not noticed by many and end up being misunderstood by many as well. Being ‘sealed in’ is when many things are actually being worked either in or out of us by Papa God. Sometimes we may, in the process feel either done in or done for. Our resolve is tested to trust God’s love as the attacks of isolation; rejection and ridicule sent by fallen spirits seek to take residence within our souls. We beg God to open the door to this sealed room state so that we can be noticed, and that our need of doing something for him can be satisfied. We wonder if we are the only ones who have suffered this state, But ancient scriptures speak of Daniel and his friends forced away from the land they loved to serve a heathen culture, Moses’40 years of being a keeper of another’s sheep, and Apostle John being forced into Patmos. We are not as unique in our testing as we think or fear; and as God was faithful to these heroes of faith, so he will be towards us. God loves us so much that he can’t let us out before the time appointed, and that decision is not meant to hurt us. He indeed has a task assigned beyond the present discomfort which will be more than our hearts dream of. But in the sealed place, he gets you ready. He heals the prepared soul of any sense of inadequacy, pride, and self-sufficiency; yet at the same time causes him or her to know that they are loved, accepted, abundant and royal in Christ Jesus.

A moment in time is quickly coming where the ‘sealed rooms’ God has placed many of us in will be opened, and they will be ushered into a world spinning out of control and requiring wisdom that this present age lacks. For some, the door will be gradually opened, for others it will be abruptly opened; and the call to meet the needs of someone, or some culture, will be answered by that soul who God has ‘sealed in’ to himself