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A Thought #love #purpose #God

The Love of God is not only a feeling but an intent.It is the yearning within His breast to bring each soul planted on earth into the fullest expression of who he designed them to be

This Love, This Time Of Heaven (Poem)


The day, the house, the Heaven you see
The word, the gate, the gate, the Father
This holy, this love this day
This Heaven, this nation this day

It’s love, it’s love, it’s Heaven
This love, this time of Heaven
Things open, doors holy
This love, this day, deep heavens be

It’s gate of love, it’s holy day
This God, this day; it’s Heaven, know now
This love, this love, this
This love this day is light

It’s Heaven to be
It’s Heaven see
This love is yes, it’s me
This love to see is light in you

The watches, the Heaven, now time
This day this time you see
This holy day is holy nation
Say and do and know and see

This love this day is now
This God this day is now
This day today to see
This holy time know

You’re to say and say and know
Open door, open house
This word, this nation know
This holy, holy day see

Given by Papa God, October 29, 2012

You Fit–A short blog

A source of the rejection many carry is due to being told by a cold world that they do ‘not fit’. We as humans are indeed as keys in search for doors which are custom fit to us and in turn will open some door to life’s boundless possibilities. Because of rejection, however, multitudes sorrow in despair and hopelessness. Some turn to a culture of self-loathing to numb their pain, while others turn to drugs, violence and even suicide. Yet rejection can be a sign from Heaven that we are significant keys in the hand of a God who before the world’s foundation desired for us to be conformed into the image of His son. We were not meant by Papa God to fit everywhere, and the rejection we suffer must not be the final verdict in our hearts as to our place in a world he made for us. You, I, and the billions who populate this planet are as keys which, if we faint not can open Christ to the doors of family, community, and culture. You do fit. Continue your search knowing Heaven has already prepared for you a door.

God and the entitlement mentality–A thought

What replaces an ‘entitlement mentality’? It is the truth that God loves every man, gives gifts(talents) to every man and has for every man a destiny beyond the brokenness every man has. And with such destiny, is a responsibility Papa gives all of us to make this earth better by our obedience, and hastening his return

A Thought

On the Playing fields of Destiny, endurance is forged and champions are made. It’s not that victors are more favored or loved than the defeated;it’s that they’ve found the key is refusing to quit.