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This Host, This God, This Nation (poem)


Love is a word of Heaven
This love, this love is holy – yes
Holy is love, yes
Yes, holy love

The angel, the Heaven, the host enter now
The host, the Heaven, the gate
It’s Heaven, it’s love, it’s light
This hosting is open day

It’s open Heaven day
Yes, it’s open Heaven this nation see
This day, this nation, day know
Enter the Heaven and enter Heaven

This host, this Heaven you see
This Heaven, this Heaven to see
It’s Heaven, it’s abiding
It’s hosting, hosting God

This love, this day; God’s holy day
It’s open, it’s love; it’s God, it’s yes
It’s hosting Heaven and Heaven deep
This day, this love you are to have

It’s holy, it’s holy, it’s honor
This house is open to thee
This day, this day, to do for God
It’s love, it’s Heaven, it’s yes

This open door, this open love
A shaking, a nation a host
This host, this host, this host
This host is the God of Heaven

This host, this God, this nation
It’s love, it’s light, it’s yes
This host, this God, this nation
This day, this nation, yes

Given by Papa God, October 27, 2012

This Day See–A Poem


A burn, a burn with love turn
See, do, know God
The word, the sea of love
The wonders of God see

Heaven is open this day
The word day see
The shaking angel, now time see
This day see, nation

A gate of Heaven, now time be
Counsel and love and do for Heaven
The Father, the burn, live time
The wonders, He is
Cycle, light be

Given by Papa God, September 5, 2012

The Watch Is Now–A Poem

The Watch is now

See now, hear this
The Father abides, he does!
The heavens open, the door of Heaven
The door opens, the door is

The house of Heaven is now
Holy angels open this day
The gate of God is entering this nation
The gate opens now

The Heaven opens, it does now
The gates open the dew of Heaven
The watch of Heaven, the mantle know
The watch opens Heaven

The gates, the Heaven, the blessing
The watch opens the door
The hope is, He is
The burn, the dew, the heavens of God

The Heaven, the Heaven, the gate
The Heaven of heavens open now
The word of Heaven, the dew
It’s Heaven, it’s Heaven, yes

The mystery of Heaven now is
The man of Heaven, the man of God
The watch know this day
The Heaven, the gate know

Holy is Heaven, you see
The word is now holy
The gate opens, yes
The holy day is now

The watch opens, yes
This day, holy is the Father
The Father, holy is
This day is Heaven

Given by Papa God, July 17, 2012

Holy Things, Holy Calling


Healing angel
Angel of Heaven
See this one
And do see light

Oh see, live, be
Enter the living love
Enter, blend, love
Healing now

So holy he is
He hears now
So live, so holy
So honor God

Land, land, God’s news
Holy time now see
Honor love today
So live today

Be and be my word
Hear, love, connect
God is God…
Word – love God

So see and do
Releasing miracles now
Released, land, land
See burning light

Honor the father, do live
Honor time now is
Holy time is now
It’s new and new – God’s time

Love burns in thee
Honor and turn – love be
Wonders and new love visions
Enter the love of light

The will, the love, the God
Love is here
God does here
Love is here

Given by Papa God, August 27, 2011

The angel of blessing; a poem



It’s grace today

And God is changing nations

It’s word, yes, it’s grace

IAM opening heaven


The level, the level of grace: here, here, here

God’s love is growing; angel grace

God’s love-tent; God’s love-blessing

And God’s angel of blessing; open heaven


Angel, God’s love; angel, God’s love

The door of love; the door is open

And God’s love opens change

Your blessings are coming now, yes!


And God is in nations, yes

Yes, God’s love-angel; God’s love-blessing

And God’s angel of grace opens day

The word: open, door; open, angel


Given by Papa God, January 30, 2009




The God of grace, the God of love

The word, the blessing, the new

The gusts; the winds, the winds open now

Oh open, wind; now


The way of grace now is; yes

Oh grace, love, power

It’s waking nations and change

God’s love shaking you


It’s celestials in grace; celestials in change

There are angels coming, doing, blessing

God’s love and God’s love is open heaven

God’s way is opening heaven


The cast, the cast of great angels

You’re to see and do

God’s great change is an urgent change

God loves blessing hearts


The aid opens now

The holding; the holding opening for you

God’s angels, God’s angels

God’s angels and celestials



Given by Papa God, January 24, 2009