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Oh Wind Here—#poem, #poetry



Oh live and live

It’s wind, it’s holy wind

Oh wind oh here

Oh wind here


The wind, the deep

It’s resting here, there

Oh wind now be

It’s wind be


It’s the wind

It’s released

It’s the wind and the sign

Release love


It’s releasing vision

It’s open Heaven

It’s resting Heaven

Love, oh now


The wind oh live in

Oh wind, oh wind

Oh release wind

It’s the wind of hope


Time turns time

It’s time in hope

Oh love, oh see

Oh wind be


Given by Papa God, August 21, 2014

OH….#Poem, #poetry


Oh yet you’re now in love
Oh yet you’re now in hope
Oh love, hope, grace
Open Heaven yet now

Resting in hope
Abiding in love
Open door of hope
Oh love be

Oh love in hope
Oh word and hope
Abide in hope
Oh wind and hope

King, king and kings
Entering the days of Heaven
It’s love, it’s yet
Oh yet be open

Submerge in Love
Oh wind and know
Surging times of love
Oh wind now see

Oh the wind
Surrender your day
Oh loving one
Oh receive holy season

Oh wind, oh you
Oh word and thee
Oh the wind and the word
You’re sent, you’re sent
You’re living in Heaven

The wind and the secret of Heaven
Oh surrender and see
Oh the word of Heaven
Oh the wind of light

Secrets, times of days
Oh the secret of Heaven now be
The word and the word
Oh love be

Given by Papa God, July 16, 2014

The Wind and The Word–#poetry

The Wind and The Word

The wind and the word
Oh wind, word
Wind, word, sign
It’s wind more

So know so now
It’s wind but it’s hope
Oh what is this?
It’s wind

Oh the sea, the wind
The wind, oh the door
See, so know
See the wind, see The Father

Oh the wind
So, so see
So know love
Oh so now

So love
Holy season of light
It’s open gates and open day
Oh the wind

It’s word, it’s God
It’s hope, it’s love
It’s love, it’s light
Oh love see

This see, see now
It’s hope now
Oh love oh yet
Oh love see

This see, see now
It’s hope now
Oh love oh yet
Oh love see

This so, see so
Oh know, know , know
Oh wind, oh love
Oh wind, love

So live in love
It’s hope, it’s grace
It’s hope and grace
Oh love, grace

Rest, mercy, grace
It’s hope, it’s yet
It’s yet, it’s yet
Yet, yet, yet

It’s sent, it’s day
Oh wind oh day
Oh love oh burn
Oh love oh new

Oh so know love
Oh love oh know
The love The Father is
Oh burn

Say, say, see light
Oh love be love
Oh burn oh new
Love in new

Oh burn, love word
Oh burn love, loved one
The wind, oh the burn
Oh love burn

This wind, this day of hope
This love , the love
This word this day
It’s love oh be

Given by Papa God, April 9, 2014

Oh The Secret, Oh the door–#poetry

Oh The secret, Oh The Door

Shaking nation
It’s hope, it’s now
Oh say, oh show
Oh know the secret

Oh the secret
Oh the door
The secret, the door
The door, the secret

It’s turning the door
The secret is you
The secret is yes
Oh the secret is you

Hosting the day
The day of light
The secret is you
This name, this day

The sign, the wind
The wind, the day
It’s love, it’s hope
The wind is yes

The wind, oh the sign
The sign, the love, the deep
Yes, you’re sowing hope
The wind, the sea, the deep

The secret, the secret, the day
The day, the dew, the day
The secret, the day
The day, oh yes

The door, the day, the door
The day, oh the door
Oh the day of here, there
Oh the day is you

Opening the door
The door is open
This love this day
The door, the door the day

The door to be
Oh the door to see
This is Heaven
The door this day

It’s open, it’s enter
It’s now, it’s you
The Love, the door
Oh the door

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

This secret is yes
Open and see
Open this day
Oh this day

It’s The Father and The Word
This word this love
This word this you
This word is you

This secret, enter
This nation is showing
This name this time
Oh the door

The door and the secret
Oh sign, sign now
It’s open, it’s yes
The sign, the sign, the wonder

It’s the sign and the wonder
The wind, the word
This word is you
Oh the word

The wind is you
This wind is you
The word, the door is yes
It’s holy time

Given by Papa God, February 1,2014

The Door Open #poem


Show, know, see, know
Healing, healing, God is living
Things and doors open
The door open

More of love
Heaven is open
The more of God
Oh more of God

The mantle is love
The mantle love’s in
It’s open in you
This open Heaven

The word, the word
This word love is
Open Heaven, love know
Open Heaven more

The wind, the name, He’s abiding
Oh the wind is love
This God oh love
He is knowing

