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There’s A Wind–A poem






There’s a wind, there’s a wind

Oh God’s love and God’s love

This time is now

Abide in Him


A search, a search in the deep

A clean heart is in thee

It’s humble times, it’s humble days

It’s the wind and the word


God, oh God’s love

Abiding in thee

Abiding in thee

Oh it’s deep in thee


A go in you

A door is open now

A now is now open

You are in the door


You open and open the door

Abide in the gate

Oh the door is opened

It’s yes!  It’s opened!


Say the word

And say the wind

Oh this day, it’s time for you

It’s time, it’s day, it’s you


It’s worship, it’s humble, it’s you

Oh it’s worship, it’s in you

You worship, you search, you love

Abide, abide and love


Wonder, wonder, God’s love

The day of days

A commission of connection

A door is open


Abide and be hope

Abide and live in Him

Oh this day, it’s time to be

Oh abide and see


Given by papa God, March 14, 2017

In This Day–A Poem


In This Day



Oh listen to the wind

A cleansing time

Oh a wind in time

Oh the time, oh this nation


In this day

In this day

Oh this day

Its answers of time


Opening the deep

In you are

You’re in and in this now

Oh you are


Will you go?

Oh go now, go?

Hosting The Father’s blessing

Yes, the wind


Yes , you are

Yes, you be

Answers are in this day

You be, you see


Yes, the deep; oh the deep

Watching this nation

Use, using the change

In time is you


It’s change, it’s change

In this day

Oh this day

It’s you


Watch His love

Opening you up

Watching your heart

In your heart


When you be

You be in Him

In you is Him

In you is hope


Season, changing the changing change

Answers of hope

Oh this hope

Oh hope


Given by papa God, March 8, 2017

Seers Season–A Poem





And God is listening

And listening and listening

The listening is now

It’s listening time


Seer, seer, listen be

Seer, seers, listen me

Seers, listen, seers see

A secret, a cleansing, a deep wind


The listening, the listening is now

Seers now know

The new, the news, the new

The new day, the new wind


Watch the nation shake with love

Seer, seer, see the nation see

Oh see, now be, see

Oh see, see, oh see


A seer, a sign, a deep wind

A seer, a sign of time be

Oh seer, see; see, see, nee

The secrets of grace


Answers in the deep

In the deep, in the wind

Oh the wind of God

The wind of Heaven


Swoosh, swoosh, yes the wind

Seers in the deep

In the deep, in the seer deep

Oh the seers are deep


Seers season

The season of vision, dream, dream

The deep, the deep, the deep

Oh the season of deep, deep, deep


The wind, the wind, the wind

Seasons of change

Abide in the deep

Oh be in deep


The wind is shaking the nation

Answers in the wind

It’s a shaking wind now

Seasons in the change


Seasons of change

In the wind of God

The seer is in this nation

And the seers know now


Given by papa God, February 24, 2017

The Wind Of Hope #poem #hope


Keep in the gate
And keep love and hope
Keep hope, grace, hope
Hope is hoping now

The sign, the wonder
The wonder, the door
The sign and the wonder
The wonder, the sign

Here, there, wonder, sign
Heaven and the wonder
The sign and the wonder
The wonder, the sign

This sign, this change
It’s word, it’s love
This wind, this Heaven
It’s God in God

The wind, the day
Holy is the wind
The wind and the sign
This word is hope

Shake-up, shake-up, shake-up
Holy wind, shake-up, shake-up
Sign, change, shake, church
The shaking change

Oh the change, the name
The love, the name, the love
The love is holy
Oh the sign and the wonder

It’s the wind and the wind
The wind you are
This shaking church
The Father shows now

The wind of hope
The wind of change
Holy yes, yes
Holy church

The wind now
The wind does
Oh the wind of hope
The wind

The wind is
This see
Holy this

Given by Papa God, January 1, 2014



Oh yet – yet, yet
Opening Heaven is opening abiding
The wind, the wind
The word of grace

