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The Will–A Poem


The will is love
The will is living
The will is God
Miracle love

This love is
This living Heaven
This here is love
This loving God

See, do, live
The light of love
This day new see
There’s words, there’s Heaven

This living deep
This deep living
This day, live
Live and love show

God lives in thee
Yet love does day
Living, living deep
Living love in love

Given by Papa God, February 21, 2012

Holy Things, Holy Calling


Healing angel
Angel of Heaven
See this one
And do see light

Oh see, live, be
Enter the living love
Enter, blend, love
Healing now

So holy he is
He hears now
So live, so holy
So honor God

Land, land, God’s news
Holy time now see
Honor love today
So live today

Be and be my word
Hear, love, connect
God is God…
Word – love God

So see and do
Releasing miracles now
Released, land, land
See burning light

Honor the father, do live
Honor time now is
Holy time is now
It’s new and new – God’s time

Love burns in thee
Honor and turn – love be
Wonders and new love visions
Enter the love of light

The will, the love, the God
Love is here
God does here
Love is here

Given by Papa God, August 27, 2011

Abiding In Love’s Work–A Poem


Heal, burn, heal
Ascend, ascend, grace, light
Cycle is, cycle live
Love shake, love shake

So abide, so love
So live, so do
See, see he lives
See and live, see and do

See and see, live and see
Cycle light, mission see
See and be; light be
Holy cycle be

See and love; see, be
Holy mission burns love
It’s love shaking missions
Holy mission you see

Given by Papa God, August 24, 2011

Here Miracles, There Love–A poem


Here miracles, there love
It’s here and now
God you see, God is light
Healing and blessing things

See, cycle, love, light
Oh live, light and sigh
Light be, light see, sigh
Love be, light see

Given by Papa God, August 23, 2011

Grace Cycle–Prophetic poetry


Heal and do
God is here
Cycle, cycle, grace hears
Cycles, holy light

Cycle is light
It’s light, it’s love, it’s God
Healings, signs and love
Signs of Heaven in thee

Open door, open God
Holy love, God’s light
It’s connecting – love and nation
Secret, grace, love

Secret and love
Abide and love
Light be, light be
Live and blend in this now

Light be, God’s love
Love and blessings now
Holy grace, love be
Open angels, open see

Yet it’s God and love
Yet you be the word
You be and see the love
Holy grace you be

You see, you do
Love is here
God, yes see and do
It’s God you see to do

Given by Papa God, August 23, 2011

Some Love Action–A prophetic poem


See love here
Love shakes, miracles
It’s God, it’s Heaven shaking you
Oh love mission, see

Oh love burns and love shakes
God so abides in you
Things and love, God’s light
It’s God, it’s love, it’s holy

Love is God – burn, love
Oh love is Heaven’s light
God connects your heart
It’s so God, you see

Mission, go and be
Love and be my word
Love burns the nation
It’s God honoring light

Given by Papa God, August 17, 2011

See And Be His Sign..A poem


See and see
Yes be a love
A sign, a sign, a sign
Sign is love

Sign and be the light
Healing and sign
It’s a sign of love
Sign love, yes

Burn and be sign
Sign and sign you be
Yes, sign and be
Yes, sign to be

Be the word, and be the father
You be a burning love
You be, you be the love of God
It’s he who is

Love is love you be
Burn his love to this
You be, you see his love
Cycle, cycle, his love is a cycle

Cycle, cycle, miracle, love
It’s love, it’s healing love
Yet mercy and love you be
Yet you be and see love

You shake, you be and bless
It’s him who is the love
So enter the love of Heaven
Oh bless and send the love

Given by Papa God, August 13, 2011