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Where Love Is In–#poetry




It’s word, it’s love, it’s God

In the house

In the nation


Word love

In love, in hope

Oh yes, oh you

Oh you, oh yes


Secret, secrets, generation, time

Oh you’re ready for this

In this time, it’s love

You are in Him


Where is Love?

In God, in you

In love, in God, in you

In hope is God


Given by papa God, November 2, 2019

There’s A Wind–A poem






There’s a wind, there’s a wind

Oh God’s love and God’s love

This time is now

Abide in Him


A search, a search in the deep

A clean heart is in thee

It’s humble times, it’s humble days

It’s the wind and the word


God, oh God’s love

Abiding in thee

Abiding in thee

Oh it’s deep in thee


A go in you

A door is open now

A now is now open

You are in the door


You open and open the door

Abide in the gate

Oh the door is opened

It’s yes!  It’s opened!


Say the word

And say the wind

Oh this day, it’s time for you

It’s time, it’s day, it’s you


It’s worship, it’s humble, it’s you

Oh it’s worship, it’s in you

You worship, you search, you love

Abide, abide and love


Wonder, wonder, God’s love

The day of days

A commission of connection

A door is open


Abide and be hope

Abide and live in Him

Oh this day, it’s time to be

Oh abide and see


Given by papa God, March 14, 2017

Oh You–#poetry




Oh you, oh Heaven

Oh you, this you

Oh this, oh yet

This yet, this you


The you, the wind, the God

Oh you, oh He, oh thee

The wind, the Heaven, the thigh

The gate, the wind the Father


The season, the name, the gate

Opening the Heaven

The season, the Heaven, the you

The Father’s light


Oh The Father’s love

The word, the Father’s love

You, this you

It’s you, that’s you


The Father and thee

Oh this is you and thee

The wind and the word

Oh the fire


The word and the word

The word and the wind

Oh you is you

And you is you


The wind is, you in Him

And you is love

You love, you be

Humble is you


The winds are increasing

This healing wind

Oh the seasons, oh the nation

This day, this nation


This day, this sign

It’s wind this day

Heaven’s day

Oh the day and the day


This word this time

The word of this

Oh the word and the wind

Humble love


This word is yet

It’s wind, forget

This wind is you

A wind of love


The watch

Holy fire

Holy wind

In you


It’s word, it’s God

Oh love in you

Oh you and thee

It’s word


Given by Papa God, February 29, 2016

The Love, The Light, The God #poem #poetry #art


Open Heaven open here
The love of God is here, see
It’s love, love, see
Oh see God now

This love, this name
This love is God
This love of love
Father, love, light be

Visitation of light
The love, the Father, the light
This God of light
The love, the light, the God

Yes, Love is abiding love
See the Father in love
This light, this God – light
This God is living love

This new dues, this new love
Love is hosting, love
Oh love of love of God
This love, love, love

This love, oh live
This day, this Heaven
This love, this God
This love is holy

The name…God
Is Love, is Love, is He
Love is, Love is
It’s Love, it’s He

This God, this deep
It’s hope and Him
This God, oh holy is
Oh abide and live

It’s God, it’s light
This light is
This day, light be
This day see

It’s light and God
This love is He
Yes, love is God
Love, love now

The name, the Love is
The Love is
The Love oh live
The Love oh know

Know now His grace
The love of hope
This God of Heaven is
This light is

It’s living Heaven
It’s open door
It’s open Heaven
It’s abiding now

This God? Living God
This light? Yes, secret, love
It’s loving God – you are
Love and love, it’s day

This house of Heaven now
Love is abiding now
Love does light in
This light of God see

It’s light of light
This love of light
Oh know this name, love
Oh love, love now

This sowing God
This loving Heaven
This loving Heaven
This loving God

Given by Papa God March 22, 2013

Oh Live The Love #Poem #Art #Love


Hold and live and love and know
Love, live, know
Live the love, live now
Oh live the love

