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#Poem: It’s A Dance

It’s a Dance

It’s a dance, it’s a dance
A dance, a dance, a gate of grace
A day, a day of change
A word, a day

Holy day
Open day
Oh resting in
Open Heaven day

Holy visions day
A commotion of day
Open day, open day
Holy time, holy

Dance with The Father
Open Heaven now
Open now, open day
Holy dance

Angels, healing, time
Open Heaven be
Holy be
Open be

Hosting visions
Healing visions
Fire time
Holy day

Increase healing
Open Heaven be
Hosting the Heaven
Healing wind

Here and there
Open the day
Open the day
Sense of change

Given by Papa God, February 3,2015

A Holy Yet–#poem #poetry


Yet, oh yet
Yet, oh yet
Oh yet, oh yes
Holy yet

Seasons shakings
Entering shaking
Holy vision
Heaven holy

Open Heaven
Holy Heaven
Hosting grace
Open door

It’s love and hope
Open Heaven now
Heaven, oh Heaven
Open Heaven

In the secret
Oh the secret
The secret of hope
Oh secret

The secret, oh yes
Oh centering and centering
Heaven is a day
Oh the day

Entering the day
Holy vision day
Receiving of God
Holy day

Oh the day
Oh the day
Oh the word
Oh love

Heaven, Heaven, hands, light
This, this Heaven
Oh the Heaven
Oh Heaven

Secrets and secrets
Oh releasing the secrets
Power here now
It’s power, it’s love

Heaven is yet now
It’s now, it’s yet
It’s yet and it’s now
Oh yet and now

Given by Papa God, November 4, 2014

Oh, Oh Holy–#poem #poetry




Oh, Oh holy

Oh holy

It’s a wind, it’s holy

Oh it’s a wind, it’s holy


Oh the burning wind

Oh the burning wind

Oh Father oh love

Be wind


Be holy

Be hosting the wind

Open Heaven, open vision

Oh watch the wind


The king, the door, the wind

Oh wind oh holy

Oh watch the wind of hope

Oh watch the wind


Submit, submit and do

It’s wind oh be

Oh be oh wind

Oh wind oh be


It’s hosting the wind

Oh hosting the Father

This wind, this love

Oh mighty is the wind


Oh watch the names

Oh love and be

Oh word see

Open Heaven now


Given by Papa God, September 2, 2014

The Blessing is in The Wind–#poem


The door is open
An open Heaven is an open door
An open Heaven is an open door
You’re entering the door

The wind, the door, the door
The wind, the door, it’s now
The word, this day this be
The word, yes, it’s open

See, go, knee, see
Releasing, entering be
It’s loving, it’s open door
Oh word, oh knee

Love and love and know
Oh be and see and know
Oh wind oh now
Oh mercy is open

The mercy, the mercy, the burn
It’s wind, it’s now, it’s yet
The wind, the mercy seat
The wind, the be, the know

The wind, the new wind
The wind, the new word
The wind, oh see His day
A word, a wind

Go, do, knee
It’s new wind
The wind, the wind
The wind, the blessing

The mystery, the day
The wind and the time
The wind, the day
Wind be new

Wind be
The wind be
Be, burn
Be wind

Be and see
See and know
Be open

The wind, the be
The wind be
Oh wind, oh live
Oh live

The wind be
Rest, soak, live
Oh live in love
Love, oh live

Rest, love, commit
Oh love oh know
Urgent season now
Oh live in love be

Receive mercy
It’s open-door mercy
It’s open Heaven be
It’s urgent time

Listen, bless, send
It’s open door to Heaven
Urgent time in grace
Oh live, burn with His light

Regenerate, commission, direction
The wind of Heaven
The wind of the door
The wind, but blessing door

To release, to blend
Oh live in the blessing
Receive the mission
The wind, oh the wind

The wind, the burning wind
The wind, oh the blessing time
The wind of Heaven
The wind, oh listen

The wind, oh the word
The word, the secret
The wind, the blessing
Releasing, commissioning

Seat of love
Oh the wind and the love
The wind blessing
To word, to word, to love

This wind this time
This wind be in time
The blessing and the blessing
Oh the blessing is in the wind

The wind, burning
Receiving the blessing
The word, the blessing
The wind, oh the blessing

Seated in love
Releasing time
The blessing of the day
The blessing is time

The season is daytime
Receiving the blessing
Releasing the blessing
The love and the blessing

This is a door to mystery
The blessing and the blessing
The blessing of the blessing
The blessing yet now

This wind burning
This wind abundant
Oh the blessing in the wind
This listening time

It’s the wind, it’s the Father
The blessing is in the wind
To connect with God
The wind blessing you

Given by Papa God, May 18, 2014

See, love and listen–#poem


See the wind and see His love
Holy wind, open Heaven
Heaven opens wholly
Holy wind opens now

Love, holy words
Open Heaven, open Heaven
Listening love and listening grace
Holy gates of God

This day of love
The wind holy is
This wind, opening angels
The wind, the dew of grace

