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Holy Things, Holy Calling


Healing angel
Angel of Heaven
See this one
And do see light

Oh see, live, be
Enter the living love
Enter, blend, love
Healing now

So holy he is
He hears now
So live, so holy
So honor God

Land, land, God’s news
Holy time now see
Honor love today
So live today

Be and be my word
Hear, love, connect
God is God…
Word – love God

So see and do
Releasing miracles now
Released, land, land
See burning light

Honor the father, do live
Honor time now is
Holy time is now
It’s new and new – God’s time

Love burns in thee
Honor and turn – love be
Wonders and new love visions
Enter the love of light

The will, the love, the God
Love is here
God does here
Love is here

Given by Papa God, August 27, 2011