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So Know–a poem

So know

Know, know, know
Love is now
Love, know love
It’s God, it’s love, it’s love

Holy love you see
Love, love, mercy and love
Abide and love and be
Abide and love see

It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s love
It’s love, it’s love, it’s God
Abide and love and love
Open-door love

So know and do
Open door of God
It’s love, it’s love, it’s love
Open Heaven love

Given by Papa God, April 20,2012

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It’s Heaven time–A poem

It’s Heaven time

It’s Heaven time
It’s Heaven time
This day, yes
You see now, it’s Heaven time

Holy angel is now
You see His love, His light to see
Yes time, love time
Yes, time you see

Abide and blessings enter
It’s Heaven time, you see
Time does see, you see
Holy day you see

God you see
God loves you deep
God sees, yes sees
Say, do know

So holy you are
So abide, abide in Him
So abide in love now
So holy time

God now does now
Shut yes, you love
Holy day, abiding Heaven
Show now His now

Yes now, love now
Holy time, now, now
Holy time, holy nation
So holy now

Given by Papa God, April 17, 2012

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Burn Holy–A Poem


It’s live, live time
Here now, see now
Abundant love opens Heaven
Holy is love

Holy, holy, holy, holy
Healing love, yes
Holy day, holy angel
It’s love in Heaven

Love hears, love sees
Holy-time see
Burn, love, time
Holy angel, Heaven

You say you live
Burn with love’s living
See, be holy
See, live, be, say love

Given by Papa God April 9, 2012

Words of Love, our first book, is a volume of Inspirational poems

Receive This Love Word–A Poem


Receive love
This living love of God
This holy love of Heaven
This word is Heaven

The word of God
This love of God
This holy love
The word, the Father

This word of God is love
Sendings and mysteries is His word
This word of God is Heaven
This word is Heaven

The word of God
This loving Heaven
This abiding Heaven
This abiding God

Direct love, here
This holy burn of God
This love of God
Love of Heaven

This living God
This abiding Heaven
This gate of Heaven
This holy Heaven

This secret is God
This open door
So abide in love
Open door, so love

It’s Heaven’s open door
This living Heaven, love
So open, door holy
Yes, God’s Heaven

This love, this living love
So abide and love and live
This word of Heaven’s holy deep
Deep is it

Given by Papa God, January 28, 2012

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Words of Love–A prophetic, poetic journey into God’s heart

Words of Love is a volume of Poems regarding God’s heart for nations, people..and you. If you want a copy, please email me or visit

“Words of Love”–A volume of poems with a Heavenly perspective

Words Of Love is our first book, which was published by Yav Publications February 14,2011. It is a volume of poems written between 2008-2009 on a wide range of topics. Some will cause laughter, others deep thought but its’ theme is central, the Love of God to a world he created for himself. If you want a copy of Words Of Love for the Holidays and beyond you can visit .

I also happen to have several copies of Words Of Love with me as well. Leave comment, or email and we will arrange on how to ship it to you, perhaps in time for Christmas

Words of Love–Our first book of poetry

Words of Love, My first book, is a prophetic volume of poems regarding people nations, and you. You can order a copy by visiting You can also order on such sites as barnes and,,etc. The ISBN number is 9780615438856

Words of Love–A prophetic poetic journey into the heart of God

Words of Love, My first published book is a prophetic poetic journey from Papa’s heart between 2008-2009. It talks of family, nations ,and you. I still have a couple or so copies left. IM me if you want one, or visit

It’s also on sale online at barnes and as well as other sites. the ISBN number is 9780615438856

Words of Love, our first book is now available

Words of Love is my first book. It is a series of prophetic poems from Papa’s Heart regarding home, nations, nature..and you. you can visit

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Words of Love–My First Book

My first book, Words of Love, is a a volume of prophetic poetry from the heart of God. It expresses a nature of a God who is never distant from any of us and who sings over mankind with love. It is not available for reading with the hope that it blesses many . For a preview of Words of Love and to order it go to You can also find it on Barnes and by the ISBN #97806154358856