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This Wind–A Poem


Wind, grace, hope, now
This wind this word this day
This wind this word this day
This wind, now time

The word now, the watch is
The watch, the wind now
This wind, this nation
This wind this day

This host, this wind of Love
It’s word, it’s love
This Heaven, this nation
The watch is now

This wind, this watch: now day
This wind of His love
This wind opens the nation
This wind opens now

This wind, this wind; this now
This wind now
This wind of grace
This love see

This urgent nation
This wind opens day
This wind hosts nation
This host is Heaven

This enter, this now
This nation shutting in love
This watch, this day
The wind see

Given by Papa God, January 8, 2013

Good Friday–A Thought

After being bullied, tortured and alienated by a world he came to save, Jesus spends his last six hours on the cross bestowing gifts: he forgives his tormentors, he extends the gateways of paradise to a criminal, makes sure his earthly mother is cared for and issues before Heaven a bill stamped “paid in full”