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In This Day–A Poem


In This Day



Oh listen to the wind

A cleansing time

Oh a wind in time

Oh the time, oh this nation


In this day

In this day

Oh this day

Its answers of time


Opening the deep

In you are

You’re in and in this now

Oh you are


Will you go?

Oh go now, go?

Hosting The Father’s blessing

Yes, the wind


Yes , you are

Yes, you be

Answers are in this day

You be, you see


Yes, the deep; oh the deep

Watching this nation

Use, using the change

In time is you


It’s change, it’s change

In this day

Oh this day

It’s you


Watch His love

Opening you up

Watching your heart

In your heart


When you be

You be in Him

In you is Him

In you is hope


Season, changing the changing change

Answers of hope

Oh this hope

Oh hope


Given by papa God, March 8, 2017

This hosting God (poem)

This hosting God

He is hosting Heaven
He hosts love
The Door, The Door He is
This hosting God

This Word, this God of love
This Word, this host
This Word, this host
This host is Heaven

This open Heaven host
This Word, this open Heaven
This host, this Heaven
This open Heaven

Counsel, love, Heaven-day
This love, this love, this Heaven
This God, this God He is
This love, this love He is

The Father, the Word, God
This God, this Heaven this day
Operate hope, love see
God this time see

The watch, The Father’s love
Abide, love see
The Father, The Father see
The Father see

Given by Papa God, December 20, 2012