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The Wind Is Now–A Poem




The wind is now

It’s a wind of grace

A wind of fire

Healing the nation


A season of change

A deep time of change

Healing time of change

Season change


A time of vision and change

Watch the time

A day, a day of time

Oh the vision, oh the vision


Open the door of vision

A deep vision, a deep vision

Humble, humbling time

Humbling time


Secrets; a burning time

Humbling time

Season of change

Season change


The secret is love

A cleansing time

A listening time

Searching, searching time


Search this nation

Time in day and time in time

Season time

Time in day


The deep in and the deep of time

Humble time

Open the door

A burning wind


The wonder, wonder, wonder word

The word is love

Hosting the Father

Secret in the wind



Given by Papa God, February 28, 2017

Oh The Deep And The Deep–#poem #poetry


Oh the deep and the deep
Oh wind be
It’s oh be
The be and be

It’s the deep of Heaven
Oh the wind
Releasing the visitations of grace
The deep

Oh resting in the deep
Oh releasing wind
It’s resting in love
It’s resting in the deep

Resting in the deep
It’s nesting in the Heaven
Holy is His deep
It’s opening day of the deep

It’s resting in the deep
Oh resting in Heaven
It’s going up
Oh wind

It’s resting in Love
It’s resting in Heaven
Holy is Love
Hosting in grace

The Love and the word
Oh resting in Love
The wind and the wind
It’s resting and shaking

The resting of Love
The resting in the deep
It’s resting in the deep
Oh be abiding

The wind and the deep
The wind and the deep
It’s shaking day
Releasing change

Shake, shake, shake!
Oh change now be
Oh shake now with Love
Oh be

Given by Papa God, November 19, 2014




Watch love…watch God

Oh wind of hope

Watch the wind

The wind of hope


Watch the wind

Watch the wind

Release the wind

Oh watch wind


It’s wind

Watching wind

It’s wind of hope

Watch wind



Watch words, watch Heaven

Oh watch the wind

It’s opening up



He’s king of hope

Oh wind

Wind, kind, love



Oh watch the wind

It’s love, it’s holy

Oh wind


A season of kings

Oh wind be

It’s open Heaven

Oh wind


Oh be

It’s open Heaven see

It’s open Heaven now

Oh wind


God is a gate

Oh God is open Heaven

It’s an open gate

It’s holy


Oh word!

Hosting Heaven

Oh hosting God

God is holy


Oh word!

See, see love

Oh wind

See and be


Given by papa God, September 2, 2014





Oh it’s love

You’re to love with love

It’s love, provision and grace

Oh love is yes


Oh wind oh love

Oh wind oh grace

Oh wind oh grace

Oh wind oh sign


Oh wind oh be

Oh wind oh sign

Oh sign, wind be

Wind, key


Oh the sign

Oh wind and time

Oh wind be

Be the wind


The key is in love

Oh the key is in Him

Oh the key is love

Oh wind!


Oh the wind

Oh the key in love

Oh the wind

Love is you


Oh the love and the wind

Oh wind be  (it looks like you wrote word, not wind here, but…)

It’s wind of love

Oh love, oh see


Oh releasing living wind

Oh watch love in the wind

Oh releasing the wind

Oh word and love


The wind, oh watch

Oh watch and see

Oh word and know

Watch the wind


It’s the wind, oh know the wind

Oh wind of hope

Oh wind of healing

It’s you and you


Given by Papa God, August 28, 2014

Wind Entering Time #poem, #poetry


Oh watching the wind
Oh watching the Heaven
Resting, loving, being
Oh loving and doing

Entering the day
Oh opening the day
It’s daytime
Opening time

Entering, hosting the time
Resting in time
Secrets…secrets…holy time
Urgent now see

Hosting the wind
Oh watching wind
Entering time
Entering the nation

Oh more, oh yet
Oh mighty wind
Open the day in His light
Surrender, oh live anew

Resting, hosting, living
Resting, oh being
Enter oh wind
The wind

Entering the time
Candles opening time
Esther living in grace
Oh wind

This wind
It’s wind of hope
Resting in love
The wind, oh wind, see

Given by Papa God, August 7, 2014

The Showing #Poem #Poetry


The showing
Oh the show of Heaven
Oh the wind
The sign and the word

Oh the word
Oh the sign
The sign, the word
The sign of hope

The sign, the wonder
The wonder, the sign
The wind, the sign
Oh word!

