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This Love This Time #poem #art #poetry


This is Love
This is light, it’s God
This love this day, this day
This love this time

This love this time
This loving God is here
This love this day
This love-day

This day now be
This day be
This love is
This abiding God

This man, this house, this love
Love His day
Holy day now
This day open now

Love is open
Show, know, see host
This love this day sow
Love see

So do now
Love opens Heaven now
Open Heaven now
Love hosts now

The Father, living love
This open door of
This love of
The Father is

The Father does
He sees love
This day, know so
This, lo, know

The loving nation
This open day
This Heaven day
This nation day

Given by Papa God, February 4, 2013

Love loves to love (poem)


Love, love, loves to love
This love, this love, loves living love
The love He is, He loves, He sees
This love, He is love

The love, the God, the Heaven
The love He is, love in thee
This love, this God, this day
This love this day know

Holy is this day; holy is the love
This love this day know now
This love this day see
This love this day know

It’s love, it’s God, it’s light
It’s love, it’s love; holy day
This love today know
It’s love, open heavens know

The wonder, the love, holy is
This love, this day know
This love, this God know
This love hosting love

This abiding nation know love
This holy love, holy day
Enter, know, enter now
This now day, day, daytime

This love, this day know
This love opens Heaven, see
This holy day know now
See secrets of Heaven now

American, this day God does love you
This love, holy day see
The word of love opens you up
The watches, hosting, light be, love!

It’s love now be
This love is deep to be
The word, the gate, the gate of God
This love hosts love

Given by Papa God, October 10, 2012

This House Is Holy Love–A Poem


See and know and see and do
Directing heavens directing light
Heaven loves and does love
A burn house is love Heaven

This open door is holy
The gate, the gate of God
This day, love and do for love
This word, this Heaven, this light

The word of God, the word is love
The word of God: love
The word, the holy house of Heaven
This word, this now house

Sign, dine, holy house
This house is holy love
This open Heaven, secrets and love
Heaven and abiding, open now

The watch, the new day
This open door to Heaven
The word, the door, the Heaven
The wonders of God open now

So live and know and do
Heaven is open now
See now, know and do
Share light, love, live

Given by Papa God, August 2, 2012

God and the entitlement mentality–A thought

What replaces an ‘entitlement mentality’? It is the truth that God loves every man, gives gifts(talents) to every man and has for every man a destiny beyond the brokenness every man has. And with such destiny, is a responsibility Papa gives all of us to make this earth better by our obedience, and hastening his return