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It’s Day–A Poem


It is Heaven
It is light
It’s light and light

Holy light
Abiding in light
It’s light entering in the day
The light is now

It’s light-day
Light now
Light is now
It’s light in thee

The light is now
It’s light in thee
Light be
The cycle now see

Wind, love, live, be
See Him as love
See God in Him
And mercy is abiding in love

The new wind is in
It’s love in the wind
The wind of light
The wind of Heaven

It’s light and grace
It’s light, light see
The secrets of light
The secrets of Heaven

It’s light and light and light
This day of love
Yet light is love
Light see

See nations in love
The nations are loved
This nation is great
It’s great in Him

Abide and go and know
The new day of light
The day of Heaven
Light is, now day

It’s going and knowing
It’s open door, see
It’s abiding and abiding
The abiding is now

It’s now abiding light
It’s light and day
Light is day
It’s light in this day

Yet it’s day
It’s day in the day
It’s day in the day
It’s day in the Father

Yet it’s day in Him
It’s day now know
The day of light know
This day know

Given by Papa God, March 30, 2013

Workings of Heaven–Poem

Workings of Heaven

The workings of Love
The workings of Heaven
Heaven is entering
Heaven enters now

Yes , Heaven enters
Heaven does open
Hope abundant love, hope
Heaven, abiding love

Heaven, abiding light
Light and Heaven
Things open now
Light enters, yes

Light enters, yes
Yes, light does
It does abide
Open Heaven now

Now abide, cycle
Cycle of light
The cycle of Heaven
The cycle of grace

The secret of Light
Open doors, Heaven see
The secret is, He sees
The secret of Light

The secret of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The day of Heaven
The secret of Love

The secret of grace
The day of light
The day of Heaven
The day of grace

Secrets of Heaven
The day of grace
The gates open,see
The day of Light

Yes, light see
Light is, yes
Yes, the day is
Yes, it’s now

Given by Papa God, March 301, 2013

The day of light–Poem

The day of light

God is now, now
The name, The Father, Love
Now He’s light

It’s time and day
Now it’s day
It’s daytime
It’s daytime

Oh day and day and time
It’s daytime, day, time
It’s day and days
The name is Love

Yes, opening gates
Opening Heaven
Light and Heaven
It’s light and light

The Light, oh light is
It’s light, oh know it’s light
Live and be, love show
Opening the days in light

The name, The Father, Love
Open the door and see
Love and live, see

This God this day
The Father is light
Oh see the days of light
This day light be

The Father now know
The Love, the dew of Love
Love lives, does and be
Love see, now be

Secrets and secrets and secrets
The secrets are open
The day is open
Open, see

See and see things
The day of light see
The secrets open, see
Oh see the day

The day of light
The day of Heaven
The day of light
Oh the day of Heaven

It’s Heaven and light
Light and light
God, cycles of Heaven
It’s light and love and cycles

The name, the secrets of Heaven
The day is love
Oh the day of Love
The day, love

This secret now know
Of Love, of Heaven
Light see and know
Love, love see

The dew, the dew, the day
The new hour of love
The Love, oh love
So now, now, now

Now see love
Light and see light
Holy light cycle, love
Light, and be

Seek, seek The Father
The Love of Heaven
This name, this love
Oh love and know

The mantle, the day
The name, the day, the day
Love , open love
Oh love open, know

Given by Papa God March 26,2013

This Day of God #poem #poetry #Art


This is a mystery and it’s Heaven
It’s great day, day
It’s day of gates open
This day of God

It’s open now
It’s love now
This love-day
It’s love now

It’s love, you
This love now
Love know
And know it

Things urgent
It’s love-day
Love now
Do now

So know, do
And know and do
Love, do that
It’s day, day

This see, this now
This day, now
This day see
This day of

Visit, see, sigh
Visit, see, know
This grace is, know
See this

This secret is now
This now love
Love now
It’s now

This you’re to say
This love now see
Say this grace and say
And say now

Say now
Visit this day, see
See the house of God
And see His light

Secret, secret time
This day, this day
This day of God
Oh this day now

Given by Papa God, February 14, 2013

This Word–Poetry

This Word

Send, send
The word, the word, the word
This love, this word
This word now

The word; now, now
This word now
This word deep
This word

This watch of love
This hope He is
This host: God
This host: Love

This Love; this holy hosting
This love, this gate
This love this day
This word see

The word now be
This word is see
See,be, live, see
This word to see

This Word, this deep God
This word of Love be
The word is to be
The word, and see

The Father is and does
The Father loves and sees
The Word and The Father
The Word, The Father

This love and love
This love, this love
This love, deep gate
This love …

Given by Papa God, January 10,2013

This Day, This Time, This Nation (poem)


The word is, the word is He
The Father is the Word of God
The holy word is Heaven
Heaven is holy you see

This holy day is day now
This Heaven, this hand of love
This love, this God this day
It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s now

It’s love, it’s time, it’s now
This love, this God, this nation
This Heaven this day is
This day, this time, this nation

The word, the Father, the gate
This day, this time, this nation
This love, this day, this hope
This holy day is hosting God

Given by Papa God, October 29, 2012

Cycles of Love in You–Prophetic poetry


This God is
Cycles of grace, cycles is love
Cycles in love in you

Cycles, grace be
Cycles be love
See, be, grace
Say love to this

Show love and bless
Say love in this
Say love, holy love
Say his love

Say grace, say God
Say his love now
Show love, new day
Oh be, go be

See, see, do
See his word now
See grace in you
And see love in thee

See, receive, see
And see love be
Oh see, be, see
It’s seeing in love you be

See, be, light
See love cycle
See love see
And love be light

Say love, say God
And say love, now say
Oh show God love
Love is love

Given by Papa God, October 11, 2011

A Time, A Sign, A Cycle–A Poem


Time now see
Sign, sign see
Sign now new, see
Sign, now, sign

Sign, tears, grace
Sign, time now
Sign now know
Papa sign, now mission

Higher light see
Cycles of higher light
A sign of grace, news
Secret church, light be

Hold, love ,see
See, hold, love
Hold love now
See more light

Hearken, cycles, love now
Hold light, see now
See love more now
Bursting, light see

Given by Papa God, September 27, 2011

Great is the Cycle of Heaven–Prophetic poetry


Great is the cycle of Heaven
Great is the cycle of love
The cycle of now

Enter direct and do
See, lead mission
Higher love see
See God mission

Herald God now
Cycles, grace, love
Send, be, new day
Honor him in light

Tears, grace, turn now
Mission sign, live
Higher, blessed higher
Preach grace now

Given by Papa God, September 17, 2011