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A Thought…..

There are those within the culture who hope that you stay so bitter and unforgiving that you become stuck in time and unable to move forward and make a difference in time and eternity. Forgiveness is not denial, it is an exit strategy into freedom, a co-laboring with Heaven into making right, that which is unjust

Entitlement Vs. Empowerment–Pt 1: A video

Appreciation deprivation disorder…(A Thought)

Appreciation deprivation is an illness which afflicts many a human spirit.It’s major symptom is an un-thankful culture where love grows increasingly cold. But Papa never forgets all you do for Him and his rewards to you are sure.You may be what the great physician ordered in bringing a soul out of the disease of Appreciation deprivation. It may be telling your spouse how beautiful she is. It may be telling your congregation how awesome they are to pastor. It could be telling the young men you coach how hardworking they are. But be the Prescription Jesus ordered to let the people in your world know they have worth and dignity

A Thought on God, Gifts and talents

Giftings and talents are freely to us, by a lavish Heavenly Father. He gives them to us in not only showing us how loved we are but to fulfill the Heavenly mandate of Genesis 12:3–that all the families of the earth be blessed. when we realize that our gifts carry Heaven’s mandate, we must guard them and steward them wisely. God has given to us through gifts and talents, a heavenly trust fund.

The Menial: A Thought

The menial can often be misunderstood as boring, unattractive and even ‘unsexy’. Yet the menial is God’s training ground in revealing himself and his ways to us. The menial, if handled wisely, is God’s breeding ground to creativity and his launchpad to promotion . How we handle the menial things of life can determine in God’s eyes if we are ready for more.

A Thought…

What visionary leadership does is paint vision into the hearts of those who witness their lives. It causes people to look into the unseen, and refuses to profit from group victimization. It stirs souls to view their lives from the Heavenly seat and bring that invisible kingdom to earth

A Thought

On the Playing fields of Destiny, endurance is forged and champions are made. It’s not that victors are more favored or loved than the defeated;it’s that they’ve found the key is refusing to quit.

A Thought

Before the foundation of the world, God had a solution and a place for that solution to be slain—his only begotten son on a Jerusalem hill. If he successfully through his son solved our disconnection problem, then with him all other problems we face are gloriously solvable, and our conflicts winnable. In the solution of God’s slain lamb, all of his promises are yes and amen!

Obi Wan Kenobi and God’s Kingdom agenda

There really are Kingdom versions of Obi Wan Kenobi out there. They are men and women from all walks of life who are keen in the things of the Spirit, yet they are kindly and approachable. They are not afraid to see the potential of the young, and encourage them to learn the ways of the force known as agape. These wised ones have no agenda of their own, except to see Papa’s dream of the restoration of all things come true. Many have been hidden away, for such a time as this , when it seems as if‘the dark side’ is winning.

A Thought

What the American Heart needs is a love revolution initiated from Heaven, freeing him from his fears and suspicions. May Papa God send a national scrubbing upon all of us here in this greatland. May it cause not only a fresh love for Papa God, but a renewal of neighborly love in the United States