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There’s A Wind–A poem






There’s a wind, there’s a wind

Oh God’s love and God’s love

This time is now

Abide in Him


A search, a search in the deep

A clean heart is in thee

It’s humble times, it’s humble days

It’s the wind and the word


God, oh God’s love

Abiding in thee

Abiding in thee

Oh it’s deep in thee


A go in you

A door is open now

A now is now open

You are in the door


You open and open the door

Abide in the gate

Oh the door is opened

It’s yes!  It’s opened!


Say the word

And say the wind

Oh this day, it’s time for you

It’s time, it’s day, it’s you


It’s worship, it’s humble, it’s you

Oh it’s worship, it’s in you

You worship, you search, you love

Abide, abide and love


Wonder, wonder, God’s love

The day of days

A commission of connection

A door is open


Abide and be hope

Abide and live in Him

Oh this day, it’s time to be

Oh abide and see


Given by papa God, March 14, 2017

Open Day, Heaven Day–#poetry

Open Day, Heaven Day

God, oh God
Open the Heaven
Holy gate
Open the gate

Holy gate
Holy day
Heaven day
Open day

It’s you in Love
Hosting Love
Open day
Open day

Heaven day
Heaven time
Heaven day
Yet day

It’s season, season, cycle
Open the day of grace
It’s grace, days of days
Holy day

Given by Papa God, July 5, 2015

Opening The Heaven–Poetry

Opening The Heaven

Opening, the opening, the Heaven
In the Heaven, in the Heaven
Oh the Heaven, oh the Heaven
Oh the Heaven

Oh the wind
Oh the wind
Oh the gate
Opening the gate

Entering the gate
Entering the gate
Opening the gate

Oh the key
Visions of grace
Visions of Heaven
Change, now

Visions and dreams
Holy dreams
It’s grace, it’s hope

Hosting the grace
Holy change
Open the gate
Open the gate

Secrets, hosting the secret
Open the dance
Holy dance
Open Heaven

King, the king oh be
The key, oh the king
Oh the wind
Seasons, oh seasons

Given by Papa God, April 26, 2015

Oh The Secret–Poetry

Oh the Love
The word and the wind
Oh the wind, wholly is
The wind

The secret is Love
Oh the secret is Love
Oh the secret is Love
Oh secret is Love

The word, the word, the secret
Heaven is opened
Oh the Heaven is opened
Oh the secret

It’s Love, it’s open love
Oh the secret, oh the day
Oh the secret, oh the day

It’s holy day
Oh the secret is love
Heaven and Heaven is
Oh Heaven

Heaven oh yes
Oh censer of love
The censer is Love
It’s Love

Holy censer
Censer holy
A censer of time
Oh yes

Heaven’s sign
Heaven’s day
Heaven’s yes

Oh a secret of yes
Oh yes and yes
Oh yes and love
Oh yes, yes and yes

It’s word, it’s love
It’s love, it’s you
Heaven opening you
Oh you

Given by Papa God, April 30, 2015


Oh Watch

Come, come now
It’s wind, it’s wind
Wind and love
Wind now

The wind, the wind, the wind
Oh the wind of time
Entering the nation
Entering Heaven

Oh watch the watch
Increasing joy
Increasing grace
Oh grace

Increasing time
Open Heaven
Holy wind
Open door

Oh yes!
Heaven’s love now be
Receive hope
Oh receive!

Oh receive!
Holy love
Holy times
Oh receive!

Keep seeing love
Open Heaven now
Oh receive the love
In Love

Keep seeing love
Increasing love
Open Heaven now
Oh rest

Given by Papa God, January 19,2015

Oh The Deep And The Deep–#poem #poetry


Oh the deep and the deep
Oh wind be
It’s oh be
The be and be

It’s the deep of Heaven
Oh the wind
Releasing the visitations of grace
The deep

Oh resting in the deep
Oh releasing wind
It’s resting in love
It’s resting in the deep

Resting in the deep
It’s nesting in the Heaven
Holy is His deep
It’s opening day of the deep

