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Sign Time–Prophetic poetry


Heal gate see
Light mission is
Receive, time, light
Time, yes, now

Sign, time
Time be
Show light be
Sigh, tears, bless, love

So, light be show
Open Heavens see
See God be
God does be

Purse, grace, God’s light
See light now
See love, mission be
Cycle, light cycle

Cycle time
Cycle now
Time of God be now
See, see time now

Surge, correct and love
Love time be
To wrestle, to love, to turn
See his light now

Given by Papa God, October 1, 2011

Link to the Elijah list.

The Elijah List

One of My favorite sites on the internet, The Elijah List is filled with challenging articles from prophetic leadership worldwide.

Stay and Say–A prophetic poem


Shut now, shut now
Say love, light say
Jew, Jew, Judah
Light loving light

Stay love, say love
Mission: burn with light
Word, words, love, love
Bird, bird, love words

Candle, release light
Witches no, light is love
Witches, witches shut now
Say love, say love

Gate, worship, God’s love see
Mission, God’s release
Release and love, God’s love
Witches, witches shut now

Stay open, burn mission
Riches, riches, light love
Dollar, dollars shaking
Release and burn with God

Stay open, say love
Wonder, wonders send love
Soaking, riches, soaking abundant love
Say, burn, bless, hear
Say love, light see

Jew, Judah, say love
Stay calm, release light
Release and burn, love word
Worship mission, it’s light

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2011

Words of Love–My First Book

My first book, Words of Love, is a a volume of prophetic poetry from the heart of God. It expresses a nature of a God who is never distant from any of us and who sings over mankind with love. It is not available for reading with the hope that it blesses many . For a preview of Words of Love and to order it go to You can also find it on Barnes and by the ISBN #97806154358856