Turn now, oh be
Holy is this God
This love be
Kings, open door

The wind, the wind sing
The wind sing
This day be
The wind, oh be

This light be
Oh the be, the see
King see
Turn, turning time

Given by Papa God, September 14, 2013

It’s Love, Yes–A Poem


It’s love, yes
It’s love, yes
Love, yes
You love, you live

Yes love, you be
You are and you see
You are and you’re in
Love in

It’s love in Love
Send this, send this day
Living and being love
It’s love be in

Given by Papa God, July 5, 2013


The sea, the name, the sea
The sea of Love see
The sea of light be
This sea is now

Yes, now is
The sea of grace
The sea of healings
The sea is

Oh the sea
The deep grace of love
The gate is open
It’s the sea

The deep light, the deep sea
The sea is abiding, yes
Light be, see the deep
The sea, now see

The be, the be of love
The Father of hope
See the sea
The sea is holy

Light and sea
It’s light and the sea
It’s a sea of light
The sea of grace

The sea of Heaven
The sea, yes, yes
The wonders and the sea
The sea now is

This sea, new day
Of light and love
This sea is abiding now
The deep, yes abide

Light be, light is
Light see, light is
Yes, yes, yes
The sea, yes

Yes it’s light
It’s light of light
The deep light of Heaven
The sea of light

This holy sea
This sea is abiding, see?
This work of love; the sea
The deep love of God

Supe… super love
This super grace
The love of God
Of love, of grace

This secret of grace
This love is God
This love of light
So see this day

This day of love
The sea is open
This deep, great day
This day know

Given by Papa God, April 8, 2013

Workings of Heaven–Poem

Workings of Heaven

The workings of Love
The workings of Heaven
Heaven is entering
Heaven enters now

Yes , Heaven enters
Heaven does open
Hope abundant love, hope
Heaven, abiding love

Heaven, abiding light
Light and Heaven
Things open now
Light enters, yes

Light enters, yes
Yes, light does
It does abide
Open Heaven now

Now abide, cycle
Cycle of light
The cycle of Heaven
The cycle of grace

The secret of Light
Open doors, Heaven see
The secret is, He sees
The secret of Light

The secret of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The secret of Love

The secret of grace
The day of light
The day of Heaven
The day of grace

Secrets of Heaven
The day of grace
The gates open,see
The day of Light

Yes, light see
Light is, yes
Yes, the day is
Yes, it’s now

Given by Papa God, March 301, 2013

Light is In #poetry #art #faith #love


This is love and grace and Heaven
It’s love, it’s light, yes
Yes, light and light
It’s light, yes

Light is in
It’s light in
The light is in
The light be

The vision, the day
The day of Heaven
The day of light
Light and love

Light, light, see it
It’s light, light, see light
Light see now
Oh now know

Light is open now
The name, oh Love is
Light, cycles of Heaven
It’s light of Heaven

The mantle of Heaven
Light be, cycle be
The vision of Heaven
Opening Heaven

Living in light
It’s light in the day
Light is opening this
Light is now

Light be now
Vision, light now
Vision, light know
Oh love be

Love opens light
Open door of light
Holy day, love more!
Love oh know

Given by Papa God, March 24, 2013

The Love, The Light, The God #poem #poetry #art


Open Heaven open here
The love of God is here, see
It’s love, love, see
Oh see God now

This love, this name
This love is God
This love of love
Father, love, light be

Visitation of light
The love, the Father, the light
This God of light
The love, the light, the God

Yes, Love is abiding love
See the Father in love
This light, this God – light
This God is living love

This new dues, this new love
Love is hosting, love
Oh love of love of God
This love, love, love

This love, oh live
This day, this Heaven
This love, this God
This love is holy

The name…God
Is Love, is Love, is He
Love is, Love is
It’s Love, it’s He

This God, this deep
It’s hope and Him
This God, oh holy is
Oh abide and live

It’s God, it’s light
This light is
This day, light be
This day see

It’s light and God
This love is He
Yes, love is God
Love, love now

The name, the Love is
The Love is
The Love oh live
The Love oh know

Know now His grace
The love of hope
This God of Heaven is
This light is

It’s living Heaven
It’s open door
It’s open Heaven
It’s abiding now

This God? Living God
This light? Yes, secret, love
It’s loving God – you are
Love and love, it’s day

This house of Heaven now
Love is abiding now
Love does light in
This light of God see

It’s light of light
This love of light
Oh know this name, love
Oh love, love now

This sowing God
This loving Heaven
This loving Heaven
This loving God

Given by Papa God March 22, 2013