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Obi Wan Kenobi and God’s Kingdom agenda

There really are Kingdom versions of Obi Wan Kenobi out there. They are men and women from all walks of life who are keen in the things of the Spirit, yet they are kindly and approachable. They are not afraid to see the potential of the young, and encourage them to learn the ways of the force known as agape. These wised ones have no agenda of their own, except to see Papa’s dream of the restoration of all things come true. Many have been hidden away, for such a time as this , when it seems as if‘the dark side’ is winning.

A thought…

One learns a great deal about planting flowers and vegetables. There is more to the process than just digging a hole and dropping a seed into the earth. There must also be watering, sunlight and protection from weeds, birds and insects if one hopes for a harvest and multiplication. Discipleship operates much the same way.

Dad; A prophetic poem



Where?  Where?  God says, where?

Where is he?  Where is the one?  Who is he?

He who is dad, he who is dad: come

Dad, come, come now


The way, the way, is now

The elder, the elder

You’re to be opening up

The way is love and the way is love


Is now for you to be

Time, time, now come

The cares of grace, come

God says come and come and come


Dad, where?  God says come

And come, and come now

It’s now for God; it’s now for love

You and you; love, love and love


The way is nations, nations

The date, the date now comes to be

God says start living, start loving

Bless, bless; sow and love


You’re to love, you’re to love, you’re to love

The way is now to come

It’s now time, it’s now coming

It’s now abundant


For God says, come, dad

It’s now you’re to be in house

The way is love; the way is love

God’s now coming.  Love, love


Given by Papa God, January 14, 2009


Mentor; a poem



See, see; work, work

Compassion release and release

Sent, sent; open up

The visitation; the finance, the finance


For generation, for generation; love, love, love

So pal, pal, pal

The man, the blessing, the change

Heart, heart, heart, and love


A mentor, a mentor; to do, to do, to do

Candor, love, change

Generation change; but love, love, love

It’s visiting, growing, changing


The man, the man, the man; God’s love

The bringing, the change, the love

The seat, the seat to be in is now

Regenerate, release and change


A mantle of love and change

Generation, generation: change and love

The blending, the doing, the seat, the seat

Vision, change, and change


The blessing; the blessing you are to be

Seat, seat: this one and this

Regenerate, regenerate; these they come

The man, the mentor, the doing


The blending of change and change

Sharing, sharing love and change and change

God is in the mentor.  Yes!

The man, the man, the mentor