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This Day, This Love, This House–A poem


Grace, Heaven’s gate
Watch and love and know
The watch, the Father see
The watch, the deep

The watch, the gate
The watch, the Heaven
The word, the Father
This Heaven, this house

This word, this love
This word, this God
This word, this watch
This day

This day, this house
This love, this God
This day He is
This word, thing

This day, day, day
This love, this house
Wind, gate, hope
Hope day

Given by Papa God, January 2, 2013

This Heaven, This Love, This God–A Poem


Grace, love, holy love
Counsel, love, Heaven’s day
Holy is love, it’s holy, it’s love
This Heaven, this love, this love, this God

This Heaven, this love, this God, this nation
This Heaven, this love, this day you see
Heaven’s love – love now
Holy and love, and love, love

This love is God; it’s light in love
The love, the love, the Heaven
The word, the God, the love, the day
The Father, the gate, yes now know

Counseling: love, God, Heaven do
The wonders, the day now see
The wonders, the day is now
The secret now, now time is now

The wonders, the day, the gate is now
This Heaven, this God, this nation
Holy is love, it’s God, it’s you
The love, the new love see

This holy day is holy nation
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven know love
The watches, the day, the Father know
This love, this nation, this day

Given by Papa God, September 27, 2012

It’s Heaven–A Poem


He, He is
God is, God now
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven
The love, the hope, the gate

It’s holy, it’s now, it’s know
Holy is love, live now
So holy is Heaven now
So abide in this now

Holy is Heaven; it’s Heaven to see
Send, say, love know
So abide and know the secret
Say and know and know

Say the word, send and know the word
Send and know the Father
Send, send, send now
It’s love, it’s love, it’s love

Open house see
Wholly deep in Him
Sowing, seeing, open Heaven
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s Heaven

Given by Papa God, September 25, 2012

This Burning House–A poem


This day, this love, this light
The Word, the hand of love
A wonder, a word, a hope
The watch, the word of love

This watch now abide
Holy is the Father’s gate
This God know, this light know
This gate live, live…sacred

This holy house, holy house
The word, the word of Love
This open door – Love
A burning day, gate open now

This gate, a burning house, grace
Holy God, a burning hope
This God of Heaven, living love
The watch, the much of love

A burning gate, a burning house
This Heaven of God live
This a burning gate live in
This open door: holy is

Given by Papa God, August 16, 2012

The Watch, The Word, The God–A Poem


Here. There. Light. Love
The word, the door, love
The word, the word, holy light
This word, this word, sign in Heaven

The watch, the word, the God
This abide of Heaven
The word of God love, see
The Father, the gate He is

The watch, the heavens open
The nation opens – abide
The word, the gate, the deep abide
The word, the gate He is

The word, the day of Heaven
The house, the gate, the love
The watch of God you are
The word is: watch and know

Given by Papa God, July 16, 2012

Watch Heaven!–A Poem


Heaven is holy
The watch, the gate is Heaven
The house, the gate, the God
The watch, the Heaven, the holy honor

The open Heaven, the door
The hope of Heaven, know it
This watch, this gate, know it’s Heaven
The watch, the Heaven you see

Shut, turn time now
The watch, the hand of love
This house of God: live and live and know
These holy days of Heaven

These days of God shaking nation
The watch you are to know
The watch, the house, the gate
This day, watch Heaven

This you’re to watch and know
This day, open Heaven see
The time, the gate of love
Commotion is not, nation

Watch and love now
This watch is open now
The watch is now sendings of Heaven
Commotion now urgent day

The watch, the gate…know God
The watch you are to know
Open door, light be, holy deep
The watch see, yes know

This Heaven enters the nation
The watch, the word, the God
Watch now, turn here
The word, the gate, holy nation

Immerse in Heaven’s holy hour
This nation is entering Heaven

Given by Papa God, July 11, 2012

A Heavenly mystery– A poem


Shaking nation
It’s the word of Heaven
Holy day, light and Heaven
Sendings, time and yes

God watches light
It is Heaven in Heaven
Holy day, sigh, now
See day, see yeah!

Say, see, DC
It’s love, it’s Heaven’s day
It’s Heaven day
Say, see, say

Mystery, sign, day, Heaven
Abide and love, sigh
It’s Heaven-day, yes
Abide, open Heaven

Abide deep in love
Holy and God love
So love, love now
Abide, love-in

So live now
Sing and know, gate of Heaven
Passion, light and Heaven
God-love, yes

Given by Papa God, June 6, 2012

Words of Love–A volume of poetry

Over the span of several months between 2007-2008, The Holy Spirit downloaded to me several poems regarding the Love of Papa God. Words of Love is a book based on this journey. It’s them is love, it’s variations are many and it’s intent is for blessing those who read it. You can order Words of Love by visiting

Love is Heaven’s Now–A Poem


Yet love, yet tears
Yet Heaven, love yes
Upper Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
Heaven, Heaven, Heaven you see

God does new, God sees
See love, know Heaven
See God, know now
Love directs you, Heaven love

Upper Heaven turn now
God loves you – live!
Sendings of Heaven, sendings of God
Holy is God

Love new live
Love do’s, love do’s
Yes Lord, do’s of love
Upper Heaven, love does

Love is Heaven’s now
Abide in love and do
Upper Heaven, love vision
Abide in love, abide now

Given by Papa God, April 30, 2012

Appreciation deprivation disorder…(A Thought)

Appreciation deprivation is an illness which afflicts many a human spirit.It’s major symptom is an un-thankful culture where love grows increasingly cold. But Papa never forgets all you do for Him and his rewards to you are sure.You may be what the great physician ordered in bringing a soul out of the disease of Appreciation deprivation. It may be telling your spouse how beautiful she is. It may be telling your congregation how awesome they are to pastor. It could be telling the young men you coach how hardworking they are. But be the Prescription Jesus ordered to let the people in your world know they have worth and dignity