It’s resting in the deep
Oh resting in Heaven
It’s going up
Oh wind

It’s resting in Love
It’s resting in Heaven
Holy is Love
Hosting in grace

The Love and the word
Oh resting in Love
The wind and the wind
It’s resting and shaking

The resting of Love
The resting in the deep
It’s resting in the deep
Oh be abiding

The wind and the deep
The wind and the deep
It’s shaking day
Releasing change

Shake, shake, shake!
Oh change now be
Oh shake now with Love
Oh be

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2014

“Yet Is Now”–#poem, #poetry


Yet is now
It’s yet now
It’s yet and it’s time
It’s yet and it’s yet and it’s time

It’s yet yes
Holy day, holy time
Oh releasing Heaven
Angels, Heaven, time

It’s released in time
Oh restoration time
Raining Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, rain

Rain, rain, showing holy
Oh restoration of Heaven
Angel, angel, love
Oh resting in love

Church shut, shut in grace
Resting in love, grace
Oh resting in love
Resting in love

Angel holy
Angel holy
Holy wind
And love wind

King, light, shaking time
Open Heaven time
Angels of Heaven
Resting in love

Share, share the love
Heaven’s great love
Holy church
Holy love

Heaven is holy, yes
It’s resting in love
Oh resting in love
In love

It’s love in love
It’s hope in love
It’s resting in love
It’s resting, yes

Given by Papa God, November 8, 2014

It’s the day–#poem #writing

It’s the day

It is the day
It’s Love and this day
Open Heaven, open new
Open Heaven, it’s the day

A be and a see
A wind of Love
A wind of hope
Abundant grace is new

It’s living and being
Oh be and know
Open the new
Open new

Open now
It’s love open
A burn, a wind
Open the wind

It’s Love open
Listen, listen, mercy
Urgent grace, open Heaven
Hosting and being

The wind and the door
The wind and grace
Keep open, love
This wind is Love

This light
Oh be open
Open and do
Oh be and know

This open Heaven
Open Heaven be
Open door of grace
Open Heaven

This time
Carry hope
Yes, hope and grace
Open the keys and open the door

Given by Papa God, December 3, 2013

It’s Hosting Now–#Poem #poetry


Abide in love, abide in Him
He is hosting, abiding light
This nation is hosting Heaven
It’s Heaven…Heaven…Heaven

This day of blessing
It’s Heaven hosting, Heaven’s gate
Heaven hosts the nation
It’s hosting now

Heaven opening abundant hope
The Heaven opens abundant grace
Heaven hosts things
Heaven is hosting

It’s hosting abundance
Heaven abides
It’s Heaven abiding
Heaven is open

This mantle is abiding
It’s opening the gate
Host and host
His love opening now

The new word, the new wind
It’s wind hosting Heaven’s day
Heaven hosting the day
Heaven hosting the day

The day of grace
The day of grace
Host and host this day
Opening the day

Host now
Open Heaven day
Host this day
It’s hosting the Heaven

The wind and the wind
Oh the wind of Heaven
Heaven, oh you are abiding
Yes it’s the Heaven

Given by Papa God October 25, 2013

Oh The Key–#Poem

Oh the key

Light, light, key open
This light, this God
Holy living, holy love
There love, holy key

Oh the key
Holy is this key
It’s a key, a key
A key holy

This key is holy
Holy is the gate
This gate is released
A key of Love

This abiding day
It’s wind and God
The door, oh what gates release
Opening this

Host now
This God of light
The name, the door

This is Heaven’s time
This day is now
This day be
Holy is this day

Humble and do
It’s the door of grace
Opening of the Heaven
Opening Heaven

Heresy they say, but no
It’s Love, grace
This time of light
Opening door

God is, God does
Holy is God’s time
This open Heaven
It’s Heaven

The day, the grace
The holy day
The word of Love
The holy day

It’s here now
This door of Love
A burning day
Oh what’s this day?

This king
Holy is
He lives
This God

This time is He
Open the door
Open the door
It’s He

The name, the door
The door, oh yes
Opening Heaven
It’s The Father

Given by Papa God September 26, 2013