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In Grace, In Love #Poem

In Grace, In Love

A deep door
A deep grace
Oh yes, oh yet
Oh yes, oh yeah

Rest in hope in grace
Oh love be
Host the love and host His light
Host His grace

Oh surrender now
Surrender yes
Surrender day
Surrender, yeah

See, see; yet now
Oh see, see now
Oh see yet
Oh see yet

In grace
Oh yes now see
Oh yes and know
See, oh know

See, oh see
Oh know and see
Oh yes see
Oh know, see

In a sending of grace
Oh grace
Oh holy grace
Oh grace

Oh yes
Oh holy
Oh key
Oh see

Send, send, oh see
Oh know and know, oh see
In grace
And see and know

In season, in season
In grace, in Love
Oh see
Oh yes

In grace
Oh see
See now, say yes
Secrets in grace

Given by Papa God, January 18,2015

“Holy Journal”–#Poetry #poem


Journal, love journal
The word, the journals of grace
Oh grace, oh grace
Oh grace, oh love

It’s oh grace
Holy wind
The grace of Heaven
Winds of change

Oh grace, oh wind
Journals of Heaven
It’s journals of Heaven
Holy journal

The journal of love
Oh watch oh know
Oh wind oh know
Wind of Heaven

It’s journals of light
Abiding grace
Oh love oh yes
It’s yet Heaven

It’s journal of grace
Oh rest oh yet
It’s yet, yet, yet
Oh yet

Given by Papa God, December 10, 2014

“It’s The Wind And The Time”–#poetry, #writing


Oh loving God
Oh the Father and the wind
Oh the wind, oh He is
The wind, oh yes

Loving God
Abiding God
Oh the wind, oh He is
Oh love

Surrender and submit
Abide and love
Oh wind and grace
Oh wind and love

The wind and the deep
Oh the wind and the deep
The wind and the word
Resting and surrender

This word, this God
Oh the word of God
Oh the Father and the word
Oh the word

Entering the nation
Releasing vision
Oh the wind and the wind
The wind, oh watch

See, see great time
Releasing the mystery
Oh the wind of love
Oh the wind of love

The wind oh watch
Oh the watch and the wind
Oh the word and the wind
The burning love of Heaven

It is time and it is time
It’s is time for God
Opening time in Him
Releasing Heaven

This time, time, time
Open Heaven time
Open Heaven day
Oh wind and hope

It’s the wind and the time
Releasing in love
Urgent connection of Heaven
Open Heaven now

The wind of Heaven
Releasing time
Releasing Heaven
Opening time

Given by Papa God, July 22, 2014

“Miley”–A Thought

Once labeled an “American Sweetheart”, now more or less described as “the sinner of the week”. But not out of the reach of Heaven’s love and mercy. One of great aspects of Jesus in the Gospels is that he never made anyone comfortable either in their sin or their religious pride, but called all to come back home to God


A day, a grace, a love–#Poem

A day, a grace, a love

This is grace, this is grace
Love, grace, grace now
Grace does and does
It’s grace, grace, gate, love

You see His, His love for you
Love for you
It’s love for you
Love live in

Sow and know and sow
A love, a love, a love, a love
A love, a hope, a burning love
Holy is this

This day, oh this time
A day, a time
A time of Love
A love, a word

It’s open Heaven
This love, this hear
Oh love, be, be of love
This of love is Heaven

Keep it, keep grace
This day, oh this more
Holy time holy be
The time see

This hope is entering
A day of love
Yet, yet, yet is
Yet is, is

It’s the Heaven-time
The time for God
Yet time, time, time now
Yet it’s now

Given by Papa God, July 31, 2013

God In Grace–#Poem


God in grace
God lives in grace
Grace is love, grace is God
God loves grace

God is here, love
Love is He in you
Yes He loves, know it
Yes, He sees and does

Yes, He sees, loves, does
Yes, does He live? Yes
Yes, love, Love be
See, secrets of love

See the blessing, see love
See His love
See His light
See now, know now

Sing and sing the Father’s blessing
Sing and sing His love
It’s sing and sing His grace
It’s sing and sing

Given by Papa God, July 9, 2013

Time for Grace–A Poem

Time for grace

This is grace and grace and grace
Oh love, grace; love now
Grace knows, grace is
Oh love and blessings and God

Oh grace is grace
It’s grace and grace
Oh love-time, God is
Time be now

Love is burning with God
Oh love is opening more
Burning grace now see
It’s now you

You see, you see burning grace
Yes watch, yes know
Yes do love
You see love be

Yes, know His love
It’s love in you
It’s love you see
Love is yes

A burn of God love is
Be abundant love and be
Ready? Love, Ready? Love
Love is new news

Given by Papa God, June 6, 2013