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“Father Is Entering”–A poem

Father is Entering



The Father is entering the days

And The Father is entering the days

A Father unto the nation

A Dad, a Dad unto the church


A Father, a Dad, a son

A Dad unto the church

A Father unto a nation

Oh son, son, son, son; be humble


A Joseph time

A changing time

A day in the time

A day in time


A God, a Dad, a deep

A God, a Dad, a deep

O deep things, a deep one

Oh, He’s deep!


Answers in Him

The dear, deep things in Him

God The Father

Oh He’s Father


Given by papa God, March 30, 2017

The Wind Is Now–A Poem




The wind is now

It’s a wind of grace

A wind of fire

Healing the nation


A season of change

A deep time of change

Healing time of change

Season change


A time of vision and change

Watch the time

A day, a day of time

Oh the vision, oh the vision


Open the door of vision

A deep vision, a deep vision

Humble, humbling time

Humbling time


Secrets; a burning time

Humbling time

Season of change

Season change


The secret is love

A cleansing time

A listening time

Searching, searching time


Search this nation

Time in day and time in time

Season time

Time in day


The deep in and the deep of time

Humble time

Open the door

A burning wind


The wonder, wonder, wonder word

The word is love

Hosting the Father

Secret in the wind



Given by Papa God, February 28, 2017

#Poem: It’s A Dance

It’s a Dance

It’s a dance, it’s a dance
A dance, a dance, a gate of grace
A day, a day of change
A word, a day

Holy day
Open day
Oh resting in
Open Heaven day

Holy visions day
A commotion of day
Open day, open day
Holy time, holy

Dance with The Father
Open Heaven now
Open now, open day
Holy dance

Angels, healing, time
Open Heaven be
Holy be
Open be

Hosting visions
Healing visions
Fire time
Holy day

Increase healing
Open Heaven be
Hosting the Heaven
Healing wind

Here and there
Open the day
Open the day
Sense of change

Given by Papa God, February 3,2015

Time To See–#poem



Oh see grace

And see holy love

And see love new

See His love


It’s open door to God

It’s open Heaven be

It’s the Heaven see

And see things in Him


It is resting and restoration

The word of hope

Oh the word of hope

Open the day in hope


The wind, the deep

And the wind and the deep

Oh watch the wind

Release the blessing


It’s love-word, love-word; rest

Rest in the wind

It’s rest in Him

Rest in the wind


The love, the word, the door

The wind and the door

Time, time, turn time

Restoration in the time


The word and the wind

Oh the word of love

Oh surrender-time

It’s time and time


Given by Papa God, August 21, 2014

Hope In The Wind–#poem #writing


In the wind
It’s love and the wind
It’s wind and healing wind
It’s open Heaven

It’s open Heaven
Open, open Heaven
It’s open and abiding Heaven
Oh the Heaven

This open Heaven
Open now
It’s open in yes
Oh yes

Yes, oh be
Oh yes, see
It’s love, it’s hope
It’s grace, it’s hope

This open
Oh the secret of hope
This increase and hope
Oh hope

Oh hope and hope
It’s hope and grace
Oh hope is now
Oh hope now

This time, burn, live
It’s hope in hope you in
It’s hope in now
This is now

This time in love
This showing of hope
This holy connection
This now

Oh the sign of hope
It’s yes, it’s you
This love this day
This hope

This hope does
Oh hope does
Oh time turn time
This hope, yes

Each hope
Oh yes to hope
Oh this love is yes
This sign, this sign is yes

This shaking is yes
Open the Heaven
It’s open Heaven
Open door

The door is open
It’s open, open, opening
It’s yes, it’s holy, it’s yes
Oh yes

This sign of hope
It’s sign and wonder
Open and do
Oh sign, wonder, hope

Given by Papa God, January 4, 2014

Bless #poem


Bless, blessing, healing love
Oh bless, bless, yes, yes
Yes, oh bless
Yes do this, bless

Yes, know and bless
Bless and bless
It’s love that blesses
It’s love they say

Yes and oh love and bless
Oh love and say, bless
Oh say the word of grace
Love and say grace

It’s God who loves
This God of blessing
The blessing is love
Yes, the blessing is He

The mantle, the mantle, the blessing
This God is dad
He loves, He sees, He blesses
Oh love is yes

This God is abundant
He abides in thee
Yes, He abides in you
He abides to do

The word, the door; He blesses
This God, this Heaven, this nation
This day this Heaven blesses
It’s God, you see

