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In Wind In Fire–#Poetry




A word of healing

It’s a word of hope

Oh word and hope


It’s word and fire

Oh fire!

In the house

In the word


In the house

It’s in the fire

It’s in the wind

Oh fire



Oh Heaven now

In the cycle of fire

It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s fire


It’s wind, it’s wind, it’s wind

Oh fire!  It’s time

It’s fire, oh yes!

In the house


It’s now, it’s time, it’s fire

It’s one God

It’s open heaven

Amazed?  Amazed you be


It’s word, it’s word, it’s love

Here and there, the fire

In the house

In the nation


In the house, in the nation

Oh fire and hope

In this day, in the house

In wind, in wind, in fire


It’s word, it’s word, it’s yes!


Given by Papa God, November 2, 2019

Love Is A Healing Fire



Love is a healing

It’s a healing

Oh what a healing

It’s a word


Love is a healing

Love is a fire

It’s fire

Oh love


It’s love in fire

In the fire is healing

Listen. The fire is in you

Oh fire


Oh wind

In Heaven

In love

Vision.  Fire!


Secrets in fire

In the fire

Here now the fire

Here now the fire


In the wind

Oh vision, vision

In the fire

Season, season, season


Season, oh season

In the season

Here is the season

In the season


In the fire

In the word

Here is word

In fire


Searching, searching

In the fire

Stretching keys

Secret in Heaven


In fire is love

Oh the fire

Is, is, is

It’s Love


It is and it is fire


Given by Papa God, November 4, 2019

Opening The Deep–A Poem



Opening the Deep




The Father’s blessing

Abiding in thee

It’s abiding in you

In the deep of God


Opening the deep

A gate is opened

Humble times in the deep

Abide in the deep


Humbling days

Humbling times in the deep

Opening the gate

Humbling days


A burning time in the day

A turn of the time

A turning time

A time in the time


Time, time in the day of time

In the day of days

Entering the day

Hosting the deep


Entering the days of time

Opening the gate of gates

In cleansing, in change

Opening the gate


Oh the wind

In the days of time

Opening the deep of God

Hosting the deep


A wind of Heaven, the wind of change

Hosting the deep and being love

Opening the deep; in the deep you be

Opening the deep


Opening the deep

Oh the visions of God

In the deep, in the deep of God

Opening the deep


Opening the season of change

Wonders of the gate

Here this day is the deep of God

Hosting the deep


There’s secrets in the deep

Healing the nation

Healing this nation

Healing this nation


Given b papa God, March 3, 2017

Before God Heals the land–A Vlog

It’s Light, It’s Love–#poem, #poetry


Light is now
It’s light, it’s light, it’s now
It’s the light and the love
Oh the light and the love

It’s your rising
It’s your season
The light, the be, the see
It’s love, it’s light

The rising of love
Oh mercy and love
Holy love
Hosting love

This love is shaking-love
It’s love of grace
Oh restoration love, grace
Opening the door

Restoration, holy wind
Restoration in the wind
Restoration in the wind
Holy wind

It’s resting, it’s resting, it’s light
Resting in light
It’s resting in love
Oh resting light

Restoration wholly
Oh restoration of love
Resting in love
Holy grace

In the wind
In the wind
Holy time
Opening door

The wind is the wind
And the wind and the wind
Oh the wind of the word
Opening Heaven

The wind, the sign, the wind
The wind and the wind
It’s resting in grace
It’s resting in the wind

The winds, the wind
It’s the wind of the Father
Restoration Heaven
Oh restoration

Oh restoration in you
It’s resting in you
Oh resting in love
Yes, yes, love

The wind oh receive
It’s receiving in grace
In hope, in love
Oh love

Given by Papa God, November 2, 2014

Note: Skype Bible Study and ministry

Note: We will be starting a bible study via skype and we’re wondering in there are any here on Facebook that would want to join our group. If so, feel free to leave a message. We may be able to start this as soon as this Tuesday evening at 8:30PM EDT(US) and then every Tuesday at the same time. Our handle is center. you’ll see a picture of both myself and my wife, Angela there.

Wind Shaking #poem #poetry


Whisk, whisk
The wind, the wind
The wind, the wind
This wind

This nation is shaking
Hear nations, king see
Hear this
Hear that

This wind does shake
This wind is turning
Opening up to me
Holy whisk

Oh the secret, oh the king
The king is now
Holy king
The wind, the deep

Oh the Heaven is
The wind…love
So in love
It’s love in

King-love, king, king
The wind of God
The wind holy is
Ascend to Heaven’s day

This gate crashing
The wind? Oh it’s yes
Yes, it’s hope
The wind? Oh it’s yes

Gates open
Holy direction
The word, the wind
The wind, holy

Given by Papa God, September 18,2013

It’s you and God–#Poem

It’s you and God

Know it and know grace
It’s you in God
It’s you and Him
You, Him, grace

It’s you, it’s Love
It’s you and Love
It’s you and you
And it’s you now

It’s you? Oh yes
It’s you and these and these
You, you, yes, yes
Yes, Heaven, you and yes

Yes to God
It’s yes to Love
Yes to Heaven
Oh yes, yes

Holy is God
It’s He you in
Yes he you in
You are, you be

You are and you be
You be, are
You are in wind
Of God-love

Yes wind, it’s now
Love, oh wind
Wind, be now
You be and see

Holy wind
Yet wind be
Yet be wind
Oh be, be

It’s the wind of God
The wind He is
The wind of Love
The wind of God

The wind, the wind, the day
The wind be
Yet it’s wind
Yet it’s God

Given by Papa God, July 30, 2013



Love-word, love-word
It’s love-word
Word-love, love, love
Love-word, love

Love be, oh be
Be love, see now
Love is you love
Holy is this

You, love, burn with love
It’s you and God
Yes, you and God
It’s you and Him

This wind is now
It’s now the word
This word, this wind
The wind

Release it in love
It’s love, oh love
You love more, love
Love-words, love

Given by Papa God, July 11, 2013

Be the love —#Apoem #writers #writing

Be the love

Show and know love
Oh love, oh God
Oh love be
Love be

Oh love is Love
Love be love
Oh be The Father’s grace
Oh be the love

Miracles are in love
Oh love oh live
It’s love an love
Oh love be

Release and know He is
It’s love in God
Oh burn with love and know
Love, mercy and love

Oh love oh know
Release, know, be
It’s love and grace
Oh love is now

given by Papa God, June 6, 2013