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“Father Is Entering”–A poem

Father is Entering



The Father is entering the days

And The Father is entering the days

A Father unto the nation

A Dad, a Dad unto the church


A Father, a Dad, a son

A Dad unto the church

A Father unto a nation

Oh son, son, son, son; be humble


A Joseph time

A changing time

A day in the time

A day in time


A God, a Dad, a deep

A God, a Dad, a deep

O deep things, a deep one

Oh, He’s deep!


Answers in Him

The dear, deep things in Him

God The Father

Oh He’s Father


Given by papa God, March 30, 2017

This Heaven Holy–A Poem


Turning kings and kings
The releasing, the kings
This time, this nation, this mission
This nation hosts this nation

This love of the Heaven
This nation holy is
The love, the Father, the door
The Heaven, holy

Host the Heaven
The love, the burning wind
The door is holy
Holy door

This time, this king
The door of God
This time keep holy
Keep abiding

This day of love
This love is now
This love, holy
This love, holy

This day holy
This time be
This time of
Holy is

This time
Holy time
This time
This is

This word, love
This holy king
This day, be abiding
Holy is, holy is

The wind be, be abiding in
This holy, burning wind
This wind is holy
This holy, holy day

This time keep holy
This love holy
Holy time of light
Things are abiding in love

This loving Heaven is holy
The love, holy be
The love is key
It’s open this, open that

Given by Papa God, September 23, 2013

The Wonders of Heaven See–A Poem


There’s a sending, there’s a word, there’s a Heaven
The wonders of Heaven see
This gate of grace see
The Word, the day to be

Urgent day know, see
The wonders of Heaven be
The hosting of the Father’s hosting
This gate know now

This word, this Heaven, time be
This Heaven, to know secrets
The gate of grace; now time, now see
The wonders of light be!

Heaven day see
The watch of God see
God love, God be
See secrets of holy, holy, holy time

The wonders, the vision, the gate
This holy Heaven, God, light, love
It’s Heaven, it’s holy time
The wonders, the day know, see

It’s a wonder, it’s God
Turn time, see
This Heaven see more of
The wonder He is see

The waters, the word, the holy here
See and know and see
The word, the Heaven know, see
The wonders of Heaven know

Given by papa God, September 5, 2012

Secret Deep–A Poem


See mystery, see the Father
So deep is love
So holy His house
Holy deep He is

See the Father’s deep
Holy time of Heaven
Open Heaven deep
The Father’s turn

The word is deep
Holy time in God
The deep of God, His word
His house, His love

Secret deep
Secret, holy deep
Secret deep of love
So love He is

The secret, the secret, the deep
Open house, He is
Loving God, loving secret
The Word of Heaven you see

Given by Papa God, January 14, 2012

Turning Here–A poem


Turning here
Receiving abundant light
So holy this day
The Father is here

He loves, yes
He is light
Holy light, you see
Holy light, yes

This day, light see
The words of Heaven see
So holy be
Holy time see

See light in love
Holy light, yes
Love, love, love
Holy love

Holy love in Heaven
Word, love, holy
Light turns light
God is holy

Secret day
So show love
This love is holy
So love, you see

Given by Papa God, January 9, 2012

Love’s Good News–A poem


New gate
The word, the Father, the love
See the letter of God
Love is He

Love is God
He lives now
Sigh, sigh, he lives, he does
Live, live, cycle love

He loves you, see
Living love He is
Cycle, God’s cycle
Cycle, He is love

Holy God love
Secret cycles, holy news
Burn, so live in Him
Here go love news

Given by Papa God, August 25, 2011

Enter the Love Cycle–A poem


He, he, love this
He is God’s love
The Father, the cycle, the nation
The cycle, the cycle, the nation

So abide and so love
So enter and so love
And so hear and so do
So hear, so love and so know

Given by Papa God, August 13, 2011

Obi Wan Kenobi and God’s Kingdom agenda

There really are Kingdom versions of Obi Wan Kenobi out there. They are men and women from all walks of life who are keen in the things of the Spirit, yet they are kindly and approachable. They are not afraid to see the potential of the young, and encourage them to learn the ways of the force known as agape. These wised ones have no agenda of their own, except to see Papa’s dream of the restoration of all things come true. Many have been hidden away, for such a time as this , when it seems as if‘the dark side’ is winning.

It’s time!–A prophetic poem

It’s time!

Sense God and love
Love visits a nation
It’s time for love you see
It’s time for God to be

It’s time for love you see
It’s time for love in nation
The love, the father you be
Enter and release them

Sing, and love the nation!
It’s time for God to see
The utter love of God
It’s love, it’s God now

Sow and sow love and God
It’s God in thee to be
Enter the secret, enter the nation
The Father, the God of love

This mission, this day
This day, this time
This word, this God
The father, the God of love

The fathers, the God, the love
The light of God to see
It’s time, it’s time to see
Light and God to be

Given by Papa God, June 30,2011

Father, choose now; a poem




God’s love; fathers, change

God’s love is now; change

God’s nation, God’s change

Visitation, door and blessing


Hedging, hedging; you’re to be in change

God’s backing this now

God’s fathers, change and love

It’s time, it’s day, it’s you


Father, God’s now, God’s love

You’re to be blessing nations; and change

Heading, heading change and love

To do it is now; to do it is you!


Father; God’s nation, God’s nation

Stirring change and doing

Forget, forget; you’re to be forgetting

Word, sow, forget


It’s time to bless, it’s time to do

God’s love for you is to do

Hurl, hurl blessings on this

You’re to be forgetting and blessing


Higher, higher!  Love and do

God’s love for you to do

Sow blessings, sow love

It’s time to be God’s love


Sow love, sow blessing, and sow grace

To do, to bless, to do

Stand, and do and stand

It’s time for you to be


Father, grow; and father, do

Stand, and do, and stand

Heal and love and send

Father, father…come, do



Given by Papa God, February 5, 2009