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New And Now #poem #poetry #art


This is knowing and new
This new day see
This new day, deep
This new day see

The man, the dew, the vision
This name, this name of Love
It’s love does now
The wind of love

It’s love-day
It’s love-time
The love is
Love now

Love new
New now
New, see
New day

New now
Wind see
Oh love new
Oh love new

Show and know and know secret
The new wind of love
The wind He is
Love-wind see

Holy here now, see
The wind you see
The wind of God
The love of love

This day, this new
This wind be
Oh the wind of the Father
Light, love, time see

This day; night day
This day, time see
This day, time now
Oh sigh, sigh, sigh now

New day, new time, new wind
This God is, new day
The new wind of love
Oh love now, now

This love of love
The love-light
Oh love-day
Oh new watch

Given by Papa God, February 15, 2013

This New Day–Poem


Live in Him
Live in God
The Word…He and He
The Word, the love

The Word, the Word
The love, the Father
The watch, the hope
The watch, the watch

This, this hosting God
This word this day
This Word is hosting, yes
This new day

This new house, He’s here
This hosting love
The new day is, nation
It’s new day, new day

The new hour
Oh, the new hope
Oh, the hope of Heaven
Oh, the host He is

This wind is now
This Heaven is now
This Heaven now is
Oh, the love of He!

The Father, the gate, you are
This love is urgent now
This love is open day
This host is now

Given by Papa God January 11, 2013

This Word–Poetry

This Word

Send, send
The word, the word, the word
This love, this word
This word now

The word; now, now
This word now
This word deep
This word

This watch of love
This hope He is
This host: God
This host: Love

This Love; this holy hosting
This love, this gate
This love this day
This word see

The word now be
This word is see
See,be, live, see
This word to see

This Word, this deep God
This word of Love be
The word is to be
The word, and see

The Father is and does
The Father loves and sees
The Word and The Father
The Word, The Father

This love and love
This love, this love
This love, deep gate
This love …

Given by Papa God, January 10,2013

A New Day now–A Poem


New day, now Heaven
Turn time, turn now
Turn now, love nation
Upper Heaven now turn

Turn time turning now
Turn day in love
So know the Father’s Heaven
It’s love, love in Heaven

Sign-time see
Love is here yes
So abide, time do
Turn time, season of love

Given by Papa God, May 27, 2012

It’s Now God’s Now–A poem


New, it’s now
It’s now God’s now
God does new
Send and do and know

God new, God now
Love new, love know
God new, God see
God see new nation

Given by Papa God, May 11, 2012

Heaven lives in Heaven–A poem

Heaven lives in Heaven

Heaven lives in Heaven
Yes, you see it is
Say, do see
See God’s nation, you see

New is God-love
The man of Heaven loves God
It’s love, it’s God-love
Watch and do and love

God does now
Abide and love be
Holy is Heaven’s Heaven
Open door, God’s Heaven

Watching and blessing, and Heaven
Watching and love lives
Love is love day
You see new love

Yet know Heaven’s light
Waters and love
Holy love, love
Holy day see

Given by papa God, May 5 ,2012

Turn Now, Love


Live now love
New now love
Holy time new
New love now

New love new day
Open door to Heaven
Time turn now
Say new love

Say and know love
Abide and know
Turn now, love
Oh love and love

So know and love
Open door to love
Open Heaven love
See now love

Say now, now
God love live
Turn and know love
It’s Heaven, love

It’s Heaven love
It’s love in Love
God do love
Live love now

God know, God know
Open Heaven know
Say, know and know
Turn now, love

Given by Papa God, April 19, 2012

New Time, New Day–Prophetic Poetry


New time, new day
Light now turn
Holy light now, purpose is
Love, live, see

It’s light in God
Live in God’s love
It’s love on this, you be
Live in him now

Live in love now
Oh love in love
It’s love in God
You are in him

Oh live in God in him
Live up, live in deep
Work in love, live in light
Holy time it is

Word, word, see it
Light be, God deep
Sow in light in love
You see, you see – live

Sow in God’s light
Word up! Love in
Holy entering of love
Holy sign – yes!

Surge, love, turn
And love burn in thee
Light be, oh light is!
So holy – yes!

So holy – yes!
Word, love be
Holy day, be open to love
Love holy, yes

Given by Papa God, November 21, 2011

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Holy Day–A Poem


Send this word
The word is love-nation
Holy nation

This well, this love
See and live in love
See the Father’s light

Secret light, secret time
Door of vision, love
Door of love see
Holy see…

Holy time see
Surges of love be
Holy day see
See the love of love

Holy day be
Be blessed in love
Receive and love
See the love of love

The will is love to see
See, be, go
See – hear this
Holy time see

See, live and see
Holy day be
Holy time see
Be, live, see

See God in this
Enter the vision of love
Holy day see
Turn, be

Given by Papa God, October 26, 2011

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So See! Pt 3–Prophetic poetry


Seer secret
It’s here now, see?
It’s love, deep light be
See and new day be

See love sign
See missions of love
And say love to this
Oh do this, see

See my God’s light
And see God do now
See missions of love
See the love of God

Much light you be
Holy time be
Holy burning gate
Here now see

See, do, say
Holy time, love be
God loves nation, new day
Open door, do now

Given by Papa God, October 5, 2011