Oh live love
This love oh know
This love this day
This love now

Know it, know this
This name, this love, this light
Oh love now
Oh love it

So love…
Love now…
So love and know
Oh love and know

It’s love, it’s light now
This light is He
This light is light
This Light is

This love is
It’s going in now
The love and the Father
It’s love, it’s God

It’s love in thee
It’s love and this
It’s love, oh love
Love, oh live

So know the name
The Father is now
The Father is knowing
It’s light, it’s light

This name is holy
It’s light and this day
This gate, this hope, this love
This love is holy

This gate is open
This love oh live
This love oh know
Oh love, oh live

So know now
This name of God
This God is holy
Oh love, love know

Soak and love and know and know
The love is, know
Love do know
Love do know

Oh so know
Oh know this
Oh know holy
Oh so love

It’s God and love
It’s God in love
This love is now
It’s love now

It’s light in thee
It’s God abide
The Father, the Father is going in thee
Oh love, oh love

Given by Papa God, March 4, 2013

Love Business #poem #art #love

Love business

Love, love, open now
Oh love now and love this
Oh love this, love that
Love this, that

It’s now, now
Love that and this
Oh light be, light be
Oh light be, see

See and do light
It’s light and light
This love is He
It’s light be, light, light see

This love, love be
Light be? Light, light
Light, light see
See this day

This day, light be
Oh love is of Love
Love be love of love
Love of Love of God

The Father is holy
The Love is He
Open door, love now
This love, now

See and know Love
This Love is He
Oh live the love
This love opens Love

So know The Father
The Father is light
This God is now
This God, love

Love of love of light
This God does nations
He loves, love
It’s love, love

It’s love now
It’s love you are
Love, love now
Love do

Oh no? Love now
Love this, love him
Oh no? Love now
Love this now

Say, say; light, love
Say now, say love
Oh love, it’s time
The love is holy

Oh love, oh do
Oh love, oh do
So know and know
The love know

So know it, do it
So know it and know
Know it, know that
Oh know that

This you’re to say
Say and do
It’s love see now
This know, this know

Given by Papa God, March 4, 2013

The Wind-The Gate #poem #poetry #TheArts


He opens gates
He sees now
The wind; oh live now
This grace of now

This wind of here
The wind, this day
This wind of here
The wind of love see

See now love-day
This wind of God
The wind of Heaven
This love of Heaven

The wind, the day
This wind of Heaven
The wind of Heaven
The wind of love

This worship, this grace
This word, this grace
This living Heaven sign
This hosting of Heaven

The wind, the gate
Open door now
The word, the word does
This watch of Heaven

Given by Papa God, February 3, 2013

This New Day–Poem


Live in Him
Live in God
The Word…He and He
The Word, the love

The Word, the Word
The love, the Father
The watch, the hope
The watch, the watch

This, this hosting God
This word this day
This Word is hosting, yes
This new day

This new house, He’s here
This hosting love
The new day is, nation
It’s new day, new day

The new hour
Oh, the new hope
Oh, the hope of Heaven
Oh, the host He is

This wind is now
This Heaven is now
This Heaven now is
Oh, the love of He!

The Father, the gate, you are
This love is urgent now
This love is open day
This host is now

Given by Papa God January 11, 2013

Holy Mystery–A Poem


The watching is now
The word is Heaven
This hope is love and Heaven
It’s going in Heaven in love

The word, the know of God
A mystery of Heaven is
Show and know and know
The word, the house of God

This house is Heaven
This house is holy, yes
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, it’s you
Yes, you love, you know

You’re to know, you’re to love, you’re to know
This open Heaven know
The word, the know, the nation
It’s holy, open Heaven

A burning one you are
A nation of Heaven now know
It’s open Heaven now see
A burn, a burn see

The watching heavens you see

Given by Papa God, July 28, 2012

Abiding in Love’s House–A poem


Shaking nation angel, Heaven
Holy day abide and Heaven
Open door, open door, holy house
Holy is the Father, yes
Open door abide, love and do
Watch and live and love and know
Yes, holy is God in the day of Heaven
Yes and Heaven is, Heaven’s house
Stay in Heaven’s house in love
It’s Heaven know, it’s Heaven know
Holy is the love of Heaven

Given by Papa God, June 27, 2012