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The Crash–A word for America

A Prayer for Artists Worldwide #video #arts #renaissance

God is bigger than your prayer closet…

Papa God is bigger than one’s prayer closet. The place of prayer, as great as it is, must not in our minds limit God to one location. He lives by His Spirit in his children, and thusly we can commune with him without ceasing throughout the day; implementing his kingdom wherever we go.

Two Men in Prayer–A Thought

Two men went to the temple to pray to God. One was a religious figure, the other, a hated taxman. One mentioned his deeds before God, while the other asked for mercy. Jesus Christ, in describing this story, declared that the taxman arose justified in the sight of God more than the self righteous Pharise. The Taxman grasped the truth of a holy God being a merciful God as well and left the temple Relieved in spirit. Is there anything wrong with practicing disciplines such as giving, fasting or prayer? By no means are they. They go awry in the souls of men who use them to get brownie points in buying God’s love as well as demeaning others as being ‘spiritually beneath’ them . Papa desires intimacy, not idolatry. –Luke 18:10-14

My First book is available–Words of Love

It is with joy that I announce my first book, Words of Love is now available to the Public.

It is a series of prophetic poems regarding different subjects placed upon my heart by the Holy Spirit of God. It is my hope that these poems will bring blessing, comfort and challenge to those who read it. If you want to find out more regarding Words of love you can go to this website:

Love, Collisions And Grace–Prophetic poetry


He is love
Love is love
And love is the Father
The Father of love he is!

God is love, he is love
Wrestle, wrestle, God is love
Wrestle, correct and be and love
Wrestle, correct, love is love

Rain, collision, rain collision
Rain and love and God
Rain and God and thee
God love, God’s love!

Soak, soak love word…soak
Wrestle, love and do for me
Correcting, correcting, love is God
Grace, love and shudder

Rod, rod, Father’s love
Correct, correct and release
Light, love, light, love
Wrestle God and love

God is sending
God is sowing
It’s live, it’s light, it’s nation
Rain love, love see

Collision-correct and love
Gate open, love is God
God is God is God
God is love for this nation

This nation, this nation, God love
Reign, God, reign
Grace, love and burning love
Gate-love, gate-open

Soap, soap, God’s great grace
Correcting, releasing Heaven
Correcting, love correcting
Correcting a nation…grace

Soap, soap, great grace
Correct, correct, God’s grace, love
Cleansing, cleansing nation now
Wrestle, wrestle, God’s wrestle

God’s wrestle, God’s reign
Rain, rain, light be! Rain!
Cleansing, yea! Cleansing, yea!
Correcting a nation, correcting a nation
Grace is grace is light

Given by Papa God, December 21, 2010

To our new Friends..

Welcome to this blog site. There has been, of late, an increase in readership and I am very blessed to have you visiting it. Feel free to read the different poems, thoughts and words The Holy Spirit has helped me to write and share with as many possible.

We are also believers in the power of prayer. If you have a prayer request, feel free to leave it in the comments box just beneath this post. We will pray with you and yours, and if God gives us a word to share with you, we will write you back. Have a wonderful day, and a glorious Christmas Season.