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Oh Grace and You (Poetry)

Oh Grace and You

Love, Love and grace
Oh grace, dancing grace
Grace in grace
Oh yes, grace

Oh the blessing, oh the grace
Oh blessing grace
Grace, grace and you
Oh grace in you

Oh grace and you
Grace, you
You, grace and Heaven
Oh grace and hope

Grace is hope
Holy grace
Oh grace
Open Heaven

It’s Love, it’s you, it’s Him
Being open…
Oh be great
Grace in hope

Oh grace and time
Oh grace and time
Be love, be you
Be you

Opening the Heaven
The missions, opening Heaven
Oh the blessing of love
Oh you, love

Given by Papa God, April 12, 2015


Oh Watch

Come, come now
It’s wind, it’s wind
Wind and love
Wind now

The wind, the wind, the wind
Oh the wind of time
Entering the nation
Entering Heaven

Oh watch the watch
Increasing joy
Increasing grace
Oh grace

Increasing time
Open Heaven
Holy wind
Open door

Oh yes!
Heaven’s love now be
Receive hope
Oh receive!

Oh receive!
Holy love
Holy times
Oh receive!

Keep seeing love
Open Heaven now
Oh receive the love
In Love

Keep seeing love
Increasing love
Open Heaven now
Oh rest

Given by Papa God, January 19,2015

In Grace, In Love #Poem

In Grace, In Love

A deep door
A deep grace
Oh yes, oh yet
Oh yes, oh yeah

Rest in hope in grace
Oh love be
Host the love and host His light
Host His grace

Oh surrender now
Surrender yes
Surrender day
Surrender, yeah

See, see; yet now
Oh see, see now
Oh see yet
Oh see yet

In grace
Oh yes now see
Oh yes and know
See, oh know

See, oh see
Oh know and see
Oh yes see
Oh know, see

In a sending of grace
Oh grace
Oh holy grace
Oh grace

Oh yes
Oh holy
Oh key
Oh see

Send, send, oh see
Oh know and know, oh see
In grace
And see and know

In season, in season
In grace, in Love
Oh see
Oh yes

In grace
Oh see
See now, say yes
Secrets in grace

Given by Papa God, January 18,2015

In Love, In Hope, In Grace–#poetry

In Love, In Hope, In Grace

You in Love
And you in hope
And you in grace
Grace is…

In grace is hope
In grace is love
Oh grace and love
Oh bless and say

Oh live in hope
Oh grace oh hope
In love in hope

In hope is He
It’s hope in grace
In grace in hope
In hope

It’s go now
Oh blessing grace
In hope in grace

Given by Papa God, December 31,2014

“It’s Grace, It’s Hope, It’s Heaven”–A #poem


Yet oh yes
Oh God’s grace
Oh great grace
Oh yes

Enter the grace
A door and a door and a door
It’s doors of love
Oh grace

It’s the gate of love
It’s love and love
Oh grace, oh hope

The love, the Word
Oh love, oh be
Oh yes, it’s light
Yes, be

It’s grace
Oh yes, gate of hope
Oh yet, oh yes
Yes to hope

The wind of holy change
Oh yet now
Oh yet yes
It’s hope and grace

God’s open door
Oh yet it’s hope
It’s hope in Him
It’s hope

It’s wind
The wind of hope
Oh wind oh yet
It’s hope

Yes, hope in hope
Oh yet, oh yet
See His hope
In hope is His hope

It’s word, it’s yet
Oh wind
Oh wind
It’s wind and wind and grace

In God is hope
It’s grace and hope
Oh grace
In hope

See, see, wholly see
It’s great hope
Open Heaven
Open day

It’s journey in love
Oh love oh now
This, this change
It’s God, it’s love

God’s love
It’s open Heaven
It’s open Heaven
It’s holy love

It’s love, it’s you
Yet be hosting love
It’s yet, it’s yes
It’s yes

Given by Papa God, December 12, 2014

It’s Grace–#poem, #poetry


The Father is grace
And He is grace
And He is love
Grace and love

Oh grace, hope and grace
Oh grace in hope
The Father is love
Oh love

Here now is grace
In grace in hope
In grace, in love
In grace

It’s yes, grace
It’s holy grace
It’s yes grace
It’s grace

Opening the door
Entering the Father
Hosting Heaven
Yes, grace

It’s you and yes
Holy grace
Open Heaven
Open Heaven

Open Heaven
Open grace
Enter the Father
Oh wind and grace

Opening the door
Opening the day
It’s living in grace
Yes, yes, yes

Yes, grace
Oh grace and hope
Oh wind of hope
Holy grace

Given by Papa God, October 31, 2014

It’s Loving Grace #poem,#poetry


Oh grace and love
Oh grace and love
Oh grace, hope and love
Grace, the grace; it’s grace

It’s grace and grace
It’s grace and love
The wind of Heaven
The wind of Heaven

The love, the wind
The wind, the wind
The wind, the wind
The wind as Love

The wind of Heaven
It’s the wind of Heaven
Oh the wind of grace
The wind, the wind

Seek grace and seek love
It’s wind, it’s love
The grace, it’s hope
The grace

The wind, the be
The wind, the be
The wind oh see
See and see

It’s the wind, oh the door
It’s grace, oh grace
The word of love
The wind

It’s, oh love
Oh living love
Oh releasing grace

This grace
It’s grace oh grace
Grace, grace, it’s Love
Oh grace

It’s grace showing
Grace opening
Oh grace, it’s grace
It’s loving grace

Given by Papa God, October 21, 2014