See, know, connect
It’s hope and hope
Open and do
Yet now

Oh the sign
Sign, sign, sign
Oh sign, wonder
The Word

The sign
The word of hope
It’s word, it’s hope
Yes, it’s hope

The word, the sign
Oh the word, sign
Commission and abundance
The Word

God is showing
Oh the Word
It’s open Heaven
It’s open Heaven

The wind
It’s love and hope
Oh love and hope
Oh love

God is open
Oh God’s hope
Yet, oh yet
Oh sow and know

The sign, the wonder
Oh the wonder
Oh His love
Oh wonder

Given by Papa God, January 22, 2014

Yet, There’s Hope (A#Poem #poetry)


Yet it’s hope
It’s open door
Open Heaven
It’s open, it’s now

Yes, you be
Oh see love and be
It’s hope, it’s His love be
Yes, it’s hope

Yet it’s hope
It’s love, it’s love
Open the Heaven
It’s hope

Oh yet it’s day
It’s day, it’s you
The day and the time
It’s hope and love

Oh it’s God and it’s grace
Oh grace and hope
Yes, you are

God in you
Open and be
Holy key
Open now

The wind and the wind
It’s word and hope
Yes, oh yes
Yes, be open

Shake-up, change
Yes, yes, love and see
Open and be
It’s open door see

This wind show
Open and know
Open and sow
Oh love know

Given by Papa God, January 21, 2014

Hope’s Door–A Poem (#poetry,#poem)


Sign, wonder, gates of hope
The wind, the sign, the door
The sign, the wind, the Heaven
The wind

The door in hope
Open and do
The wind, the door
It’s the wind

Open the wind
The wind oh be
Hosting the wind
Yes it’s open now

Change is
Open day, time
Yes, change, yes
Yes, yes, show

The word, the door of hope
The door of hope
This connection time
Oh the door

It’s showing and showing
Open and do
Oh the wind is open
Open and do

The word does
Open and do
Holy connection here
Yes, show, show now

Given by Papa God, January 18, 2014

Open — #Poem #Poetry


His and His
It’s His love
His day of hope
Open and open now

It’s open, open hope
Open up…
Oh God is…open up
It’s open up

The wind opens
It’s and ending of this and this
A wind is open
A wind, a day, a time

Listen and turn
Open, open, open
This showing of hope
Open now, open up

The wind of grace
Open the wind
The wind turns, shakes and shakes
The wind shakes

Each showing of hope
It’s opening time
Open the door
It’s open door

The wind, the door, the day
It’s showing and turning
The wind and the Heaven
Open the day

God as father
Oh love oh show
See and see, wholly see
Oh the secret of God

It’s hosting and open
It’s open and now
Open this day
It’s open now

This open day
It’s open now
It’s open Heaven
Yes, it’s God

Yes, the Father is open
Open the day
Yes, show up in hope
Oh so love

Given by Papa God, January 3, 2014

Whisk! A Poem


Whisk, whisk, whisk
Whisk, love, whisk
Whisk, love, whisk, God
Whisk is entering now

Oh whisk, whisk
Oh whisk, whisk
Whisk be
Oh whisk now

Things shut now
Whisk be
Oh whisk now
This whisk

It’s whisk and love
This whisk of Heaven
Whisk now
See now

Surging grace
Whisk, bye-bye
God releases whisk
Whisk more

It’s turning time
A wind, a word
It’s word love
Whisk be

Whisk, bye, see
Turn this time see
Oh turn this time
It’s open door

Open door
It’s open door
Whisk be
Seek love and seek God

Given by Papa God, May 22, 2013