The wind opening Heaven
The wind, holy direction
The wind, abundant grace
The wind, holy gate

Things abide in grace
Opening the Heaven
The dew, the love, He is
Living love

Listening…entering holy day
This wind opening days
The wind of grace
Heaven opens nations

Listening…opening the door
Heaven opens doors
Listen, do and love
Living open to Heaven

This light is you
This love is you
Host and bless them, love them
Oh yes, oh be

Given by Papa God, October 23, 2013

Yes, it’s open #poem

Yes, it’s open

Key, open key
The door of grace
The door of love
Heaven knows and it does

Love is open
It’s open, it’s open
This door open
It’s open now

Love is released
Holy is love
Holy is Heaven
The Love and The Father

Yet it’s open
It’s open, yes
Open, love
Yes, open

Yes, love opens
The Father is Love
Key to love
Love is released

Host the Love
Love is abiding
The Love of God
This is Heaven

The name of God
The Love He is
Key, Love
Love be

Key, key, live, be
God lives in gates of grace
Love abides, it does
This God love

This is The Father
He loves to love
Sowing grace…
Love, grace

This key
Is open
This key
Is now

Love be more
Oh more is
It’s open, yes
Love is

This time
It’s Heaven more
Love mercy
And be open

This secret
This Heaven
This wind
Holy be

This God
This gate
Open now
The love

It is The Father
This love He is
The Father abides
Oh, Love is

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2013

It’s God, it’s Heaven #Poem #Poetry

It’s God, it’s Heaven

It’s God, it’s Heaven
Open Heaven
Heaven, oh the Heaven
Heaven, oh this is

The Father’s abiding
The abiding of Love
The abiding of God
Heaven, God’s abiding

Oh Heaven, oh Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, holy is
This Heaven, this God
Heaven is holy

This Heaven does
This day, time, day
This time…

Live this now
This day is
This time be
Abide and be

Yet the mantle abides
Abide, abide, abide in God
Wholly abide
Yet abide

Live, live, abide
Abide, abide now
Abide, abide in Heaven’s day
Abide, be, be

Given by Papa God, August 15, 2013

This Light Be–#poetry #art


Grow in love
Oh live in love
Oh love in God
Oh live in Him

This love, this light
It’s love, it’s light
It’s love-light
This love-day

This light is night
This night is light
Oh light, light, light

This light is light
It’s love-light
This light of Light
This light be

The new hour of God
It’s light and light in this house
It’s light, this day be
This day of hosting hope

This nation, this day, this love
Oh live now in the name
This name is great — He’s Love!
This love, this day

The name, the name, the day
This love of love is light
It’s holy day, it’s light
This light is Love

This love of hope
This love opens new
This love is new
New and dew

Love new
Yes, love now
Oh no? Love now
Now do, now see

Will you live, live in love?
Live now in this
Live, visit, live this
Oh live this

This love, this open Heaven
The Father, the Father opens now
The love, the dew, the dew
Love in God

It’s open Heaven now
The Father is love
The Father loves now
The Father is holy

Love is holy
This love is live, living
Love this now
Love, this name

This name is God
The name, love, name
This name, this name of light
The name, the name, light

The Father, the dew, the new
The new hour, the new name
The Wind, the Word, the Father
The Father, oh love

His love is holy
Oh love holy
Love is burning love
Love is host

See now this day
This day of light
The day now know
Is love, is grace, is light

The day, the day to be
The day to be
The day see
Oh, this day know

Given by Papa God, February 26, 2013

Oh the wind, the day #poem #poetry #arts

Oh the wind, the day

Burning wind
This wind is urgent
This wind urgent
The wind opening now

This open door
It’s a wind of days
This open Heaven do
Opening door, see?

The wind, the wind, oh see
The wind of wind
This rending of this
This day of days

The day of days
Oh this day now see
Oh see, DC
See and see this

Oh, oh , soul words
The word, the word, the dew
This living wind of Love
This open Heaven deep

Light, love, hope
The light, The Father, the sea of Love
The love, the dew of love
Oh love and now

So opening door
The love of God know
This know of know
This know of Him

This do now
The new day see
Love of Love of Love
Oh holy is

So know, know and know
The new of new
This do know
This know

Thing doing, doing do
The dew do
The new wind show
Oh live, do

This word, this doing word
The dew of God know
The new winds of the day
Oh the wind, the day

Given by Papa God, February 5, 2013

New Day See #Poem #Art #poetry


See and do
This word see
This see, see
This see now

This day see
The word see
This see now
This know, see

This do and know
This know now
This due day
This now know

This do, this do
The do now
This now, now
The dew, the new, the now

This know, this do
This new nation do
Do know, do see
The new house of Love

The Father lives now
The dew, the dew of his grace
The new day see
New day now

This nation, this nation, day
New wind of love
This wind is in
This day now

This day now
This day see
The dew; He see
Oh see, do

This day, this do
You see and know
Oh know and know
Oh know now

Given by Papa God, January 19, 2013