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Cycles of Love in You–Prophetic poetry


This God is
Cycles of grace, cycles is love
Cycles in love in you

Cycles, grace be
Cycles be love
See, be, grace
Say love to this

Show love and bless
Say love in this
Say love, holy love
Say his love

Say grace, say God
Say his love now
Show love, new day
Oh be, go be

See, see, do
See his word now
See grace in you
And see love in thee

See, receive, see
And see love be
Oh see, be, see
It’s seeing in love you be

See, be, light
See love cycle
See love see
And love be light

Say love, say God
And say love, now say
Oh show God love
Love is love

Given by Papa God, October 11, 2011