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Oh Rest–#Poem #poetry

Oh Rest

Yet go and bless, go and know
Yet be and be and know
Oh you and thee
Yet be

Oh yet, oh yet
Oh yet see
Oh yet do
Rest be

Oh be, oh love
It’s rest in love
It’s rest and love
Oh rest

Oh mercy and love
Oh bless and burn
Oh rest now
Oh rest

It’s rest in hope
It’s rest in God
It’s go and do
Oh rest

The wind, the door
Rest and bless
Rest much
Rest, do, love

Rest in hope
Rest in love
Rest in hope
Oh rest

Given by Papa God, April 1, 2014

Yet, There’s Hope (A#Poem #poetry)


Yet it’s hope
It’s open door
Open Heaven
It’s open, it’s now

Yes, you be
Oh see love and be
It’s hope, it’s His love be
Yes, it’s hope

Yet it’s hope
It’s love, it’s love
Open the Heaven
It’s hope

Oh yet it’s day
It’s day, it’s you
The day and the time
It’s hope and love

Oh it’s God and it’s grace
Oh grace and hope
Yes, you are

God in you
Open and be
Holy key
Open now

The wind and the wind
It’s word and hope
Yes, oh yes
Yes, be open

Shake-up, change
Yes, yes, love and see
Open and be
It’s open door see

This wind show
Open and know
Open and sow
Oh love know

Given by Papa God, January 21, 2014

See, love and listen–#poem


See the wind and see His love
Holy wind, open Heaven
Heaven opens wholly
Holy wind opens now

Love, holy words
Open Heaven, open Heaven
Listening love and listening grace
Holy gates of God

This day of love
The wind holy is
This wind, opening angels
The wind, the dew of grace

The wind opening Heaven
The wind, holy direction
The wind, abundant grace
The wind, holy gate

Things abide in grace
Opening the Heaven
The dew, the love, He is
Living love

Listening…entering holy day
This wind opening days
The wind of grace
Heaven opens nations

Listening…opening the door
Heaven opens doors
Listen, do and love
Living open to Heaven

This light is you
This love is you
Host and bless them, love them
Oh yes, oh be

Given by Papa God, October 23, 2013

Sing With God–A Poem


God, oh love
God is love
Oh love God, love this
Release them and bless

Oh love oh know
Oh love know
Oh sing with love
Love live now

Sing, know the Father
And sing and sing and sing
And sing of grace
Love does sing

Sing of His grace
And sing of His great day
Sing of His day
And love now

Given by Papa God, July 10, 2013

Oh the wind, the day #poem #poetry #arts

Oh the wind, the day

Burning wind
This wind is urgent
This wind urgent
The wind opening now

This open door
It’s a wind of days
This open Heaven do
Opening door, see?

The wind, the wind, oh see
The wind of wind
This rending of this
This day of days

The day of days
Oh this day now see
Oh see, DC
See and see this

Oh, oh , soul words
The word, the word, the dew
This living wind of Love
This open Heaven deep

Light, love, hope
The light, The Father, the sea of Love
The love, the dew of love
Oh love and now

So opening door
The love of God know
This know of know
This know of Him

This do now
The new day see
Love of Love of Love
Oh holy is

So know, know and know
The new of new
This do know
This know

Thing doing, doing do
The dew do
The new wind show
Oh live, do

This word, this doing word
The dew of God know
The new winds of the day
Oh the wind, the day

Given by Papa God, February 5, 2013

This Love, This Time Of Heaven (Poem)


The day, the house, the Heaven you see
The word, the gate, the gate, the Father
This holy, this love this day
This Heaven, this nation this day

It’s love, it’s love, it’s Heaven
This love, this time of Heaven
Things open, doors holy
This love, this day, deep heavens be

It’s gate of love, it’s holy day
This God, this day; it’s Heaven, know now
This love, this love, this
This love this day is light

It’s Heaven to be
It’s Heaven see
This love is yes, it’s me
This love to see is light in you

The watches, the Heaven, now time
This day this time you see
This holy day is holy nation
Say and do and know and see

This love this day is now
This God this day is now
This day today to see
This holy time know

You’re to say and say and know
Open door, open house
This word, this nation know
This holy, holy day see

Given by Papa God, October 29, 2012

See Heaven See(A Poem)


A burn of Heaven see
Hosting – it’s hosting Heaven, see
The wonders, the day see
Watching Heaven, see

The watch now turn
It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s hosting
See and know and see
The wonders, the season of Heaven

The wonder, the day see
A burning one see
Working Heaven know and see
Heaven, see Heaven, see Heaven

Seven is where He is
Hosing, hosting, Heaven see
This hosting, it’s holy, see
This God lives, you see

You’re to say and say
This love, this love holy is
This holy God is love
This Holy is holy

Given by Papa God, October 8, 2012

Heaven Is Going In Now–A poem


Heaven is going in now
Here, there, yes, yes
See God say, light see
To say, to see, to say, to know

Turn, see hope live now
Holy, holy time yes
Yes, see tears, love-tears
Open door, see now

Say, turn, say, say
Stay, see, say, day
Holy day, holy say
Turn, turn, say, see

Send, send, turn now
It’s Heaven turning in nation
Shaking nation, turning house
Open door, holy day

This nation is Heaven’s nation
See now, see yea
Abundant day you see
Abide, say, say

Open door to see
Open Heaven to say
Open door say
Open door holy

Given by Papa God, June 19, 2012

Time Turns Time–A Poem

Time turns time

Live time
See this time
Time turns time
Time turns days
It’s now time

Time turns time now
Say time, say light
Time, days, love, love
Live this day

Live in days of love
Live in time
It’s now time for this day
It’s love in this day

God’s timing is now
Holy day of God
Holy time-love God
God does days

Given by Papa God, March 7,2012

It’s Open–Part 3–A poem


Open door, it’s open
See it and see it
Holy is this door
See this deep word

Open Heaven, open Heaven
Holy, holy deep
Open door to God
So holy, it’s deep

Holy deep love
Holy deep of God
This love is Heaven
The love, the word of love

Given by Papa God, January 14, 2012

Words of Love–A volume of poems straight from Papa’s Heart