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American Idol Thought…

My problem with American Idol is that it fails to show the world, as well as we fellow americans the vast musical tastes of our great nation. I think a revamping of the format is in order with not just one winner, but several in categories such as country, hip-hop, jazz, pop, etc. not everyone is into the nashville sound, or the inner city sound and you see it by the fan voting.

Would a tony bennet, or a nat king cole make it in an American Idol Format? I don’t know. I think as a nation we have forgotten that talent must be mixed with preserverance which took many performers of the past decades to cultivate. now, we want the cute, flash in the pan talent. How will this winner do several years from now?

While I was not a fan of Simon’s antics, I really think he’s taken a hard look at AI and the mindset of we Americans and had enough. I hope in his next project, he comes up with a better solution