Given by Papa God, July 11, 2013

Workings of Heaven–Poem

Workings of Heaven

The workings of Love
The workings of Heaven
Heaven is entering
Heaven enters now

Yes , Heaven enters
Heaven does open
Hope abundant love, hope
Heaven, abiding love

Heaven, abiding light
Light and Heaven
Things open now
Light enters, yes

Light enters, yes
Yes, light does
It does abide
Open Heaven now

Now abide, cycle
Cycle of light
The cycle of Heaven
The cycle of grace

The secret of Light
Open doors, Heaven see
The secret is, He sees
The secret of Light

The secret of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The secret of Love

The secret of grace
The day of light
The day of Heaven
The day of grace

Secrets of Heaven
The day of grace
The gates open,see
The day of Light

Yes, light see
Light is, yes
Yes, the day is
Yes, it’s now

Given by Papa God, March 301, 2013

The Love, The Light, The God #poem #poetry #art


Open Heaven open here
The love of God is here, see
It’s love, love, see
Oh see God now

This love, this name
This love is God
This love of love
Father, love, light be

Visitation of light
The love, the Father, the light
This God of light
The love, the light, the God

Yes, Love is abiding love
See the Father in love
This light, this God – light
This God is living love

This new dues, this new love
Love is hosting, love
Oh love of love of God
This love, love, love

This love, oh live
This day, this Heaven
This love, this God
This love is holy

The name…God
Is Love, is Love, is He
Love is, Love is
It’s Love, it’s He

This God, this deep
It’s hope and Him
This God, oh holy is
Oh abide and live

It’s God, it’s light
This light is
This day, light be
This day see

It’s light and God
This love is He
Yes, love is God
Love, love now

The name, the Love is
The Love is
The Love oh live
The Love oh know

Know now His grace
The love of hope
This God of Heaven is
This light is

It’s living Heaven
It’s open door
It’s open Heaven
It’s abiding now

This God? Living God
This light? Yes, secret, love
It’s loving God – you are
Love and love, it’s day

This house of Heaven now
Love is abiding now
Love does light in
This light of God see

It’s light of light
This love of light
Oh know this name, love
Oh love, love now

This sowing God
This loving Heaven
This loving Heaven
This loving God

Given by Papa God March 22, 2013

The wonder of Love is He #poem #Love #blog

The wonder of Love is He

The wonder of Love is He
Love …is…God
Oh love is God
Oh, love God

Oh love Him
He is holy
It’s love in God
Love Him

This Love, this Heaven
He abides in you
It’s light and God
It’s Light, God

Light is He
It’s light in light
Oh light is
Oh now know

Now know light
Oh light be
It’s light see
Light is God

A burning word is God
This name this Love is
Love opening up
Oh Love opens now

Soak yourself in Him
The wind of God see
This name of Love
Oh Love see

It’s Love in thee
Knee, see, knee, see
Knee, see love
It’s Love in you

Love you
Love thee
Oh love-in
Oh love now

Oh love-in
The love of Love
Oh know it know
This Love know

Now, it’s now
It’s love this day
This do now
This know

So know the know of Love
Love, Love know
Know The Father and know Love
This know and know

It’s day and now
It’s day now
This now of God
It’s now

This day, it’s Love
It’s Love and Love
It’s Love, oh light
The Father see

This destiny is now
This day now
Circuit, seventh day
Day is…

Given by Papa God, February 28,2013

His Name is Love #poem #art #religion


There’s a name in God…it’s Love
This name is great and His name is Love
This name, this love this day
This name is Love

It’s Love, it’s God
This Love, this name
The name, the name He is
It’s Love He is

This Love He is
This light, this light, this now
This name is Love
The Father is light

Oh live in light
The light of love
Love is hosting light
Oh know now His now

This name is great
The name is Love
It’s love now
Love is

This now love
Love is, oh love is
Love is, now see
Oh know and know His Love

This new hour is now
The new wind is love
The wind and the Word
The wind of God

Oh no? Love now
Love new, love now
This love this day, this now
Oh no? Now

The name, the day, the God
The new day is
The wind of love
The Father is

This so live
This living God
This love this day
Love is now

This love now
This now of love
The Father is now
Its love you are

This name, this name is He
This name is now
This love of love
Watch, watch Heaven’s cycle

Visit new, visit this
The light of God, see
The love is love
Watch, watch Heaven’s cycle

This so love this now
The name of God is Love
It’s love now, love this
The new day of light

This name, this name, this nation
This name is Love
The name of love is Love
This day, do love

Given by Papa God, February 27, 2013