This day, oh be
Oh be, oh know
This day oh know
Love oh know

It’s the word of the hope
The word of God
It’s love, it’s God
It’s hope and Love

The wind, oh it’s God
Its hope and love
The wind yet it is
This open day

The wind, oh it’s the wind
The wind, oh the wind
Yet host, it’s going to do
The wind burning, it’s opening

This is He
The Word, the door
The wind He is
The wind

Given by Papa God, November 13, 2013

See, love and listen–#poem


See the wind and see His love
Holy wind, open Heaven
Heaven opens wholly
Holy wind opens now

Love, holy words
Open Heaven, open Heaven
Listening love and listening grace
Holy gates of God

This day of love
The wind holy is
This wind, opening angels
The wind, the dew of grace

The wind opening Heaven
The wind, holy direction
The wind, abundant grace
The wind, holy gate

Things abide in grace
Opening the Heaven
The dew, the love, He is
Living love

Listening…entering holy day
This wind opening days
The wind of grace
Heaven opens nations

Listening…opening the door
Heaven opens doors
Listen, do and love
Living open to Heaven

This light is you
This love is you
Host and bless them, love them
Oh yes, oh be

Given by Papa God, October 23, 2013

It does open—A #poem

It’s now open

It’s now…
It’s now open
The Heavens open
It’s Love and grace

God is a burning gate
He loves to love
He’s holy and Love
He loves and does

This love is a burning wind
The love and the gate
This holy Heaven is open
Does love be? Yes

Yes, love does
Love is a door
It opens with Heaven
Oh does it open? Yes

Oh yes
It’ does release
It does open
It does…

It does open
Yes, open it does
Yes it opens, yes
Yes, it does

Yes, does it? Yes
Yes, yes, you see
Yes you see it open
It opens

This entering of Heaven
This love and love
It’s holy and it’s great
It’s a burning word

This abiding God
This God of God’s
It’s love He is
This Love

This gate is open
This God is open
This God this day
This God is now

He abides
He lives and does
This love of God
Is holy

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2013

Connecting Heaven #poem #words

Connecting Heaven

Connecting Heaven
Heaven connecting
The Heaven connecting
Oh blessing, blessing

The love of God
The love wholly is
This nation- turning time
Holy is, holy does

This door, this God
This love, oh Heaven see
This Heaven is holy
Holy is He

This God, this Heaven
This Heaven does,does
This is, this does
This Heaven

This is The Father
This Heaven is God’s light
This Love does do love
This God is yes

This light, this hope
The Live, the door, The Father
This dew of light
This is God-destiny

This sowing God
The Love, The Father
Humble yes, and great
This God is hope

Given by Papa God, August 19,2013

The door is now– #poem #poetry

The door is now

There are doors of Heaven
God’s doors, it’s time
The door is now
It’s now

The door is now
It’s now time
It’s time, it’s now
This time now

It’s now the door
It’s now the door
A door open
A door to Heaven

It’s Love, it’s you
A door of grace
A door to Heaven

This wind, this Heaven
A wind, a door
Love, time, be open
It’s the door of God

This loving God
The word of Heaven
The Father, oh The Father
The Father, oh He abides

The vision of abiding
This time this now
A love, a wind
The word of God

Given by Papa God, August 20, 2013

New house of Love #Poem #CreativeWriting

New house of Love

New house of Love
The mantle of blessing
The blessing of grace
Yes, grace

Love turns names
Oh Love turns houses
Yes, it’s time for blessing
A door of Heaven

A door to abundance
A word of grace
It’s the more of Heaven
The door to Heaven

It’s Heaven-time
The wind of grace
God lives, Love-time
The time is

The wind of deep grace
Showing and knowing and mysteries of Love
The Word, the wind, The Father
Abundant love is abundant love

Given by Papa God, August 14, 2013